Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DreamWorks Animation Week Day 4: Rise Of The Guardians (2012)

"When darkness falls, the Guardians will rise. "

Welcome to Day 4 of DreamWorks Animation Week!  Today we are watching Rise of the Guardians!  Let's begin!

We open with a teenage boy awakening, and we find out he is Jack Frost, he doesn't know who he is or how he got here, but the moon, known as Man in the Moon, we'll call him Moon Man, tells him.  Jack finds his staff, which when he touches things with it, turns in to ice, he also realizes that no one can see him.  Why did no one tell me this was going to be a sad movie?  300 years later, in the North Pole, we see Santa, known as North, making a train out of ice, suddenly a Yeti  comes into the room and tells North something is wrong with the globe.  Not a snow globe, but an actual globe of the world, this globe keeps count, by lights, of how many kids in the world believe in them. 

All the lights on the globe flicker off before the globe turns black, North then tells the elf's that they are going to have company.  North turns on a sort of bat signal, but with northern lights, and the guardians come running.  The guardians are Sandy, the sandman who doesn't speak, but uses his sand to make images, Tooth, the tooth fairy/hummingbird, and Bunny, the Australian Easter bunny.  How creative are these names?  North tells them about the blackness that took over his globe, which is the boogeyman, known as Pitch.  Bunny is pissed, because Easter is in 3 days, and he doesn't have time to deal with this.  Sandy tries to tell them something, but they don't listen until he gets one of the elf's, who is wearing a jingle-y hat, and shake's him.

Sandy points at the Moon Man, who is telling them he picked a new guardian, and that new guardian is Jack.  We then go to Jack, who is causing havoc amongst towns people, he then makes it a snow day for the kids.  One of the kids, Jaime, believes in everything, his mom tells him to put his hat on to keep Jack Frost from nipping at his nose.  Jaime doesn't know who that is, his mom dismisses Jack completely, and of course Jack is standing right there, but they can't see him, because nobody believes in him.  Bunny and the Yeti's comes to collect Jack and they take him back to the north pole, where they tell him that he has been chosen as the new guardian.

While all this is going on Pitch is running amok in the kids dreams, turning they're dreams into nightmares.  Back at the north pole, Bunny and Jack argue, and Tooth and her little fairies fawn over him, Jack argues that he doesn't want to be a guardian.  North pulls him aside and shows him a little Russian nesting doll, and that everyone is like the doll, because at they're core is what they truly are.   While they were talking, trouble arises at the tooth palace, the crew head there on North's sleigh, when they arrive, via a snow globe portal, Pitch is there and he has kidnapped all the little fairies and the teeth.  Jack ends up saving one of the little fairies, Baby Tooth, then the tooth palace starts to melt because the children don't believe in her.

Tooth then tells Jack that they even have his teeth, Jack doesn't believe it, because he thinks he didn't have a life before this.  The teeth contain memories, and when you open the box, your memories come back.  The crew then helps Tooth gather the kids teeth so that the kids will still believe in her, they end up making a game out of it, which North totally wins.  The last kid they finish with is Jaime, they all gather in his room, Jamie wakes up and Sandy puts him to sleep, but also ends up putting everyone else, beside himself and Jack to sleep.  Pitch appears and Jack and Sandy head after him, leaving them sleeping, and Sophie, Jamie's sister comes in and use's one of the snow globe portal's.

Back with Sandy, Jack, and Pitch, Sandy kicks Pitch's ass, and Pitch call's in his back up of nightmare horses.  The rest of the crew awakens and heads to help Jack and Sandy, Pitch's darkness surrounds Sandy, and Sandy dies.  At the north pole they have a memorial for Sandy, all the lights start flickering on the globe, and realize Easter is tomorrow, and they need to prepare.  The crew heads to Bunny's to help with the eggs, and Sophie is there, they all help color the eggs, and send them out to be delivered.  Sophie falls asleep during the egg making and Jack takes her home, Jack hears a noise calling to him and he follows it. 

Jack winds up in Pitch's lair, where all the teeth fairies, and teeth are kept, and Pitch is there.  The voice that was calling to Jack is his teeth box, which he takes after confronting Pitch.  Jack heads back to Bunny's place and all the eggs they had prepared are smashed, the crew is in the park, and they realize Jack was with Pitch instead of them.  Back at Jamie's, him and his friends are trying to find eggs, but they don't, they don't believe anymore, but Jamie still does.  Jack heads to some snow mountain and him and Pitch have a little standoff before Pitch breaks Jack's staff, and pushes him into a hole.  Jack then decides to open his teeth box and the memories of his previous life come back to him. 

Turns out Jack died on an ice river, while skating with his sister, he ended up saving his sister, but he fell through the ice.  And now I cry.  With his adrenaline pumping as he relieves his life, he mends his staff, and heads for Pitch's lair to rescue the little fairies, but because no one believes in them they can't fly away.  At the North Pole, Pitch arrives, and the last of the lights go out, except one, Jamie!  Jack heads to Jamie's house and sees him talking to a bear, asking him to give him a sign to believe, Jack gives him a sign, and Jamie says Jacks name.  Jamie can see Jack!  More tears on my part.  Pitch arrives, as does Jack's crew, but Jack's crew is weakened due to no one believing in them anymore.

Jack realizes he can't fight Pitch by himself, and has Jamie get his friends to help fight him with the power of belief.  Jack, Jamie, and both of they're crews manage to defeat Pitch, with the newly risen, Sandy!  I am so happy Sandy's alive!  All the lights on the globe come on, everyone believes again, and Jack realizes that he is the Guardian of Fun.  Pitch tries to escape, but they catch him, and his nightmare horses end up taking him away.  North and gang then officially induct him as a new guardian, then they all ride off into the sunset on North's sleigh.

The End.
I love this movie!  It was cool to see all the different make belief characters come together.  I would love to see a sequel of this movie with more characters, like St.Valentine, or St. Patrick.  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13), or on Facebook (  Feel free to join in and we will be watching Shrek Forever After tomorrow!
Hope you all have a great day!

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