Wednesday, October 9, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "Bitchcraft" (3x01 Spoilers!)

New season of American Horror Story starts tonight and this years theme as you can tell by the title is Witches!  I absolutely love AHS due to there being a new theme every season and the show is just amazing.  Let's start!

We open in 1834 in New Orleans, where we meet Delphine LaLaurie, one of several well known Louisiana based serial killers, she is hosting a gathering to find suitors for her 3 daughters.  Later that night, we see Delphine brushing blood on her face to keep her face tight, but it isn't working as it isn't fresh enough.  One of her servants come in and says there's been an incident, which is her daughter has gotten with one of the slaves, she tells her daughter that they will just tell everyone he attacked her.  In her dungeon, we see several slaves chained and mutilated, the newest slave is chained and a bulls head is put on his head, her very own minotaur.

We then go to present day where this girl, Zoe, is making out with her boyfriend when he suddenly starts bleeding from every opening he has, not strange at all.  Later on Zoe's mom tells her that she has a special genetic trait, which is that she is a witch, like her great grandmother was.  Her mom then tells her she is being sent to a special boarding school in Louisiana, she is then taken, by force, by 3 guys to her train out.  Zoe arrives at the boarding school and is attacked, but it's all a prank by the other 3 girls that go to the school, Queenie, Madison, and Nan.  Zoe then meets the head mistress, Cordelia, who then tells her about the school and that she is lucky to go here unlike other girls who discover their power, like Misty Day. 

Misty is a witch with the power of resurgence, to bring things back to life, but people saw what she did and they burned her alive for it.  We also learn about witches who are Supremes, meaning they are a stronger breed of witch and are much more rare. We then head to LA where we meet Fiona, Cordelia's mother, who is at an animal testing lab hearing about a new injection that brings vitality, she's asks to be injected with it.  After a lot of persuasion, he agrees, he then arrives at her place a few days later and tells him nothing's happened, Fiona then kills him, and heads back to the school where we find out she is a Supreme.  Back at the school the girls are having dinner and we learn more about them, Queenie, is a human voodoo doll, Nan is clairvoyant, and Madison can do telekinesis, but most of them do anyways.  They all end up fighting, Queenie and Nan leave, and Madison tells Zoe that she is taking her to a frat party tonight.

On a bus outside of the frat party we meet Kyle who is giving a pep talk to his frat brother on the rules for the party.  Inside Madison and Zoe have arrived, Madison wonders off with one of the frat guys and Kyle approaches Zoe.  I gotta say it was nice to see Kyle and Zoe together, as a big fan of Violet and Tate, this was awesome.  We then see that the frat guy Madison went with has drugged her and him and his frat brother are raping her and recording it.  Zoe starts wondering where she is and her and Kyle starts searching, they find her and Kyle gets the guys off of her and take them to the bus, while Zoe checks on Madison.  On the bus, the guys beat up Kyle, and drive away, we see Madison and Zoe exit the house and watch the bus drive away, Madison flicks her wrist and the bus flips.

The next morning Zoe tells Madison that they should tell someone about what happened, the news reports that 7 of the frat brothers were killed, they then meet Fiona, who already knows what they did.  Fiona tells the girls to get all dressed up in black and that they are going on a field trip, the field trip is to the French Quarters, where the go to Delphine's house.  The tour guide is showing them around and tells them that no one know where she is buried, we are then taken back to the 1830's.  A women approaches the gates of Delphine's house, and we find out that this lady is Marie Laveau, a famous Voodoo Priestess.  Marie and Delphine strike up a deal and Marie gives her an entrancement potion, which kills Delphine, turns out her minotaur was Marie's lover, and this is her revenge.

Fiona asks Nan if she can sense anything, Nan tells her that she can hear the lady of the house, meaning that Delphine may be buried on the property, since no one actually knows where she is buried.   Zoe goes to the hospital to see if Kyle is one of the one who survived, he isn't, but the one who started the whole thing is, she then proceed's to ride him, which kills him.  Cordelia tells her mom she shouldn't have taken the girls out, because the girls are her responsibility and something bad could have happened.  Fiona tells her it's fine and leaves, we see 2 guys lifting a coffin out of the ground, Fiona  then erases this memory from their mind and opens the coffin.  There lies a very alive, chain bound, Delphine LaLaurie, Fiona breaks her out of her chains and tells her that she is going to buy her a drink.

The End.
Absolutely amazing!  The premiere is incredible, and my love for witches is back in full swing.  Kathy Bates was phenomenal as usual, Jessica Lange continues to stun, and it was nice to see the rest of the cast again.  Honestly the cast is amazing this year, not only do we have the usual's, but we also have Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, and Gabourey Sidibe, seriously incredible!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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