Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pixar Week Day 4: Presto (2008)


Welcome to Pixar Week Day 4!  Today we are watching the Pixar short, Presto!  From the poster this short looks really cute, and I can't wait to see it!  Let's start!
We start with a bunny, Alec, in a cage, trying to reach for a carrot laying a few inches from him.  However he can't reach it because the cage is blocking him, the magician, Presto, comes in and is about to give Alec the carrot, but realizes he's late, and heads to the stage.  On stage Presto, has his magic hat, and Alec is wearing a magic hat, so that when Presto reaches his hand through his magic hat he can pull Alec through from Alec's magic hat.
Presto puts his hand in the hat to pull Alec out, but Alec's pissed about not getting the carrot and takes the hat off.  For the next 3 minutes we see Presto try to pull Alec out of the hat, but Alec wont cooperate, and Presto gets electrocuted, has his hand caught in a rat trap, pokes himself in the eye, and much more.  Just watch the video, this is actually quite hard to explain.  It ends in a big finale of Presto getting hung up and dropped 20 feet, only to be caught by the magic hat, and Alec finally gets his carrot!
The End.
This probably wasn't that great of a review, but I didn't realize this was gonna end up being hard to write up.  I really love this short though, it was really cute, and I liked Alec, I wanted him to get that carrot!  Tell me what you think down below in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13) and feel free to join in, only 2 days left! 
Hope you all have a great day!

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