Friday, October 25, 2013

American Mary (2012)

Appearances Are Everything.

We open with a women, Mary, cutting and then suturing up a turkey, not an alive turkey, but a pre-packaged one.  The next day Mary is in class, she's in med school, when her phone rings, her teacher, Dr. Grant, yells at her, and after class she apologizes.  Mary is heading to her car when she calls the phone company, which is who was calling her in class, and learns she is late on the last 3 months and needs $364 as soon as possible.  Mary heads home and calls her Nana who tells her that she will give her some money, but Mary says it's fine and finds an ad on a craigslist type site for $1000, no sex required.   Mary arrives at the club, Bourbon a Go-Go, from the ad and meets Billy, the owner of the club and the guy behind the ad.  Mary brought a resume with her, even though it really isn't needed, he asks her to strip and give him a massage and she does, but during the massage a guy, Lance, comes running in saying something's wrong.

"I was suturing a turkey"

Billy leaves to go see what's wrong, and when he returns he asks her how good of a surgeon she is, she tells him she's still in med school and doing her residency, but he tells her he will give her $5000 and she accepts.  They head down to the basement and we see that the guy, Rat, that she will be working on has had his eye ripped out, she handles it, gets her $5000, and leaves.  Back at home, she has a cry in the shower, still in her stripper garb, and spends the rest of the night awake and holding a baseball bat.  The next morning she keeps getting calls from a Beatress, looking for her, she hangs up, but Beatress keeps calling, eventually Mary goofs, and reveals it's her and hangs up.  Mary then gets the news that the diner she worked at has closed and she's lost her job, she starts on the turkeys, but this time with wine. Her apartment gets buzzed to sign for a package, we hear the voice, which is Beatress, but she doesn't realize it and buzzes her up. 

"What do you seen when you look at me?"

Mary unlocks the door and turns to take her surgery apron off, and we see Beatress sneak in, Mary finds her in the living room, and Beatress sort of resembles Betty Boop, even sounds like her.  Beatress asks Mary for help for her friends and will pay her $10,000 if she does it, Mary needs the money so she agrees.  We also find out how Beatress got Mary's number and address, which she got from Billy, or the resume Mary gave Billy, because she works at Bourbon a Go-Go.  Mary heads to the vet clinic, which is where this is all taking a place, and meets the patient, Ruby, who unlike Beatress, is trying to be a Barbie doll not Betty Boop.  The surgery Ruby wants is to be a doll, in all anatomically un-correct aspects, she wants her nipple and vagina gone, including all the bits inside of the vagina. 

"Take these off, and seal up this, as much as possible, take off the extra bits too"

After the surgery, Mary tells Beatress how to care for the wounds, collects her money, tells Beatress to never call her again, and heads home, where she immediately throws up.  The next day Mary is doing her residency with Dr. Walsh, they run threw some drills and then Mary heads outside for lunch where she talks to her Nana, until she sees Beatress by her car.  Beatress is there to drop off a gift from Ruby, who is a fashion designer, and tells her that they should get coffee sometime.  Back inside the hospital Dr. Walsh invites Mary to get a drink with the surgeons that night at Dr. Grants house.  Back at home, Mary gets ready and wears the dress Ruby made for her, and before she leaves she decides to check out Ruby's website, for her body modifications.  At the party, things are a bit sketchy, and she ends up getting drugged and raped by Dr. Grant, who films himself raping her. 

"I cut people up for a living"

The next morning Mary leaves Dr. Grant's and heads for Bourbon a Go-Go and offers Billy $5000 for his help, which ends up with him kidnapping Dr. Grant and bringing him to Mary's house.  When Dr. Grant arrives, Mary tells him that she quit med school that morning and will be practicing her body modifications on him.  On another day, we see that she has opened up shop in her home doing body modifications, she is also using Lance, Billy's head of security, as her security as well.   Lance and Mary head out to take care of someone when Detective Dolor comes and asks her if she knows anything about the disappearance of Dr. Grant and that he is heading the search.  We then head to Bourbon a Go-Go where Billy is having a fantasy of Mary stripping, I think he likes her.  Mary arrives and tells Billy what's been going on and Billy tells her that he will take care of Dr. Walsh for her if she wants, she then leaves with Beatress for coffee. 

"Genital modifications and voluntary I think we should get started"

Beatress takes her to Ruby's shop and gives Mary a piece of paper to get her in touch with these 2 girls that want some work done, we also find out that Ruby has a husband.  Mary uses Billy's club as an office and makes a meeting with them, the two girls arrive and are very close twins, who want Mary to remove their left arms and switch them with each other, and a few other things we don't hear about yet.  We then go to the twins surgery, and Mary is working with a guy who owes Billy, as they need to be operated on at the same time.  After the surgery Mary heads to a warehouse where Dr. Grant is, he is hanging by hooks, his arms and legs have been amputated, and his mouth is wired shut.  Mary starts taking picture for her website, which the twins hooked her up with, when a cop comes in and sees what's going on, but Mary kills him.  Mary calls Billy, but he can't answer cause he's beating someone to death, Dr. Walsh, and gets Lance to call her back.

"What's that? I couldn't hear you cause your mouth is sewed shut!"
We then head to Ruby's shop where Ruby shows her husband her modifications for the first time and he doesn't look very happy.  Mary arrives at Bourbon a Go-Go and Lance brings her food, and tells her his own story, this is a really sweet scene!  Mary heads home and the twins are awake, they leave, and Mary starts packing boxes and moves into a bigger apartment.  We then get a montage of her taking pictures of the work she's done on her clients.  Mary is finishing up on a client when Detective Dolor calls saying he is heading up, she quickly shoos the guy out and closes up the space where she does her surgery behind a fake wall.  Detective Dolor arrives and tells her that not only is Dr. Grant missing, but now Dr. Walsh is missing, and he tells her that they found out about the parties and found the tapes.  Mary asks if he found her tape, but he hasn't because Billy has the tape and is looking through it.

"Wrong place, wrong time"

Detective Dolor leaves and Mary gets a call telling her that her Nana has died, and we see her delete her Nana's number from her phone.  Mary then heads to Bourbon a Go-Go  and goes to see Billy, who is getting head when she walks in.  They head into the main club part, and Mary asks about Dr. Walsh and asks if he found her tape, he did but he tells her no.  We then see that someone is stealing from the club and Mary asks if he wants her to handle it, since she owes him, but he says they are just going to scare him.  The girl who was giving Billy head heads to the bathroom, Mary heads after her to give her a scare, and tells her she had the wrong dick in her mouth, and leaves.  Billy is in his office looking over the tape of when he first met Mary when Mary comes up behind him and they start making out.  Mary then pulls a scalpel out and stabs Billy with it, Billy then wakes up, because it was just a dream.

"It's good"

Later that night Mary returns to the club, Billy tells her that Beatress quit and asks her to go on a road trip to Los Angeles with him, Mary tells him that she will think about it and leaves.  Mary is outside of her apartment when she gets a call from Beatress, but she doesn't pick up, Beatress keeps calling and Mary finally answers.  When Mary answers, we see that Beatress has been badly beaten up at Ruby's shop and that someone forced Beatress to tell him where Mary lived.  The guy then comes up behind Mary and stabs her, we see that the guy is Ruby's husband, who as we saw earlier is angrier than we thought.  Mary gets the upper hand and kills him, she then crawls into her surgery area and starts suturing herself up.  We then go to later that night where police, and Detective Dolor, have started showing up, they find the photo album of Dr. Grant's modifications and we then pan over to see that Mary died from the stab wound.

The End.
I absolutely love this movie!  The end wasn't really what I was hoping for, but it had a nice twist of Ruby's husband coming after her, sad to see her die though.  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!


  1. LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!! Dark, CRAZY, FUN, BADASS MUSIC!! Sorry to see Mary die at the end. Got to say one of my favorite parts is Mary's scene with Lance in the club following her first kills.

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