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The Final (2010)

Consequences. None of us are free from them.

We open in a restaurant when a girl, who is in a hoodie, orders food and for some reason keeps getting stared at.  Eventually we see that see is missing fingers and someone comments that her face is disfigured, the girl gets angry that everyone is staring at her and storms out, triggering a flashback.  We then are taken back to a high school where fliers for a costume party, invitation only, are going around.  In a classroom we hear the teacher talking about the Hun Dynasty, and how they disfigured people, could that be foreshadowing?  One of the kids, Bradley, who has been invited to the party, shows up late and starts picking on another kid, Ravi.  The teacher gets Bradley to switch seats with Bernard, but he picks on Ravi just as much as Bradley does.  Between classes, Heather, Bridget, and Kelli, who are the mean girls, pick on this girl, Emily, and we find out that the mean girls have been invited to the party.

"I believe this is yours"

After school we see a guy, Dane, on a farm checking bear traps to make sure they work when Parker, a neighboring farmer, asks about Dane's uncle.  Dane tells him that his uncle died 8 months ago and left him the farm to him in his will, Parker tells him that if he needs anything he's a mile down the road.  The next day at lunch Dane, Ravi, Emily, and two other guys, Andy and Jack, are talking over the plan, when Bernard tosses a milk carton at them.  Ravi tries to stand up to him, but it doesn't help and he heads back to his table.  Kurtis, who is one of those all around good guys and gets along with everyone, then comes by their table and asks them to come to his video shoot, he leaves and Dane tells Ravi to make sure he doesn't get an invite.  At the video shoot, Kurtis asks Ravi to film some behind the scene stuff, Ravi heads to the bathroom to clean his lens when Bradley and Bernard come in and break Ravi's camera, Dane then comes in and they bully him as well. 

"This is going to be a night they will never forget"

The next day at lunch Kurtis stands up to Bradley on behalf of Ravi, and Bradley and Kurtis end up fighting.  That night at Dane's house we hear that his parents fight constantly, he puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger, but it doesn't go off.  Over at Ravi's house, it is insanely quiet, which is completely different from Dane's house.  We then go to Jack's house, where he is blatantly carrying a gun bag and some type of propane thing, he tries to talk to his dad, but he doesn't even look up from what he's doing.  They all have really shitty home lives.  The night before the party they all gather at the farm and set up cameras and unpack all the guns, they then have a bonfire and talk about how shitty their home lives are.  During the bonfire, Dane says that they are doing god's work and are bringing peace and justice, that's an interesting way to look at what your about to do. 

"What did I do to deserve this?"

The night of the party, everyone starts arriving, and we see Ravi, Emily, Dane, Andy, and Jack form a prayer circle, they then ask god that if this is the wrong thing then to show them a sign.  They don't receive a sign and they tell god that the fate of everyone is in his hands for what they do.  Bradley, Bernard, and Miles are on their way to the party when they are stopped by a cop, Deputy Henessey, they end up getting off free, but they lose their weed.  Everyone finally arrives at the party, and we see the outcasts wandering around in costumes, they see that Kurtis has showed, but it's too late now.  Emily spikes the punch with something and everyone starts falling asleep, the outcasts change into scarier costumes and collects the cell phones and car keys.  Slowly everyone starts waking up and realizes they are chained up, Dane walks out on the balcony above them and tells them there's good news and bad news.

"I know who you are"

The good news is that they are not going to kill them, the bad news is that they are going to severely disfigure them and scar them for life.  Miles talks back and Jack shoots him in the jaw and in the leg with a cattle gun, then they drag him into a room away from everyone else.  Dane asks if anyone wants to leave, and Tommy raises his hand, he also asks if he can take Nadya, his girlfriend, but they don't let him, however they do release him.  Unfortunately there are 3 other guys, dressed in the same costumes as 3 of the outcasts, who are guarding the farm so that no one escapes and they kill Tommy.  Back inside Jack starts playing the banjo while Ravi poison's and stabs Bernard, he then walks past Kurtis and drops a key.  Emily then starts stabbing Bernard with acupuncture needles, then they drag him to the room. 

Andy is walking around choosing his next victim when Kurtis unchains himself and escapes, Dane tries to shoot at him, but Ravi attacks Dane and Dane kills Ravi for helping Kurtis.  Kurtis is out, but has the guards on his tail, he runs into Deputy Henessey, but the Deputy gets killed.  Inside they have Heather gagged and tied and are putting a concoction on her face that will slowly melt her flesh.  Bradley calls Dane a coward and tells him to take his mask off and he does, he tell them that this is all their fault, because he could have lived with being in the shadows, but they had to mess with them, which caused them to do this.  Back with Kurtis he gets to Parker's house, but Parker doesn't trust him, so he knocks him out and drags him inside.  Back on the farm Bridget tells Emily that she knows who she is and Emily takes her mask off followed by everyone else taking their masks off.

"I am going to hurt you...cause you can't stop me"

Bridget apologizes for what they did and Emily tells her that she is going to spare her because she apologized, but only if she cuts Bradley's fingers off.  Bridget says she can't do it, so Emily asks Bradley if he can cut Bridget's fingers off and he says he can.  Back with Kurtis and Parker, Parker has tied Kurtis up, Kurtis keeps telling him that they're killing people, but Parker wont listen.  At the farm they have Bridget in the chair and Bradley cuts two of her fingers off when Emily asks her again if she will cut Bradley's fingers off and this time she agrees.  Back at Parkers, Kurtis finally gets through to Parker and gets him to go check the farm.  They put Bradley in the chair, but Bridget still can't cut his finger off, Emily them puts the melting concoctions on her face and gives her 2 minutes, which is when the concoction kicks in, but she still can't do it. 

Parker arrives at the farm and gets hit with one of the traps, he screams out and attracts a guard, who comes running over, but Parker manages to shoot the guard.  Kurtis, who is still tied up at Parker's house, manages to tip his chair and break out of the binds, he then calls the police and runs out back to the farm.  Over on the farm, Bridget's face is melting and they take her into the room with the others, Bradley, who is still in the chair, then gets his spine severed by Dane.  Outside, Parker tricks another guard and manages to kill him too, leaving one guard left to kill.  Inside, Riggs starts talking back to Dane, Dane tells him that Riggs showed him kindness once and was going to let him go, but now he isn't, they put Riggs in the chair and Dane tells him they are going to cut out his tongue.  Kurtis finds Parker, and Parker tells him to go get them, Kurtis then heads back to the farm house. 

"Cut out his tongue"

Kurtis comes in and confronts them as they are about to cut out Riggs' tongue and tells them to stop and points his gun at Andy, who is the one about to cut the tongue out.  Dane tells Andy to do it, he moves to do it and Kurtis shoots him dead, Dane turns to shoot Kurtis, but Emily shoots him.  Emily tells them she's had enough and Jack agrees, Jack comes up to the balcony and hugs Emily, before she turns her back and he shoots her in the head.  The police then arrive and tell Jack to drop the gun, but Jack puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.  The screen fades to black and we hear a reporter talking about what's happened and we see the police find the injured people in the other room. At school we see the aftermath of the events, Kurtis sees a guy on a bike, who is presumably the 3rd guard, and Kelli overdoses on pills.  The movie ends seconds before where the movie began, we are taken back to the restaurant in black and white, and find out the girl in the hoodie was Bridget.

The End.
I love this movie!  I saw it a few years ago when it was released as a part of the After Dark Horrorfest and absolutely loved it then and I still do.  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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