Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DreamWorks Animation Week Day 3: Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

"When aliens attack, monsters fight back. "

Welcome to Day 3 of DreamWorks Animation Week!  Today we are watching Monsters vs Aliens!  I don't remember this movie, at all, like not even trailers, hoping for the best with this movie!  Let's start!

We start with a different opening then the usual DreamWorks one, in this we see the fishing boy get beamed up into a space ship.  Cute!  The actual movie then starts with a purple planet exploding and a glowing meteor fly out, heading for earth.  In a base camp in Antarctica, 2 guys, Ben and Jerry, yes that is their names, Jerry freaks out, he only took this job because nothing ever happened. They call the government and figure out the meteor is heading straight to Modesto, California.  In Modesto, we meet bride to be, Susan, who is marrying weather man, Derek, who ends up canceling they're honeymoon on the day of they're wedding to go to an audition.

"Feeding each other chocolate crepes"

After being told they're honeymoon was cancelled, Susan sees the meteor heading straight towards her, she tries to run away but it fall on her.  Her mother, Wendy, comes out to get her, Susan's fine but a little dirty, and they head into the church.  At the altar Derek flips Susan's veil over and comments that she is glowing, and he literally means it, she is glowing green just like the meteor was.  Susan starts to grow, her hair starts turning grey, and everyone runs away, as the building starts collapsing a special service team arrives, they tranquilize and capture her.

"Wait, everybody, it's ok, have some champagne while we're figuring this out!"

Susan awakens in a metal room back to her normal size, or it looks as if she does, but everything is just made bigger for her.  She arrives in a new room, and we see a roach scurrying around, but it has legs and can talk, and goes by the name of Dr. Cockroach.  What a creative name.  Susan then steps on a blue/green blob named BOB, a fish-ape hybrid named Link, and a 350 ft. Grub named Insecto.  The man who runs the facility, General Warren R. Monger, comes in on a rocket pack, and gives her a tour, and tells her where she's at.  This facility caters to things that have been mutated, she then gets locked in her cage and told that her government name has been changed to Ginormica. 

"Who dares to wake me?"

In space we meet Gallaxhar, the self proclaimed alien king, who sends a gigantic robot probe to earth to get the meteor that is apparently made out of Quantonium.  Back on earth we meet Katie and Cuthbert, a teenage couple who are on a lover lane type place, and in a role reversal, Katie is trying to get into Cuthbert's pants, instead of the other way around.  The probe then flies over head, and Katie gets out to investigate with Cuthbert slowly trailing behind her, he then falls and hurts his foot, and has Katie carry him to where the probe landed.  The next morning, the President, Hathaway, arrives at the probe landing, he walks up a set of stairs where there is a piano, shoots the probe the Vulcan live long and prosper sign then starts playing Axel F.

"What idiot designed this thing?"

When that obviously doesn't work, the military goes in guns blazing, but to no effect, and everyone flees.  Back at Hathaway HQ, Monger comes in to tell them that they should send the monsters out after the aliens.  Monger goes through the list of monsters, and each time a new one pops up, a member of staff, Miss Ronson screams. 

Back at the facility Cockroach is doing experiments on Susan, none of which are working, but she keeps letting him hoping that they eventually will work.  Link says that no one has ever gotten out, but at that moment Monger comes in and tells them they're getting out for the mission against the aliens.  In return for them fighting the alien probe, they will get they're freedom.

"I got this!"

They arrive in San Francisco, and in a funny moment Link asks in the 50 years they've been in captivity, if the earth has gotten hotter *cough*global warming*cough*.  Susan heads into the city, the probe follows her, with Link and the rest of her crew following them.  Susan then uses cars as roller skates to get away from the probe, Cockroach is close behind in a trolley with rockets attached, but they go into the water.  Susan and the probe end up on the Golden Gate Bridge, where the city is being evacuated at, luckily they are then able to defeat him.  Monger then drops Susan off at home, and she invites the monsters to come meet everyone, it doesn't go smoothly, however BOB manages to flirt with some Jell-O.  Susan heads to the news station to get Derek, and it doesn't go well, he ends up breaking up with her. 

"Hey fur ball, where ya been?"

They all end up meeting at a gas station outside of town, when Gallaxhar arrives and beams her up.  Insecto tries to save her but get hit by some type of laser, and falls over, Link tells him not to close his eyes, but he does.  Susan awakens on the ship, and meets Gallaxhar who imprisons her, but she manages to penetrate it and starts chasing him through the ship.  Gallaxhar captures her in another container and start the extraction of quintonium from her body, and she shrinks back to her normal size.

Gallaxhar tries to tell her his plan, but we don't really hear any of it because he's also copying himself to make clones.  Him and his clones arrive on Earth and take it over, Link, Cockroach, and BOB are still with Insecto who has been cocooned.  I am really hoping that Insecto is still alive and becomes a butterfly or something. 

"Hail Gallaxhar"

Link, Cockroach, and BOB land on the ship, and manage to obtain Susan easily, since the Gallaxhar clone are stupider than BOB.  They eventually get caught but manage to escape to the extraction, and the self destruct is a DDR panel, which Cockroach manages to crack.  They all try to leave but only Susan gets out before the doors close, she then confronts Gallaxhar, the real one, and takes him hostage to get the doors open.  The quintonium has been converted into a sphere, and Susan shoots it and it falls on her and she becomes Ginormica again, she saves them.  They fall off onto Insecto's back, because he is a butterfly!! They land back at Susan's house, and everyone better accepts them now, because they saved the world. 

"The world needs you again"

Derek decides to accept her back because he has a job lined up if he can score an interview with her.  She tells him off, and then BOB does too, which is cute, he also got a date with the Jell-O.   Monger tells them that they're needed to save the world from a giant snail in Paris, Susan finally gets to go to Paris!

The End.
I absolutely love this movie, and I'm so glad I decided to go with this movie!  It was really cute and really funny, it parodies several different things, and did it well.  Hoping there will be a sequel in the future!  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13), or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)  Feel free to join in and we will be watching Rise of the Guardians tomorrow!
Hope you all have a great day!

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