Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Walking Dead "Us" (4x15 Spoilers!)

We open with Glenn's group finding Maggie's messge and heading for Sanctuary/Terminus.  Over with Daryl and his new group, he is hunting for a rabbit but a member of his group comes and 'claims' it.  The head of this group, Joe, tells Daryl about how you have to say 'claim' to claim what you are after or else it's not yours.  Since Joe doesn't know whose rabbit it is, he splits it in half, and gives one to each.  With Glenn's group, Tara hurts her ankle, but continues on, they reach a tunnel where one of Maggie's message is and Abraham tells them this is the end of the road.  Due to the walkers they hear inside Abraham can't risk Eugene's safety and they leave to double back to the road. 

Tara and Glenn enter the tunnel and come across a bunch of walkers under rubble and more walkers past the rubble, luckily none of them are Maggie, Bob, or Sasha.  Glenn and Tara kill the walkers in the rubble and try to distract the other walkers, but Tara falls in the rubble and becomes trapped.  Abraham and crew find a car and take off, Abraham falls asleep while Eugene leads Rosita in the right direction.  However, Eugene leads them to where Tara and Glenn would be exiting the tunnel, they obviously aren't there, but Eugene does see someone.  Over with Daryl's group, the guy he was fighting with accuses him of stealing his rabbit half, but Daryl says he didn't.  Joe comes to break them up and asks if he stole the rabbit, turns out the guy was lying, and Joe has them beat him to death.  Back in the tunnel, the walkers start to notice them and Tara tells Glenn to leave her, but he wont. 

Glenn starts shooting at the walkers and eventually runs out of ammo, luckily the brigade rolls in and takes the walkers out.  With the walkers taken care of the crew exits the car, and we find out what Eugene saw, which was Maggie, Bob, and Sasha.  Glenn and Maggie have a reunion while the rest set up camp in the tunnel.  The next morning, Daryl's group and the, now, big group head for Sanctuary, with the big group arriving first.  We now know the order in which the groups are: the big group, Rick's group, Daryl's group, and Carol and Tyreese somewhere in between.  The episode then ends with the big group reaching Terminus and meeting a women named Mary.

The End.
Good episode!  Nice to see Glenn and Maggie back together and to see what order everyone is in.  Next week is the season finale and it looks great!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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