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A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

Are you ready for Freddy?

We open with a little girl, who looks like she is probably one of the nursery rhyme girls, and she is drawing Nancy's house in chalk, on the sidewalk in front of Nancy's house.  Kristen, from the third movie, comes up to the girl and asks if Freddy is home, and the girl tell her that he isn't.  Kristen wanders into the house, she gets scared and calls Joey and Kincaid into her dream, they aren't amused and she tells them that she thinks Freddy is back.  Joey and Kincaid try to convince her that Freddy is gone, but she's not so sure, they all then wake up.  Also, I should point out that Joey, Kincaid, and Kristen have all been released from the psychiatric hospital.  The next morning Kristen drives over to her boyfriends, Rick, house to pick him and his sister, Alice, up to head to school.  At school we meet, Debbie, a tough girl, Sheila, a shy girl with asthma, and Dan, a jock who Alice and Debbie both have a crush on. 

"Mind over matter"

In the hallway, Joey and Kincaid confront Kristen about pulling them into her dreams and tell her to stop.  Later that night we see Rick doing karate in the garage when his dad comes home, and he isn't too nice,  Alice made him dinner, but it's not what he wanted so he yells at her.  Alice has quite interesting day dreams, as we keep getting flashes of what she wants to happen followed by what really happens.  We then go to Kincaid's house, he ends up falling asleep and awakens in the auto salvage yard in the car Freddy's remains were in, we see his dog, Jason, digging and he unburies Freddy.  Can we talk for a second about the fact that his dog's name was Jason?  Foreshadowing, much?  Freddy is now alive, Kincaid calls for Kristen, but it doesn't work and Freddy kills him.

Over at Joey's, he falls asleep and Freddy comes to him through his water bed and kills him.  This was an awesome scene as the water bed busted, and Joey's blood turned the water red.  Joey's mom comes upstairs and finds Joey inside of the water bed, which was also really cool.  The next day at school, Alice and Kristen are talking and Kristen tells her the have matching luggage, aka bags under their eyes.  Turns out they were both having bad dreams, Kristen says she hates dreaming, but Alice says she loves dreaming, Kristen then asks how she handles her dreams.  Alice tells her that her mother taught her a nursery rhyme about the dream master and when she repeats it she can break out of her dream, but she doesn't remember it anymore.  Alice also tells her that is she thinks about a happy place to dream about then everything will be fine.  The bell rings and they head to class, Kristen sees that Joey and Kincaid aren't in class, has an attack and passes out. 

"I need a little blood"

Kristen wakes up in the nurse's office and the nurse is Freddy in drag, he reveals himself and Kristen awakens.  Kristen finds out that Joey and Kincaid died, then her, Rick, Alice, and Dan head to Nancy's house, but Kristen's mom shows up and takes her home.  At home, her mom drugs her so she can get some sleep, and she falls asleep, but before that she takes Alice's advice and thinks of a happy place to dream about.  She awakens, in her dream, on a beach and Freddy appears, Kristen sinks into the sand and the sand takes her to the boiler room. In the boiler room she accidently calls Alice into her dream, Alice arrives, but it's to late and Kristen is set on fire and dies.  After Kristen's funeral Alice tells Rick about Freddy and that Freddy is real, but Rick doesn't believe her. 

The next day at school Alice tells Sheila that they have matching luggage, funny that's what Kristen use to say.  In class everyone is taking a test, but Alice falls asleep and brings Sheila into her dream and Sheila gets killed by Freddy.  Alice can now call people into her dreams too?  After school Alice tries to tell Dan, Debbie, and Rick about Freddy, but they don't really believe her, however Rick may be warming up to the idea.  The next day in class the teacher is talking about dreams, and that there are 2 gates your soul can enter, a positive and negative one, and that a dream master guards the positive gate and holds the soul as a host.  This would explain what Alice is.  Alice falls asleep during the lecture and we head over to the bathroom where we see Rick fall asleep, Freddy appears and kills him.  After Ricks funeral, Debbie, Alice, and Dan plan to meet up later that night at the diner to figure out how to get rid of Freddy.

"She keeps changing"

Alice leaves the cemetery and we hang back to see Debbie and Dan comment on how after every death Alice changes and starts acting like the dead.  At home Alice realizes that she has now inherited Rick's karate skills, and wanders what is going on.  Alice tries to leave the house to go meet up with Debbie and Dan, but her dad wont let her leave the house, so she sneaks out.  Alice ends up at a movie theater where all the dead are seated, but she doesn't notice it, until she is sucked into the screen by Freddy.  Freddy shows Alice that she has pulled Debbie into the dream and then makes Alice wake up.  Alice takes off to the diner to meet Dan and they head to Debbie's, Alice runs to the door, but ends up back at the diner repeating what they just did.  Over with Debbie, Freddy ends up killing her while Alice and Dan continue to go in a loop 3 more times, before they realize what's going on.

During Dan and Alice's realization loop they see Freddy and Alice runs him over, resulting in a crash.  We see that Dan has been injured pretty badly and him and Alice head to the hospital where Dan heads immediately to surgery and is put to sleep.  Alice heads home, she puts on all the souvenir's she has from the dead and is transported into dream world through her mirror.  Dan is already in dream land and is being worked on by Freddy, Alice arrives and saves Dan, they are then transported to a church.   Dan gets pulled out of the dream due to a surgery complication, leaving Alice alone in the church.  Alice starts fighting Freddy, she starts to remember the dream master nursery rhyme and uses it to cast Freddy away, releasing all the souls of her friends. 

"Make a wish"

With Freddy gone, Dan and Alice start dating and awhile later we see them walking around by a fountain.  Dan pulls out a coin and tells Alice to make a wish, and throws the coin into the fountain, in the reflection of the water Alice sees Freddy.  Alice starts to freak out, but when she looks back Freddy is gone, they then walk away hand in hand.

The End.
I am loving these movies!  They keep getting better and better, can't wait to see what happens in the next one!  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
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