Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Twilight Zone "A Stop At Willoughby" (1960)

We start off in a board room, and we see a man, Gart Williams, get up to make a call looking for someone, and eventually getting notice that the person had resigned and taken the client with him.  Boss man tells him how Gart let a newbie take one of the biggest clients that they had been trying to sign for years and run off to a different agency, Gart tells his boss off and leaves.

"Is there a Willoughby on this stop?"

Gart gets on a train heading home, and falls asleep on the train.  He awakens in a place called Willoughby, and doesn't know where he is, as there is no stop there, and it's November at night, when in Willoughby it's July in daytime in 1888.  Gart really awakens back on the train, and asks if there a Willoughby on this route, the conductor says no.  At home, his wife, Janie, says he heard about what happened at work, from one of the wife's.  We find out that Gart did not get fired, and his wife goes off on him and they fight, and he says he would rather be in Willoughby then here. 

The next day he's on the train sleeping, and he wakes up in Willoughby again.  Gart tries to get off, but the train starts moving again, eh calls out to the conductor, but he wakes up back on the train.  At work, Gart gets over pressured and decides to leave, and calls home to tell Janie he's coming home and she hangs up on him.  On the train, Gart falls asleep and again wakes up in Willoughby, this time he gets off the train. 

"Welcome to Willoughby, Mr. Williams!"

Back in the awake world, we see the train stopped and the conductor saying that he jumped off the train shouting something about Willoughby and he died instantly.  The funeral service has arrived and they put Gart in the back and close the door.  As the door closes we see the name of the funeral company, which is Willoughby & Sons.

The End
This is a great one too, I absolutely love the ending, when we find out what Willoughby really is!

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