Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Walking Dead "Inmates" (4x10 Spoilers!)

We open with Daryl and Beth running from walkers, with Beth doing a voice over, before the blowout at the prison, about making the prison their home.  Later that night, Beth and Daryl sit around the fire while Beth hopes that everyone made in out alive.  The next morning they use Daryl's tracking skills to find the others and come across a set of footprints.  They comes across walkers eating people by train tracks, which Daryl handles, and Beth breaks down.  Over with Tyreese group, which also consists of Lizzie, Mika, and Judith!  Yes, Judith is alive!  They set up camp that night and we see Lizzie stabbing a rabbit, looks like see may have been the one who mutilated the rabbit at the prison.  The next morning, Tyreese hears human shouting and goes to check, leaving the girls behind for a few minutes.  Judith starts crying, and Lizzie, being the little psychopath that she is, puts her hand over Judith's mouth and wont take it off.  Walkers appear and start heading for them, and we go over to where Tyreese is.

Tyreese encounters the people Beth and Daryl saw dead, before they were dead, meaning the footprints they saw were Tyreese's group.  After the walkers are handled, and one person is barely clinging to life, Lizzie and Mika appear, with Carol in tow! This episode is just one surprise after another!  They talk to the guy, and he tells them that if they follow the train tracks they will find a safe place for the kids.  After a bit more traveling they find a board, that tells them that if they keep going they will enter the Sanctuary.  Over with Maggie, Sasha, who doesn't appear to be sick anymore, and Bob, they find the bus that left the prison, but everyone is a walker, luckily Glenn isn't one of them.   Speaking of Glenn, we see that he is still at the prison surrounded by the horde of walkers.  In the prison, Glenn finds that everyone has left, he heads to his room and grabs the prison guard uniform, before venturing out into the outside world.  After he leaves the prison he finds Tara, and even though he knows she was apart of the attack, he still helps her escape the prison.  The episode ends with Glenn passing out, and a truck pulling up, which contains Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene!

The End.

Fucking amazing!  This episode was just one big surprise after another!  We got the return of Carol, Lizzie being a psychopath, Sanctuary, Judith is alive, and the debut of Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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