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Pixar Week Day 6: Up (2009)

Welcome to Pixar Week Day 5!  Today we are watching Up, does everyone have they're tissues ready?  Let's begin!

We start with this boy, Carl, who is watching a movie on this man named Charles Muntz, who is an explorer, and discovered bones of a large bird in Paradise Falls, using dogs.  After the movie we see him walking home, he hears a girl, Ellie, in this abandoned house, which becomes they're clubhouse, talking about Muntz, she let's him join her club, and they become friends. (Both are around the age of 7 or 8.)  Ellie comes over to his house that night and she shows him her adventure book, she tells him all the adventures she's going to go on when she's older, including moving the club house to Paradise Falls. 

We see the years go by and they get married, they buy and move into they're club house and start saving to go to Paradise Falls.  Unfortunately life happens and they have to break into they're Paradise Falls money, they decide to have a baby, and start painting a nursery,  We see them at a doctors office, were not out right told, but we find out that Ellie can't have children.  We continue to see them age, around they're 60's Carl finally buys tickets to take Ellie to Paradise Falls, but she falls ill and dies.  Cue me crying, which I am, I have tissues if anyone needs any, I bought in bulk when I realized I was going to watch Up this week.

A few years go by and we see that he is still living in the clubhouse, but he's become a bit of a recluse.  He heads outside, and we see that there is construction all around his house, and he is the last house on his block.  A boy scout, Russell, knocks at his door, and wont leave him alone, because he needs to earn his 'assisting the elderly' badge.  He sends Russell on a mission to find a Snipe, which I'm assuming doesn't exist.  We see a big tractor truck come and knock over his mail box, which he and Ellie painted, and puts up a fight when one of the construction workers tries to touch it, and ends up busting him open.

At a court summons he is told that he has to go into the Shady Oaks retirement home, and that they will pick him up tomorrow.  That night he finds Ellie's old adventure book, the next morning the people from shady Oaks arrive to pick him up, he tells them he needs a minute to say goodbye to the house.  All a sudden we see millions of balloons emerge from his chimney, and he is off into the air, he sits down to relax, and there a knock at the door.  Russell is on the porch, he asks to come in, Carl says no, but eventually lets him in, with Russell in the house they encounter a thunder storm.

Carl gets knocked out, when he awakes, Russell tells him that he steered them to South America, where Paradise Falls is located, with his GPS, unfortunately Russell accidently tosses the GPS out the window.  Carl tells him that he's going to let some balloon's out and take him home, they start to land and run into rock pillars, near the ground they both fall off the porch.  Carl grabs hold of a hose, and Russell grabs hold of Carl's leg, they realize neither off them can get back up to the house.  Fog clears, and Carl sees that they are in Paradise Falls, the only problem is that they are on the wrong side. 

Russell suggests walking the house to the other side, Carl agrees, and they tie a rope around Russell, and the Hose around Carl, and they start walking to the other side.  We see this bird being chased by dogs, the bird gets away, and Russell discovers it's footprint and thinks it's the Snipe.  He finds what he thinks is a Snipe, and feeds it chocolate, we see this big bird come out, and the Snipe is real, kinda.  Russell names the Snipe, Kevin, and asks if they can keep it, Russell says no, but Kevin follows them anyways.  Russell and Carl start walking again, they hear someone talking, but it's a dog, a talking dog at that.  We find out the dog's name is Dug, and he can talk, because of his collar, Dug is with the group of dog's that was chasing Kevin.  Dug asks Kevin to be his prisoner, and well, the bird doesn't speak, he also asks Carl to be his master.  SQUIRREL!

We meet the other dogs, Alpha, a Doberman Pinscher, Beta, a Rottweiler, and Gamma, a Bulldog.  Alpha has a very high pitched voice, sounds as if he was on helium, he accidently bumped into something and that's why his voice sounds like it's on helium.  They start tracking Dug, after they receive a message from Dug that he had caught Kevin.  Carl, Russell, Kevin, and Dug set up camp, unfortunately it's raining and Russell has no idea had to put the tent together, so they use the house as protection  Russell and Carl start talking and we find out that Russell lives with some lady named Phyllis, and that he doesn't talk with his dad much, because his dad says that Russell bugs him. 

The next morning, Carl realizes that the balloons are losing air, and Kevin is missing.  Kevin isn't actually missing he's on the roof, a noise is heard across the plains, we find out from Dug that Kevin is a girl, and needs to get back to her babies, Kevin leaves.  Alpha, Beta, and Gamma find them and take them back to the compound they live at, we see that Kevin is actually still on the roof.  Back at the compound, we see a ton of more dogs, and this old guy, Charles Muntz, which is the same guy from the beginning.  They all head into the Spirit of Adventure, Muntz's airplane, except Dug, who is being punished for the bird thing.

Muntz fixes Alpha broken collar, and we hear his real voice which is very Darth Vader-ish.  Carl realizes that Muntz is hunting Kevin, Russell opens his mouth and reveals what he knows about Kevin, Carl tries to shut him up.  Muntz then threatens them, Carl and Russell try to leave, Kevin starts cawing in distraction, and they sneak out with help from Dug.  The dogs start chasing after them, Dug tries to hold the dogs off, but they just trample over him.  They come to a cliff, and jump over, landing on the other side, away from the dogs.  Kevin in the midst of getting away gets his leg bitten, Russell wraps it up, and they head back to where Kevin's babies are.

Russell starts talking about his dad again, and how he used to come to all of Russell's boy scout meeting, and then go for ice cream.  They finally reach Kevin's babies, the Spirit of Adventure appears,  Muntz sets the house on fire, and he takes Kevin.  Carl puts out the fire, then unleashes his anger on Dug, and they start heading back to the Falls.  Once they make it to the falls, Russell throws his badge sash down and gives up.  Inside the house, Carl pulls out Ellie's adventure book, and see pictures in the 'things to do' tab, which he had never flipped through to see.  We see pictures from they're life, and an inscription on the bottom of the last page which says 'Thanks for the adventure, now go have a new one - Ellie', which she wrote right before she died.  Who else is crying now?  I am!

Carl goes outside to talk to Russell, but Russell has hijacked some balloons and is taking off to go find Kevin.  Carl goes after him, someone knocks on his door, and it's Dug, Carl then agrees to be his master.  Back at the compound, Russell arrives, they tie him up, and open the hatch and he starts to slide out, and Carl saves him.  Carl and Dug go after Kevin, they leave Russell tied up in the house, Carl out smarts the dogs and rescues Kevin.  While this is happening, the house unattaches itself from the plane, and Russell falls off the porch,  and he grabs onto the hose.  Muntz locks Dug in a room with the dogs, while he and Carl fight, Muntz sends small aircrafts after the house to bring it down, but Russell handles them.

Dug shames Alpha, with the cone, and becomes the new Alpha.  Carl, Dug, and Kevin make it back to the house, but Muntz shoots half the balloons out and Carl falls off, only holding onto it by the house.  This is one strong hose.  Carl calls Kevin with chocolate, causing Muntz to fall off, attached to some balloons, the hose finally breaks, but Kevin, Dug, and Russell are still attached.  Carl pulls Dug, Kevin, and Russell up onto the Spirit of Adventure, unfortunately the house has drifted away. We see Carl and Russell steer the Spirit of Adventure back to where they live.

At the boy scouts badge assembly, where the dads will pin on the badges, but Russell's dad isn't there, however Carl is and he pins the badge Ellie gave him on the badge sash.  We see all the dogs in attendance, after the badge assembly Carl and Russell go to the ice cream shop Russell and his dad use to go to.  Clouds part to show that the house landed at Paradise Falls, right where Ellie wanted it.  I need more tissues!

The End.
I cried 4 times during this movie!  That being said it was a very good movie, I really enjoyed it.  This concludes Pixar week, back to your normally scheduled Horror reviews!  There will be an outro to Pixar Week tomorrow, telling you all about what's coming up in the next 2-3 months!  Tell me what you guys thought of the movie down below in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13) and hope you all enjoyed Pixar Week!
Hope you all have a great day!

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