Wednesday, October 16, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "Boy Parts" (3x02 Spoilers)

We open with 2 gator hunters stumbling across Misty, who I thought was dead, as they alluded to her being dead last week, and she kills them, or well the dead alligators do.  At the school Cordelia starts waking up all the girl including her mother, Cordelia comments that there is a smell coming from her room.  We see that Fiona has Delphine in her room bound and gagged to a chair, Cordelia calls everyone downstairs to talk about each other and learn their backstories, and Queenie is up first.  Queenie was working at a fast food restaurant when a customer pisses her off, and she shoves her hand in a fryer, and since she's a human voodoo doll, the customer gets burned.   Cops show up during story time to interview Zoe and Madison, Zoe ends up spilling all the beans, but luckily Fiona comes down and makes everything go away.

Zoe and Madison are upstairs when Fiona comes up and tells them that they can't be weak, which they currently are and that they should fear her.  Cordelia goes to the doctor with her husband, Hank, and finds out she still isn't pregnant, and can't seem to get pregnant, Hank is not sure they should keep trying.  Fiona goes to talk to Delphine and Delphine finds out she's been in the box for 180 years, we then go to a flashback of Delphine waking from the poisoning.  Delphine heads outside to confront Marie and sees that her family has been hung, we also find out that the potion wasn't poison but an immortality potion.  Back in present day, Madison and Zoe have gone to the morgue, they have gathered up boy parts and sewn Kyle back to life, they pretty much Frankenstein'd Kyle.  Unfortunately it doesn't work and they leave, or Madison leaves, while Zoe goes to grab something, security arrives and Madison drives off leaving Zoe behind.

Inside the security guard comes in and he finds Zoe, behind him we see Kyle rise and kill the security guard, we then start getting flashes of Misty.  Fiona is at a beauty parlor getting her hair done, when a very alive Marie walks in and Marie starts doing her hair.  Back at the school Nan is trying to read when she starts hearing noises, she heads upstairs and releases Delphine, who knocks out Queenie with a candle holder because she thinks she's a slave.  At the beauty parlor Marie cuts the small talk and tells Fiona she knows she's a witch and Fiona asks about the immortality potion, but Marie wont give it to her.  At the school Cordelia is working on something to get her pregnant, Hank knows about her being a witch and they start the ritual, aka have sex. 

Over at the morgue, Zoe manages to get Kyle out and they start driving, but Kyle starts going insane, and out of nowhere Misty pops up in the backseat. They head to some hideout of Misty's in the swamp and Misty starts putting something on Kyle, while she tells Zoe that Stevie Nicks is a witch, Zoe tells Misty she has to leave, but that she would be back for Kyle.  We see Marie head home and see that she still has the minotaur, she tells him they have some unfinished business and she unchains him.  Delphine is on a street corner sitting on a bench when Fiona finds her, they talk for awhile before heading back to the school.

The End.
This show is so good, I love it!  Nice to see Misty is still alive and  that Kyle has been brought back to life, really liking Misty's character so far, I think she's gonna have a great story!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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