Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Twilight Zone "The Eye Of The Beholder" (1960)

"When can I take the bandage off?"

We start in a hospital room, where we see a women, Janet Tyler, laying on a bed with her face heavily bandaged.  A nurse comes in to take her temperature, and Janet asks her a bunch of questions about how the day was and what it looks like and when they will take the bandages off.  The nurse says she doesn't know and leaves, we follow the nurse to a nurses station, and she talks with another nurse, and ask if she ever saw Janet's face.  The other nurse has, and said if she looked like her, she would bury herself 6 foot underground.  During all this we never see what the nurses look like.

The doctor comes in and tells Janet that it's not time to take the bandages off yet.  We find out that this is Janet's 11th surgery and it will be her last, as 11 is the maximum amount of experiments they can perform.  Janet starts to go a bit crazy, because if this time doesn't work she will have to go to a community with people same as her.  The doctor and nurse come in to restrain her, and the doctor tells her they will take the bandages off.  Keep in mind that we still haven't see what any of they're faces look like.

The next day the doctor and a nurse talk about Janet's face and about her face being different.  The doctor wonders why people who look different can't be with everyone else, but the nurse says that would be treason.  Finally time to take the bandages off, layer by layer we go through 'til we get to the last layer, and we see her real face. 

So pretty
And she is....Beautiful!  I bet your wondering if she's beautiful then what does everyone else look like?  Good question!

"There's been no change!"

Yes, everyone else has pig faces!  Janet runs off after hearing that nothing had changed, and ends up running into the guy who is taking her to the community she's going to go to. 

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

The man, Walter Smith, tells her about the place and how much she's like it.  Janet asks Walter why they look like this, and he tells her the old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
The End

Great episode, love the concept of beauty not being excepted, and ugly being the norm.  Similar themes have been used in a lot of TZ episodes .

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