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Trick 'r Treat (2007)

Poison, Drowning, Claw, Or Knife. So Many Ways To Take A Life.

We open on Halloween night with married couple, Emma and Henry, returning home from a Halloween party.  Henry loves Halloween, but Emma doesn't and starts blowing out all the jack o lanterns in their yard even though Henry tells her not to, because it goes against Halloween tradition.  Henry heads inside while Emma starts taking all the decorations down in their yard, we then start getting flashes of someone shorter than her watching, but we don't see who it is.  Emma is taking the sheets of off their ghosts and something jumps out at her and they start fighting under the sheet.  Whoever is fighting her gets the upper hand and slits her throat with a pumpkin lollipop.  Henry ended up falling asleep in the house and after awhile wakes up and heads outside to find Emma dead.

"Go put in the tape"

Earlier that night in a costume shop we meet 4 girls in their costumes, Laurie, Little Red Riding Hood, Danielle, Cinderella, Maria, Snow White, and Janet, Little Bo Peep.  We then head to a boy, Charlie, who is going around knocking pumpkins over, he stops at a house for candy and takes all of the candy.  The owner of the house, and his principal, Wilkins, stops him and tells him to sit down and then we head back over to the girls.  Danielle is telling Laurie that she needs to loosen up and get the guy herself, not wait for him, which is why she's still a virgin at 22.  Laurie's not sure how to approach a guy so Maria and Janet show her how it's done.  Back with Charlie, Wilkins is sitting with him now and telling him that he was just like Charlie until his dad told him what Halloween meant.

"I hate Halloween"

Wilkins tells him that Halloween is about respecting the dead, Charlie then starts coughing, and Wilkins tells him that he should always check his candy.  Charlie vomits up blood, a lot of it, and dies, Wilkins then drags him inside and we head back to the girls. They have found a ride to their party, but Laurie has decided to stay back and meet up with them later.  Back with Wilkins, a couple of trick or treaters arrive, they receive their candy and when they leave we see another kid, Sam, dressed in an orange onesie and a burlap sack with button eyes.  The kid in the onesie leaves and Wilkins drags Charlie's body outside where he has a grave already dug up which already houses another body.  Just as Wilkins is going to put Charlie's body in the grave, his son, Billy, calls down from his bedroom window that he is home from trick or treating.  Billy tells him he needs help with cutting the eyes in his pumpkin, Wilkins tells him he will be there soon and Billy leaves.

"Sit down"

Wilkins then puts Charlie in the grave and starts burying him when a dog appears.  The dog belongs to his next door neighbor, Mr. Kreeg, who then comes out looking for his dog and hears Wilkins, he tells Wilkinson to keep it down and head back inside.  Wilkins yells out 'Happy Halloween' to Mr. Kreeg, but Mr. Kreeg tells him to screw himself.  After Wilkins buries the body, he plants a tree in the spot and heads back in to the house, before he gets there he hears a noise and we see Mr. Kreeg banging on his window for help, but Wilkins tells him to screw himself.  Inside Wilkins starts looking for Billy and Billy jumps out form under the counter and scares him. 

"I need help with the eyes"

Wilkins grabs a knife and takes Billy downstairs to carve his pumpkin, Billy tells him he wants to carve a scary face.  Wilkins lifts the knife over his head and stabs something, when he pulls the knife out we see that there is blood on it, I honestly thought he killed Billy.  We pan down and see that Billy is fine, and on the table is a head, Charlie's head, Billy then repeats that he's going to need help with the eyes.  Aww he's teaching his son, you got to start young now a days!  The trick or treaters, Macy, an angel, Sara, an alien, and Chip, a pirate, from Wilkins house, excluding Sam, are trick or treating and ask if they can have a jack o lantern for UNICEF. 

"You're full of shit"

They leave the house and meet up with Schrader, then head to Rhonda's house, she is a savant so they make fun of her.  In downtown, there is a huge block party going on and we see 2 people making out, the guy bites the girl and we see that he has fangs, she realizes that she is bleeding and runs for help.  The girl ends up getting the attention of this couple, yes that couple, Emma wants to help her, but Henry says that the girl is just drunk and they walk away.  The guy comes up behind the girl and kills her, leaving her in the streets.  Back with the kids, they head to a rock quarry where Macy tells them a story and the true intention behind the pumpkins. 

"They made a deal with the driver"

The story is about the School Bus Massacre, where the parents of the 8 kids who ride the bus made a deal with the bus driver to kill the kids.  The bus driver agrees and takes them to the quarry, the kids are all in costume as it is Halloween, the driver gives them candy and we find out that the kids are chained to their seats.  One of the kids realizes they aren't in the right place, breaks out of his constraints and go to the drivers seat, but ends up driving them over a ledge into the water.  We see the driver make it out of the water, but he's the only one who survived.  Macy then tells them that the bus was never found and neither were the kids and that the pumpkins will be placed by the edge of the water to pay respect. 


Over with Laurie, who is downtown looking for a guy, she sees the masked guy with fangs, that killed that girl, he disappears and she starts heading to the party.  Back at the quarry, Macy, Sara, and Schrader head down the elevator to get to the waters edge first, leaving Rhonda and Chip to come down after them.  Heading down, Rhonda and Chip hear the other 3 screaming and Rhonda gets out to look by herself, since Chips scared.  Rhonda sees the bus in the water and that everyone is dead, but they actually aren't, they were just playing a mean trick on her.  They end up chasing her until she slips on the ledge and cracks her head on rocks, luckily she's alive, but really scared.  Schrader, who really is nice, stays behind with Rhonda while the others pack up, Macy starts hearing things and we head back to Rhonda and Schrader who hear them screaming. 

"She's scared"

Schrader goes to investigate and sees that the 8 dead kids are alive and are coming after them, they start running towards the lift, where we see that Rhonda is already in it and is leaving them behind.  On her way up we hear them being killed, once to the top she sees that Sam is there.  Over with Laurie, who is making her way to the party, that is in the woods, she starts to her something and it's the masked guy.  The masked guy bites her and we then head to the party where someone in Laurie's red riding hood cloak falls from the sky.  Danielle, who is Laurie's sister, goes to check and it's the masked man, huh?  Laurie then walks in to the party perfectly fine, everyone starts spreading out again and Maria heads over to the masked guy. 

"Come out"

Maria pulls his fangs out and then his mask off, and we find out that the masked guy is actually Wilkins, Maria then tells him that she's happy that he will be her first.  Laurie then straddles Wilkinson and we get a montage of all the girls stripping, not only their clothes, but their skin, and we find out they're werewolf's.  I love this scene, because they have a zipper on their back to take their skin off!  Laurie kills Wilkinson and we see Sam sitting on a log watching them.  Earlier that night at Mr. Kreeg's house, he gets some trick or treaters, but he scares them off. 

"I'm glad you're her first"

Inside we see him burning pictures when his dog starts barking and runs outside, and we see the scene from earlier with Wilkins play out, but in Mr. Kreeg's POV.  After that he heads back inside, but the door bell rings again and when he looks out there are jack o lanterns everywhere.  He goes to smash one, but the dog starts barking, Mr. Kreeg goes to see what's going on and the dog heads upstairs.  Mr. Kreeg follows him upstairs and heads into his bedroom, where the words 'trick or treat, give me something good to eat' are on the wall in what looks like blood.  He then gets stabbed in the leg with a candy bar, and it's Sam! 

"Help me"

Mr. Kreeg starts heading for the stairs and falls down them landing in broken glass, he then heads for the door, but Sam jumps him.  Mr. Kreeg gets the upper hand and takes Sam's burlap sack off and he is made of pumpkin.  Mr. Kreeg manages to get away and get his gun and shoots Sam in the head, but Sam's still going and comes after him with the pumpkin lollipop.  When Sam is about to stab him with the lollipop, a candy bar gets in the way and stops the stab, seeing the candy bar as a treat, he leaves Mr. Kreeg's house.  Later that night Mr. Kreeg gets more trick or treater, but this time he gives them candy, and then stands on the porch and looks out at the street. 

"Trick or Treat"

We see Billy on the porch dressed like his dad, we see Rhonda almost get run over by Laurie, Danielle, Janet, and Maria, we see that Emma and Henry live across the street from him, and that Sam is watching all of them.  Mr. Kreeg heads back inside, but the door bell rings and the 8 kids who died are at his door and it is revealed that he was the bus driver!

The End.
Love this movie!  I saw it last year and fell in love!  I love that all the stories are intertwined and all had a twist at the end.  Who doesn't love a good twist?  Also I am really excited as it was just announced that a sequel is in the works!  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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