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Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

"Legend's never die"
Welcome to Day 6 of 31 in my 31 Days of Horror...Reviews!

Whose ready for part 2?  No?  Too bad!  Let's start!

We start on an airplane, where killings are happening but it's not real it's a movie being shot by film students, no one seems to really like the director, Toby.  Then we head to a lecture, and meeting some new teachers at the film school, they are told to hand in they're thesis soon.  Amy, our main character, doesn't know what her thesis is going to be and heads to the library, in the snow, and gets stopped by campus security.  Guess who campus security is?  It's Reese! Reese drives her to the library, Amy tells her that she can't figure out what to do for her thesis, and Reese tells her about the story from the first movie. 

"Now shut the fuck up"
Amy decides to do her thesis on an urban legend serial killer, the next day she gets her thesis approved.  We are then transported to a bar where we meet, Lisa.  Lisa ends up getting drugged, and the next morning she wakes up in a strange place with her kidney missing, the kidney heist.  She tries to escape but ends up getting decapitated by the killer, who is wearing a black rain coat, no fur.   Amy meets up with Sandra, an actress friend, and they talk about Amy's thesis, which will be transformed into a film, Sandra asks for a part.  Amy heads to the editing studios, and see's Travis, another friend, working on his film.  We see two fur hoodies, like the first film, heading towards Amy, but it's just Stan and Dirk, two goofy friends of hers.

Travis comes out of the studio, and Amy asks him if he will look over her thesis, and they agree to meet up on Tuesday.  Next day Amy, Stan, Dirk, Sandra, Vanessa, does boom box, Graham, self centered, and Kevin, a p.a. are looking over Amy's thesis, when Toby comes in and yells at her for stealing his thesis and dropping out as her camera man.  Amy then heads to Travis's so they can go over her thesis, but Travis is nursing a bottle of whiskey, because his thesis got a C-, she asks him if he knows a camera man she can use.  He refers her to Simon, the camera man who shot his film, and then she leaves. 

Filming for her thesis starts the next night, Simon arrives and starts flirting with Vanessa, but it turns out she's a lesbian.  After filming, Sandra heads to her car, but realizes she left her keys on set and heads back into the studio, we see Raincoat setting up a camera, and going after Sandra, killing her.  The crew is watching copies of the film, when the film stops and the film Raincoat filmed starts, none of them know who did it, but they liked it, they head up to the booth, and can't find the reel.  They then find out that Travis committed suicide the night before, and Sandra's absence goes unnoticed, Graham does try to flirt with Amy though.   Graham then tells Amy that he know about her past, and that she is the daughter of a big Hollywood documentary film maker.

"How'd you find me?"

Amy then runs into Travis, or well it's not Travis, you know cause he's dead, it's his twin brother Trevor, who tells Amy that Travis was murdered.  That night they do some more filming, afterwards, Simon is leaving and he ends up getting murdered by Raincoat.  While that was happening Amy was filming a screaming scene, and can hear Simons screams through her headphones, she goes to Reece for help and looks through the surveillance tapes.  Amy sees Simon get killed on the tapes, and when she goes to leave she sees Raincoat, who breaks into the studio and chases her.  In the process of running away she loses the tape, and runs into Reese, but since she lost the tape Reese doesn't believe her.

"Trust me"

Amy calls Trevor because she now believes him, and they meet up, Trevor tells her they can't tell the police, and he hints at a criminal background.  They then plan to bait Raincoat the next day at set, because they figure he will come after Amy again.  The next day they start filming on another urban legend, the tunnel of terror, Stan and Dirk show up and start construction on the set, while they do that Trevor shows up.  Amy tells everyone to go get something to eat and to be back in an hour, then heads into the tunnel for inspection, we then see that Raincoat is there, and he kills Stan and Dirk.  When Raincoat kills Dirk he trips the electricity and the ride is stopped, leaving Amy in the middle of the set, she then stumbles upon the dead bodies and Raincoat. 

The chase is on again, through the set, Amy manages to get outside, and Reese shows up, the police show up, and they just blame it on them being stupid.  Amy and Trevor fight a bit, and apparently Trevor went after Graham instead of staying with her.  I don't trust Trevor.  Later that night Amy wakes up after a bad dream, which consisted of Trevor stabbing her, she looks out her window and sees the light go on at the tower.  She walks in expecting to see Trevor, but it's Vanessa.  Wait, is this going down the Brenda way?  Vanessa says she got Amy's note, but Amy didn't write a note, a mannequin falls from the sky, and they run up the tower, Reese is alerted somehow of something going on at the tower.

"Who the fuck is down there?"

They reach the top of the tower and hide in a closet, but Raincoat finds them, and kills Vanessa, leaving Amy in the closet.  In the closet is Simon and Sandra's bodies, so in process of elimination, we have Toby, Trevor, and Graham as the killer.  Amy runs out of the tower, and runs into Trevor, we see Reese arrive at the tower, Amy and Trevor leave and head to the library.  Trevor tells Amy that he figured out another connection, that being that all of them, except Amy, worked on Travis's film.  They figure out that Travis's film wasn't the real film, they then hunt down Toby at gun point and tie him up.  For some reason Professor Solomon shows up, but Amy invited him to tell them that Toby stole Travis's film, we also see that Graham is there, but has not been seen yet. 

Toby says he didn't steal it and gets shot, by Solomon, who we find out is the killer, and takes them all by gun point.  Reese arrives, she trusts Solomon at first, but she fools him, and they're is a bit of a gun fight before Amy gets the gun, Solomon lunges at Amy and she shoots him.  We then cut to the Hitchcock award, which is what all these thesis's we're going up for, and it is given, posthumously, to Travis, Trevor goes to accept it, and we see Kevin up in the rafters with a sniper gun, and Reese sees and shoots him.

"I think we have a lot in common"

We then find out that this last part is a film shoot for Amy's new movie Urban Legends, yeah.  The credits roll, but it's on a TV, we then see that Solomon is still alive and he is watching it, in some type of mental home.  He gets wheeled out by a nurse and the nurse is none other than Brenda, who whispers in his ear that she thinks they have a lot in common, before looking straight into the camera and smiling.

The End.
Not the best movie ever, but it still had a great ending, plus I loved the fact that they used Brenda at the end.  This one also had a killer cast, with Loretta Devine and Rebecca Gayheart reprising their roles from the first, Anthony Anderson, Jennifer Morrison, Joey Lawrence, Yani Gellman, and Eva Mendes.  I know I told you all that I would be watching all 3 movies, but the 3rd one is really bad, so there will not be a review on it!  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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