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Pixar Week Day 3: Wall-E (2008)

After 700 years of doing what he was built for - he'll discover what he's meant for.

 Welcome to Day 3 of Pixar Week!  Today we are watching Wall-E!  I never watched Wall-E before this, it just didn't interest me.  However for this week I decided to choose the 3 Pixar movies that I had never seen before, to do my reviews on.
So we open in the year 2805, a really long time in the future, we meet Wall-E, and his friend, which is a roach.  Wall-E, which stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-Class, he is a robot who is a trash compactor. During the day he cleans up earth, as the world is covered in trash, literally, buildings are made out of trash.  However no one actually lives on earth anymore, they all live on a spaceship in space.  While he's working he picks up certain thing, like a bra, which at one point he puts on as goggles, a fire extinguisher, and several other things that he puts in a cooler to take back to his home.
At night, he goes home to some type of metal cave, and watches old movies from the 1960's, one in particular is a musical, and feature the two main characters holding hands, which interests him.  Eventually Wall-E finds a plant, and takes it home with him, he then gets distracted by a red dot, kinda like a dog would, and follows it.  We see that there are more than one red dots, and that there is a whole row of dots scanning for a place to park.  A huge spaceship lands, and Wall-E cowers in fear, and tries to hide, which he succeeds in doing. 
The spaceship drops off a newer high tech looking robot then leaves, Wall-E introduces himself, after almost being killed a few times, and we find out her name is EVE.  EVE stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, who is sent to earth to find vegetation, aka the plant.  Unfortunately Wall-E can't pronounce EVE, so he ends up calling her Eva the entire movie.  Wall-E turns into a love sick puppy and follows EVE around trying to hold her hand, until one of the daily sand storms comes and he takes her back to his house.
Back at Wall-E's place he shows her all the trinkets he's collected, including a Rubix Cube, that she finishes in 2 seconds, a light bulb, that only she can make work, and a zippo lighter, that she lights up.  Wall-E eventually shows EVE the plant, and she goes into autopilot, finally finding what she came for, and shuts down.  The next 10 minutes show Wall-E protecting EVE from rain, which is a bit funny as he kept holding a umbrella, and would get struck by lightning and have to hold up a new umbrella.  I guess it's not to funny that he's getting struck by lightning, but the concept is!
The ship finally comes back to retrieve EVE, and Wall-E hops on, to stay with EVE.  This ship enters into a much bigger ship, called the Axiom, which is where all the people are.  As they land on the Axiom, they take EVE to the captain, because she has found life on earth.  We travel through the ship, and see the people on the ship, and they are, how do I put this nicely?  They all have they're eyes glued to a screen, and they weight at least 500 pound each.  Wall-E tries to follow, and bumps into two people, John and Mary, who snap out of zombie mode, and see where they are and that there's a pool!
EVE arrives in the captains chambers, and we find out that this is the first sign of life to ever come back to the ship.  We also find out that the day is the 700th anniversary of the 5 year cruise from earth to space, that seems a bit fishy, doesn't it?  The captain, McCrea, presses a button signaling that life has been found on earth, and receives a book to find out what to do next, which he has no idea have to work.  Yes he has no idea how a book works, or how to read, is Pixar trying to send out some type of hidden message?
They search EVE for the plant, but can't find it, EVE thinks Wall-E has it, but he doesn't.  McCrea, tells Auto, who actually runs the ship and is a robot, to send them to get checked out to make sure they aren't defective.  They take EVE to get checked out, and Wall-E gets put into a playpen.  The room they're in has a ton of other robots who are defective, Wall-E tries to save EVE, and ends up letting all the defective robot out.  The defective robots now think Wall-E is they're king, and they all start running havoc on the ship, until they are stopped by the police robots.  The police bots take a picture of EVE and Wall-E, and it's put up everywhere saying that they are rogue robots, and to be cautious is you see them. 
Wall-E and EVE head to a shuttle, and EVE tries to send Wall-E back to earth, but he wont go without her.  Another robot comes in and they hide, this other robot goes into the shuttle, and we see that he has the plant and is attempting to send it back to earth.  Wall-E goes in to get it, and the shuttle takes off, EVE goes after it, and we see Wall-E hit a ton of buttons causing the shuttle to self destruct.  We think Wall-E dies, but he's fine, and even better he has the plant, EVE kisses him, or well I assume that's how robots kiss, and Wall-E about dies.  They start roaming around, and we see Mary see them, and she pulls this other guy to see, and it's John, John touches Mary's hand and it's love at first sight!
Wall-E and EVE get back into the ship, and EVE heads back to the captains chambers, and tells Wall-E to stay.  We see that McCrea has been looking up stuff about the earth the whole time since we last saw him, EVE gives him the plant.  McCrea wants to see what earth looks like now and hooks up some type of projector thing on EVE's head and sees that earth is in ruins.  However McCrea says that if the plant can make it then other things can too, and calls for Auto to take them back to earth, but Auto refuses.
We find out that BnL's (Buy n Large), the company behind all the madness, clean up of earth failed and made earth unsustainable, and that's why 700 years later they are still in space, however the message was sent 700 years ago and things have changed.  McCrea tells them they are going back, but Auto calls the robot police, they take the plant and throw it down a chute, luckily Wall-E was coming up the cute and caught it.  Auto attacks Wall-E, then turns EVE off, and confine McCrea to his quarters.  The chute leads to the trash, which after being collected get flung out into space, we see that EVE and Wall-E are both there.  Wall-E gets picked up to be flung outside, but MO, a cleaning robot, and EVE save him.   
EVE starts taking Wall-E apart and we see that Wall-E's circuit boards are fried, EVE starts looking everywhere for new parts to put Wall-E back together.  While EVE is doing this Wall-E and MO introduce each other, Wall-E tries to give EVE the plant, but she doesn't want it.   EVE finally realizes that if she can get Wall-E back to earth she can put him back together.  They head back up to the main parts, and all the defective robots start to follow them again, McCrea somehow gets access to camera, and tells Wall-E and EVE to take the plant to the Lido deck.  The police robots try to stop them, but all the defective robots attack them, and they head to the Lido deck.
McCrea presses a button turning all of the screens off, and everyone can finally see what's going on, and all the people are brought to the Lido deck.  This thing, a holo-detector, in the middle of the Lido deck pops up, where the plant should go,  McCrea starts fighting Auto for control of the ship.  Auto pulls ahead and presses a button lowering the holo-detector, and partially crushes Wall-E, who was trying to keep it open.  McCrea somehow manages to stand up, even though he has never stood before, and turns Auto off, EVE gets the plant in, which opens the holo-detector, and we see that Wall-E has been crushed. 
McCrea steers them back to earth, when they land EVE rushes Wall-E home to repair him and she does, but he doesn't remember her as he was put back to factory settings.  EVE tries to shake him out of it and get him to remember her, in her last act to get him to remember, she holds his hand and kisses him, and it works!!  Wall-E remembers and it's a really cute scene, cause all the defective robots are watching, and MO shoo's them all away.  We see McCrea telling everyone about farming, and we pan out and see a field of plants.
The End.
I love this movie, I don't know why I didn't watch it sooner, it was really cute.  This was also one of the hardest and easiest reviews I've written, because unless there were humans, there was almost no talking.  Also if anyone was wondering about BnL and why it may seem familiar, it's been in several Pixar movies, Toy Story 3 and Up, and several shorts.  It was really good, definitely had some hidden, or not so hidden, messages about the world we are living in, and I liked that.  Tell me what you guys think down below in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13) and feel free to join in on the rest of Pixar Week!
Hope you all have a great day!

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