Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Walking Dead "Infected" (4x02 Spoilers)

We open with someone shining a flashlight on the walkers by the fence, the person then feeds the walker a rat, we never see who the person is though.  We then go to Karen and Tyreese who are making out and they start talking about the past, after awhile they split and we follow Karen to the shower area.  Karen hears a noise, but doesn't find anything and heads to her cell, we then pan back to the shower and see Patrick, who is now a walker, heading towards the cells.  Patrick heads into one of the cells and begins to eat that person, and the next morning that person turns into a walker.  2 walkers loose in the prison!  That same morning we see Michonne leave for a mission and Rick and Carl head to the farming area to clean up when gunshots go off in the prison.

Michonne hears the shot and heads back, Carl lets her in, but also lets in a few walkers, Maggie manages to hold off the walkers and get Michonne inside.  In the prison, there are now more than 2 walkers, everyone manages to kill the walkers, but now comes the question of how walkers got into the prison?  They all double check to make sure all the walkers are dead and Carol finds one who was bitten, and she thinks she can amputate his arm, but he was also bitten on the neck. Carol realizes she has to kill him, but first brings his children in to say goodbye to him, the kids wont leave and she has to kill him in front of his kids.  Rick and the others find Patrick and realize that he wasn't bitten and that this is a type of infection, episode title reference! 

The council meets and decides that they need to quarantine the people who killed this last batch of walkers as they might be contaminated.  Daryl and Rick are working on burying people when Maggie yells for them and we see the fence is starting to come down because so many walkers have gathered up.  Beth, who is also watching Judith, is patching up Michonne, and mentions that there's no name for when a parent looses there child, and Michonne makes a face.  Could we be getting the comic book version of Michonne's backstory?  Sasha, Tyreese, Glenn, and Maggie join Rick and Daryl, and Sasha sees the dead mice, but before they can talk about that the fence starts coming down more.  In the prison Beth walks past Michonne's cell and Judith spits up on Beth, Beth asks Michonne to hold Judith for a minute, she doesn't want to at first, but eventually does.

Beth leave to get Judith's spit blanket, and we see Michonne hold her awkwardly at first but eventually embrace her and cry.  Outside Rick and Daryl hop in a car and manage to lure the walkers away from the fence by sacrificing the pigs and it works.   Rick and Carl are talking by the farm area and Carl tells Rick about Carol teaching the kids about killing, but Rick says he wont stop her or say anything.  Rick then sets the animal part of the farm on fire and gives Carl his gun back.  Inside the prison, Tyreese has a bouquet of flowers and heads to the quarantine section to see Karen, but Karen's not there and there's a trail of blood.  He follows the blood and finds Karen and someone else burned in the courtyard.

The End.
Great episode!  Loved that we got to see a different side of Michonne, that hints at the comic book version, which is sad.  Also I really like the idea of a flu type infection, this could be interesting, because they can become a walker over night and possibly kill everyone.  Curious as to when Sasha and the rest will remember the mice by the fence and who exactly is doing it.  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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