Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Twilight Zone "Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up" (1961)

We start in a snowy landscape, where we meet 2 police officers who got a call from a women saying something landed near Tracey's pond.  The police office don't see anything, and call in, but one looks it over again and sees a trail leading to the diner.  We hear that a bridge is down and they need to check on it and they head to the diner.

At the diner a bus just arrived, the police arrive and tell the bus people that the bridge is down.  The bus hold 2 couples (young and old), a single lady, a single man, a loon, and the bus driver.  The police ask for a passenger manifest, to see if one of them could be whatever fell from the sky.  The bus driver says he picked up 6 people, and they're are 7 people there now, not including the cafĂ© worker, Hayley.

"I could've sworn you had a mole earlier"

Everyone starts questioning each other, the single lady suggest that the only ones they can write off are the couples.  However the couples start questioning their spouse  The police ask Hayley if he has a back door, and they go and check it.  The loon questions the bus driver if he really is the bus driver.  All the sudden the jukebox starts playing and then stops.

The police go and check the bridge, and the bus driver tells them that bridge is not safe.  The lights start to flicker and then the music starts to play, then the sugar shakers explode, and the phone rings.  The phone is the county engineer calling and saying that the bridge is ok, and they let the people go.  The people pay and leave.

"I think my people are going to like it here"

We see the single guy return to the diner, and Hayley questions him about leaving on the bus.  He tells Hayley that the bridge wasn't safe and that they all fell through and no one made it but him.  However, he isn't wet, and doesn't know what wet is, and says it an illusion just like the jukebox, which turns off and the phone, which rings. 

"My people from Venus had the idea first"

Single guy's name is Ross and he has a third arm and he's from Mars.  Ross says his people are coming and that they're gonna like it here.  We find out that Hayley's name isn't Hayley, and that he is from Venus, and that Venus got the idea years ago, and that Ross's people aren't coming his are.  Oh and Ross has a third eye!
The End
I absolutely love this episode, the ending is amazing, and I just love this whole episode!

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