Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

I figured we could start the animation week off with a classic, so I picked one of the ones I watch annually, the Charlie Brown special!  Let's start!

We start with Lucy and Linus, along with Linus' security blanket, head to the pumpkin patch, Lucy makes him get the biggest Pumpkin, which is a struggle for him to get it back home.  Back at home, Lucy starts carving the pumpkin, which upsets Linus, because she's killing it.  We then go to Charlie and Snoopy who are raking up leaves when Linus jumps in, angering Charlie, Lucy appears and asks Charlie if he wants to practice kicking the ball. Oh brother, Charlie will never learn and after attempting to tell Lucy no, she gives him a legal document saying she wont pull it away like usual.  Charlie decides that since it's a legal document that she wont move it, unfortunately the document isn't notarized and she moves it. 

"You say the cutest things"

We then go to Linus who is writing to the Great Pumpkin, Charlie debunks the Great Pumpkin and leaves, Snoopy comes in next and laughs at him.  Lucy comes in next and pretty much does the same thing, except she also threatens him, because she's Lucy, it's what she does.  Patty comes in next to do the same thing, followed by Sally, but she doesn't laugh or make fun of him, mostly due to the fact she's in love with him.  Linus invites Sally to wait for the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch with him, she accepts then he goes to mail off the letter.  Linus heads to the pumpkin patch while Lucy, Sally, Charlie, and Violet get their Halloween costumes on, they allow Sally to come with them to trick or treat. 

The rest of the gang arrives and they head to the pumpkin patch to make fun of Linus, Sally decides to stay with Linus instead of going trick or treating.  The gang then starts trick or treating, all getting lots of candy, except Charlie who continuously get a rock in his bag.  We then go to Snoopy, who is dressed like a pilot, and is flying his plane, his dog house, in the war, he gets shot down and has to find his way to safety.  The gang heads back to the pumpkin patch to make fun of Linus and Sally about missing trick or treating and now they are going to miss the party at Violet's.  They arrive at Violets party where they make fun of Charlie and use his head as a model on how to carve their pumpkin.  Man, I didn't realize how mean they were to Charlie. 

"I missed trick or treating!"
We go back to Linus and Sally in the pumpkin patch, Linus thinks he sees the Great Pumpkin, but it's only Snoopy.  Sally then gets really pissed at Linus and yells at him, the rest of the gang arrives to get Sally, and Linus stays in the pumpkin patch.  The next morning Lucy wakes up and heads to the pumpkin patch to drag Linus home to sleep.  Later that day Charlie and Linus are hanging out and Charlie tells him not to worry because he did a lot of stupid things too.  Linus then tells him that he will do the same thing next year, because he believes!

The End.
It's been a few years since I have watched this special, and wow!  I was not aware of how much adult content was in this when I was a kid, along the lines of politics and how mean they were.  Tell me what you think of the special in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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