Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Supernatural "The Purge" (9x13 Spoilers!)

We open at a hot dog eating contest, the winner heads to his car that night and gets killed by having all the fat sucked out of him.  At the bunker, they hear about the death and head out to the town of the death.  They check in with the police and head to the loser of the hot dog eating contest house to check him as a suspect.  At his house they see magic trinkets, and we learn his wife is a Romanichal Gypsy, Sam goes to look around and find a gypsy hex bag, known as a pouncey bag.  Back at the motel, his wife pays them a visit and they learn she was having an affair with the guy that died.  Later that night, a women gets killed at a gym, when Sam and Dean go to investigate they find a strange marking on her.  They split up, Dean staying at the gym, where he talks to a women who has the same marking, and Sam going to the morgue, and finds the mark on the guy as well.  When they both meet up at the motel, and find that there is a link to Canyon Valley, a wellness retreat, which they head to. 

They meet with the owners, Larry and Maritsa, and both manage to get jobs at the place, but Sam gets a trainer position while Dean gets the lunch lady position.  Over with Maritsa, she is performing a cupping technique, which leaves the mark, on the officer Dean and Sam talked to, but its not what it seems as this thing comes out of her mouth and makes the actual mark.  In the kitchen, Dean is put on pudding duty, it gets the better of him and he eats some and passes out, but manages to make a call to Sam first.  Sam has just finished his yoga class, where he notices that everyone has the mark, when he gets the call and goes to find Dean. After Sam finds Dean, he goes and finds the chef who made the pudding and asks what in it, which turns out to be supplements.  However when Sam shows Dean, Dean tells him that they aren't supplement but roofies.  They go to talk with the officer about her being here, while Larry tells Maritsa that he looked in the Impala and knows they are hunters.

Larry tell her they need to clean up this mess, Maritsa ends up cornered by Dean and tied up.  She tells him that she is a Peruvian Fat Sucker and that the one killing people is her brother, and kitchen cook, Alonso.  While that's happening Larry confronts Alonso about the killing, which pisses Alonso off so he kills Larry.  Sam and Dean talk to Maritsa and she tells them that Alonso spends most of his time in the basement, which they head to, they find him, a fight ensues, and Dean kills Alonso.  After everything is over, Dean wants to kill Maritsa, but Sam talks him out of it and they send her back to Peru.  Back at the bunker, Dean and Sam talk about what Sam said last week, and Dean tells him that he would do everything he did again.  The episode ends with Sam telling him that if the roles were reversed he wouldn't have done what Dean did.

The End.

Good episode.  A bit of a filler this week, and more serious talking between Sam and Dean.   The show returns on the 25th and looks good, it looks like the bunker is haunted, Crowley is sick, and Snooki is going to be on?  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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