Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Walking Dead "Claimed" (4x11 Spoilers!)

We open with Abraham killing some walkers, Tara sees and comments that he smiled when killing them.  Over with Carl, he is having breakfast with Michonne and talking about life before the walkers, but he accidently brings up Judith.  Carl then walks out and Michonne goes to talk to Rick about what they are going to do next, he tells her they are going to set up shop here for awhile.  Since they are running low on supplies, Michonne takes Carl on a run while Rick rests.  On their run, Michonne tries to get Carl to feel better about the Judith thing, and reveals to him that she had a 3 year old.  Back at the house, Rick awakens to people in the house, he hides under the bed as someone walks in.  Back with Michonne and Carl, she tells him about her son, Andre, while they search a house, Michonne ends up finding a kids room, where the bodies of a mother and her children are.

Over with Rick, another person walks in and kills the first person that walked in over the fact that person 2 wanted the bed.  Back with Glenn, he finally wakes up and finds out they passed the bus, from the prison, and hops out of the van.  Abraham stops to get him back in and we get formally introduced to Rosita Espinoza and Eugene Porter, who is a 'scientist' and finds out they are on their way to D.C.  Abraham tells Glenn that they had been talking to people in D.C, but communication stopped a few weeks ago, Glenn and Tara then try to take off.  Abraham tells him that his wife is probably dead to get him to stop, but that sets Glenn off and he punches Abraham.  They start fighting, not noticing the horde of walkers heading their way, Eugene sees them first and starts firing, alerting everyone else.  After the horde is taken cared of, Abraham notices that the van got hit in the firing and is leaking fluid. 

Over with Rick, he manages to escape from under the bed, just as Michonne and Carl are arriving back.  The group notices Michonne and Carl and regroup to take them on, with them back downstairs, Rick has free reign of the upstairs, but runs into someone from the group and kills him.  Rick escapes through a window, and hides under the porch as the leader of the group comes out.  Back with Abrahams group, Glenn and Tara take off again, and this time, since the van is broken, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene go with them.  Over with Rick, he sees Michonne and Carl, and is about to shoot the leader of the group, who is on the porch, but someone starts shooting inside the house.  Rick takes this chance to run off and gets Michonne and Carl away from the house.  The episode ends with Rick, Michonne, and Carl on the train tracks, they find a sign for Sanctuary, and head for it.

The End.
Great week!  Really hoping the group in the house was Negan's, but it wasn't.  Loved knowing more about Michonne's son, and really happy with what they are doing with Abraham's group!  Plus the scene in the bedroom was gruesome, and I loved it!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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