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The Conjuring (2013)

Look what you made me do

We open with Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating the mystery of a creepy doll, Annabelle, who is being possessed by an entity.  The footage from that haunting is being shown at a university by Ed and Lorraine who are there talking about their work.  After the footage is shown they go into a bit of a Q&A, where they are asked where the Annabelle doll is now, and they answer that it is in a safe place.  A credit rolls on the screen telling us that since 1960 Ed and Lorraine have been known as the worlds most renowned paranormal investigators.  Lorraine is clairvoyant and Ed is the only non-ordained demonologist recognized by the Catholic church. We then find out that this is based on a true story, and I now don't want to watch this movie.  Who else gets that way?  The movies sounds awesome and then you find out it was a true story and all of the excitement you had slowly dies.

"She's in a safe place"

Picture it Harrisville, Rhode Island, 1971, a family is moving into their new house, we have parents, Roger and Carolyn Perron, and their children, Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy, and April.  They also have a dog, Sadie, but she wont enter the house and ends up staying on the porch.  Inside everyone is unpacking, Cindy goes to hang her wind chimes and calls for April to come in, we then see that April has found a music box.  Later that night the girls are playing a type of hide and seek where the seeker wears a blind fold and there's clapping, Nancy ends up bumping into a wall and a board comes loose.  The wall she bumps into leads to a cellar, Roger goes down in the cellar and finds a bunch of old junk and cobwebs.  The next morning Carolyn finds a bruise on her leg, but doesn't know where it came from, she then starts waking the kids up. 

The girls remark that the house got really cold over night and that Andrea smelled something along the lines of rotting meat.  Carolyn realizes that all the clocks in the house have stopped and that they all stopped at 3:07, April comes down and heads out to find Sadie.  Unfortunately April finds Sadie, but Sadie's dead, they bury her and we head to the Warren house in Monroe, Connecticut.  At the Warren house, a reporter has come by to see the collection room, which houses all the haunted or cursed souvenirs from their cases.  We then meet the Warren's daughter, Judy, and find out that something happened at one of their last cases to Lorraine and is making them question taking any more cases.  Back at the Perron house hold it's about 3:07 in  the morning, as the clock have all just stopped when Christine feels someone pulling her leg, but no ones there. 

Downstairs, Roger has fallen asleep at his desk when he starts to hear noises, he starts to look around the house for the cause of the noise.  Andrea comes downstairs and tells him that Cindy is the cause of the noise, Cindy has sleep walked into Andrea's room and is banging her head on her wardrobe.  Roger gets her back to sleep, the next morning he and Carolyn talk about her sleep walking and that she hasn't done it in the while.  Later that morning Roger heads to work, but before he leaves he sees a bird fly into the side of the house and die, the kids head off for school, and Carolyn heads up to April's room and hears April talking to someone.  April tells her she is talking to Rory, who can be seen in the mirror of the music box after it plays it's song, but no one shows up. 

"Let's play hide and clap!"

April asks to play hide and clap, and Carolyn agrees, right before the 3rd clap Carolyn heads into Andrea's room.  We see the wardrobe open and when Carolyn asks for the 3rd clap, 2 hands come out of the wardrobe and clap, Carolyn takes the blindfold off and April walks into the room.  This means that April wasn't the one in the wardrobe, I'm starting to think there's something fishy with this wardrobe.  Later that night, Roger gets the call that he has to go out of town on business, he's a truck driver, to Florida for a week.  Christine is in bed that night and her leg is pulled again, she thinks it's Nancy, who she shares the room with, but it isn't.  Christine then sees her door start moving and she wakes Nancy, Christine tells Nancy that someone is behind the door. 

Nancy gets up and looks behind the door, but nothings there, except the smell of rotting meat, Christine then tells her that it's standing right behind her and the door slams shut.  Roger, Carolyn, and the other girl run in, and Christine tells them that the person told her that it wants her family dead, that's never a good sign.  The next morning we head to the Warren house where Ed and Lorraine head out to a case, which ends up being nothing paranormal.  Over at the Perron's, Roger has left for Florida, and Carolyn starts hearing noises, she goes and check all the girls rooms when all the pictures hanging in the stair hallway fall off the wall.  Carolyn then hears giggling and clapping, the cellar door opens and she peers inside, she yells down that whoever is in there that she's going to lock them in, the door then slams shut making her fall down the steps.

"I need your help"

A ball bounces off the shelf and the light bulb explodes, she reaches for the matches to light one, but it burns out and she lights another.  Oh this is the part from the trailer!  After the second is lit, someone asks her if she wants to play hide and clap and a pair of hands come out from behind her and clap.  Upstairs Cindy is hitting her head on Andrea's wardrobe again, Andrea puts Cindy into her bed, when she hears the wardrobe making the noise Cindy made with her head.  Andrea walks over to the wardrobe, behind her we see Cindy sit straight up, Andrea then flings the door open and on top of the wardrobe is a creepy looking women.  Roger returns home at that moment and gets Carolyn out of the cellar, and then runs up to Andrea's room, where everyone has gathered. 

At a university Ed and Lorraine are holding another seminar on their investigations and we see that Carolyn is in attendance.  After the seminar Carolyn approaches them to help them, Ed protests at first, but Lorraine agrees to do it.   Ed and Lorraine arrive at the house and the Perron's tell them about the coldness, the rotting meat smell, the wardrobe, the birds, the time, and the banging of the doors.  Ed starts a taped interview with Roger and Carolyn about the incidents, while Lorraine goes to talk to April about Rory, who Lorraine sees in the music box mirror.  Lorraine then wanders outside near the dock, and sees something by this old tree, Ed comes out and asks what, and we get into her P.O.V. and sees a women hanging by a rope on the old tree.

"What is it?"

Ed and Lorraine head back inside and tells them that their house needs an exorcism, and Lorraine tells them about the girl in the tree and that all through the house she has seen a dark entity.  Ed tells them that they need the church to authorize an exorcism, and that the church needs proof before they can authorize the exorcism.  Ed and Lorraine head home and Judy gives Lorraine a locket that has her picture in it, while she has a similar locket that has Ed and Lorraine's picture in it.  Later that night Ed tells Lorraine that during his interview that Carolyn's voice wasn't picked up by the tape.  Lorraine tells him that the first owner was marred to Bethsheba, who was related to Mary Towne Eastey, one of the witches hung in the Salem witch trials.  After Bethsheba and the original owner got married they had a baby, and when the baby was 7 days old, he caught Bethsheba sacrificing the baby over the fireplace.

After he caught her she ran out to the old tree, proclaimed her love for Satan, cursed anyone who took her land, and hanged herself, her time of death was estimated to be at 3:07.  Another person who lived there had a son named Rory, who disappeared, and she killed herself in the cellar, and a ton of other killings have gone on in the house.  The tape player then starts up and where Carolyn's voice is supposed to be is nothing but people screaming, then we pan over and see that the clock has stopped at 3:07.  At the Perron house, Ed and Lorraine, with help from Brad, an apprentice, and Drew, a local police officer, start setting up mic's in all of the rooms.  They also set up camera's that will be set off when the temperature drops to a certain degree to capture a picture of the entity, and bells on all the doors. 

"Can I see Rory?"

One of the bells go off, and it's the cellar door opening, the flash goes off signaling an entity, Drew, Ed, and Lorraine head down with a video camera.  Nothing happens down in the cellar and the clock doesn't stop when it hits 3:07.  The next morning, Roger, Brad and the kids head out for the day, Ed goes to work on the Perron's car, Drew heads to work, and Lorraine is hanging laundry outside.  Outside, the sky darkens and the wind starts blowing, and Lorraine sees a women in the second story window, we then go upstairs and see Carolyn sleeping.  Marks start appearing on her skin and a women appears above her and spits blood into her mouth, gross.  Lorraine rushes upstairs and finds Carolyn throwing up in the bathroom, but Carolyn tells her she just woke up a little sick. 

Roger, Brad, and the kids return home and Roger head over to Ed, who is still fixing the car, and we find out about why Ed's been weary to let Lorraine keep investigating.  Apparently at their last exorcism Lorraine saw something and when they returned home she spent the next 8 days locked in her room, Roger asks what she saw, but Ed tells him that he didn't ask and will not ask.  Later that night Drew and Brad are doing watch, Drew goes to get some coffee and starts hearing someone whisper 'look what she made me do'.  Drew starts looking around and finds a women in a maids uniform whose slit her wrist, he calls for Ed, but she's disappeared, they then notice Cindy sleep walking.  The cameras are flashing, but not because of Cindy, but something is guiding her, she ends up in Andrea's room, they head into Andrea's room and Cindy has disappeared.

"Just get into mine"

They open the wardrobe and find that there is a secret passage inside the wardrobe, they find Cindy, and April makes the remark that it's where Rory hides when he's afraid.  Lorraine heads into the passage and finds a bunch of children's toy, including a spot where the music box goes, she also finds a rope that at the end has a noose.  Lorraine goes to leave the passage but falls through the floor and ends up in the cellar, where the music box has landed with her.  She cranks the music box and sees Rory and his mom in the mirror, we hear the mom say 'look what she made me do', the mom then appears in front of her, before disappearing.  Lorraine gets into the main part of the cellar and we see the mom hanging, Lorraine then runs up the stairs out of the cellar, however she loses her locket in the process. 

When Lorraine gets upstairs she tells them that Bethsheba possessed the mother to kill the child, and the bruises on Carolyn means she's feeding off of Carolyn.  Bethsheba then starts dragging Nancy around by her hair, Lorraine manages to get it to stop, and Brad ends up filming it all.  The next morning everyone is leaving the house when Lorraine hears Judy by the docks, she sees Judy in the water and rushes back in the house to call her mom, but Judy's fine.  The Perron's head to a motel while Ed and Lorraine head to a church to get someone to do the exorcism.  Father Gorden tells them it's going to be hard to get the approval, cause it has to come straight from the Vatican, and the fact that none of the kids are baptized.  Luckily Father Gorden has never seen anything like this before and will push it through himself.

"She's still in the box"

Over at the Warren household, we go into Judy's room and see that her locket is moving, Judy wakes up and heads downstairs.  Judy finds the object room open and we see that Annabelle is missing, Judy tries to call to her Nana, but a darkness starts to descend and she heads into a room.  Inside the room Annabelle is sitting in a chair, Judy turns away to get out and Annabelle is gone, but the chair starts coming at her.  Ed and Lorraine get back home, and manage to get Judy out of the room before the chair hit her, Ed goes to the object room and Annabelle is still in her case.  At the motel, Roger and Brad return and 3 of the girls rush out to tell them that Carolyn has taken off with Christine and April.  Roger calls Ed and Lorraine and they agree to meet at the house, Roger, Drew, and Brad take off to the house. 

Everyone meets up at the house and they find Carolyn holding a pair of scissors trying to stab Christine in the cellar.  April disappears while they are dragging Carolyn out of the cellar to take her to the church, but they can't take Carolyn out of the house, because if they do Bethsheba will kill her.  They take her back down to the cellar, where she bites a bit of Drew's flesh off his face and they then tie her to a chair.  Brad takes Christine out to the car and tells her to stay in the car while he goes back inside the house to find April.  In the cellar, they realize Ed is the one who has to do the exorcism, because Father Gorden can't get there in time and they can't leave the house.  Ed starts the exorcism and after the first verse birds start flying around the house and flying into the windows, and one flies into the car that Christine is in. 

"Put her down"

Brad is still looking for April when he hears her whimpering and finds out that she is under the kitchen floor and starts ripping up the floor boards.  The exorcism continues and Bethsheba, as Carolyn, starts going crazy, after awhile she stops struggling, and her and the chair she is in starts levitating.  She then starts taking control of things around the room like a dresser and most importantly Drew's gun, which goes off, but no one gets hurt.  Brad then yells out that she found April under the floor, and Bethsheba, as Carolyn, rushes to the hole that leads under the floor and after April.  Ed finishes the exorcism and Lorraine breaks Carolyn out of it by bringing up memories of her children, Carolyn then coughs up the blood, signaling Bethsheba is not in her anymore.

Everything is back to normal and a cop arrives bringing the other 3 children to the house, where they all hug and cry over everything being over, April also gives Lorraine her locket back.  Ed and Lorraine arrive back home, Lorraine says she is going to call Father Gorden to tell him that everything is fine.  Ed heads to the object room to put the music box with the other cursed objects, Lorraine comes down and tells him that the Vatican approved the exorcism.  Lorraine tells him that Father Gorden wants to meet to go over a case he heard about in Long Island, wait a minute!  Could this be a set up for another Amityville remake, but as a sequel for The Conjuring?  I would be so down for that! 

The End.
This movie was so good, everything I was hoping for and more!  Can I just say that Joey King is amazing, she is going to be big one day!  As I said above, and the fact that there are rumors of a sequel in the works, they opened a door for Amityville, and I would love to see the movie from Ed and Lorraine's perspective!  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (

Hope you all have a great night!

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