Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "Fearful Pranks Ensue" (3x04 Spoilers!)

We open in 1961 with a little boy on a bike being chased after by people in a car, he gets cornered by the people and we head to the beauty salon.  At the beauty salon one of the hair dressers is worrying about her son who is entering his first year at an integrated school, Marie tells her nothing good will come of it.  We then see that the boy has been hung, and Marie is working on a spell to avenge the boy.  Marie reanimates some dead and they go after the guys who killed the boy and rip them apart, literally.   In present day we open seconds before Madison is killed, where we see Spalding, the butler who has no tongue, comes in and has to deal with Madison's body.  Fiona hears something and heads to the green house, where she finds Queenie on the verge of death, the minotaur then comes up behind Fiona. 

We don't see what happens, but the next thing we see is Fiona entering Cordelia's room and waking her up to go check on Queenie.  Cordelia tells Fiona that Queenie isn't breathing and Fiona breathes life back into Queenie and then confronts Delphine about the minotaur.  Over at the beauty salon, Marie receives a package that contains the minotaur's head in it.   At Kyle's house, Kyle is banging his head on the bathroom sink and Zoe comes in to stop him, she tells him she is going to make him some food and sees rat poison.  We don't see her put it in, but we see her head to the bathroom and Kyle is gone.  The front door is open and we find out it's Halloween, as there are kids on the street in costumes, including a guy in full skeleton makeup, reminds me of Tate!

Back at the beauty salon we learn that Marie and the former supreme signed a peace treaty to not cross over into each others territory.  At the academy, Cordelia is talking to Hank and we find out that he is out of town on work and that he is also cheating on her with a girl named Kaylee.   Queenie finally wakes up and Delphine thanks her for saving her life, Nan then walks in and tells Cordelia that 'they' are here.  They are The Council of Witchcraft, which consists of Myrtle, Quentin, and Pembroke who were summoned here by Nan, because she thinks Madison is dead.  The C.O.W starts an investigation into the disappearance of Madison and starts interviewing everyone.  Over with Hank and Kaylee they are talking and I am beginning to think he isn't good.  My suspicions are confirmed as he shoots Kaylee in the head.

C.O.W interviews Fiona and we find out that this is the second time there's been a disappearance at the school and we go to a flashback.  At the academy in 1971, which is when the first disappearance took place, the first was Anna Leigh, the former supreme that Fiona killed.  At the school Fiona is made the new supreme which Myrtle, who happens to be Fiona's enemy, doesn't approve of.  Myrtle then casts a spell so that Spalding can't tell a lie and that night his tongue is cut out.  We then learn that he cut his own tongue out so that when C.O.W questioned him about Anna-Leigh the next day he would not be able to tell them the truth, because he loves Fiona.  In present day Cordelia tells C.O.W that Madison wasn't the supreme, so who is?

Spalding is even creepier than I thought, and has Madison's dead body in his room and dresses her in a wedding gown.  Fiona and Cordelia are at a bar and Cordelia asks why Fiona doesn't like Hank, and Fiona tells her that he reeks of bullshit, let this be the only time you listen to your mother!  Cordelia goes to the bathroom and someone dressed in all black come out of a stall and throws some type of liquid on her face.  At the academy, Delphine is handing out candy to the trick or treaters when Luke brings cookies over for Nan, aww!  Luke enters the house and someone knocks on the door, Delphine answers and it's her 3 dead daughters and a bunch of other dead people.

The End.
Holy cliffhangers!  This week was insane!  Kyle's lost, Fiona killed the wrong person, Spalding's creepier than I thought, Cordelia may have been blinded, and Luke's trapped in the house which is surrounded by zombies!  Next week looks amazing too, it looks like someone is going to get lit on fire!  Also can we talk about the fact that my love, Leslie Jordan aka Quentin, is on the show?  I love him!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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