Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Supernatural "Mother's Little Helper" (9x17 Spoilers!)

We open with a man watching TV, when his wife gets home he pisses her off and she kills him.  At the bunker, Sam tells Dean about the case, but Dean tells him to go on his own so he can do some research to find Abbaddon.  When Sam gets to the town to talk to the wife, he finds her hanged in her jail cell.  He calls Dean to tell him that there has been no sign of Demons, no Sulfur or EMF signs and may be heading back to the bunker soon.  Back in the town, a guy had a fight with his mom and is walking the streets when a car pulls over.  The guy knows the person and gets in the car, but he kills the driver and a blue light illuminates the van.  Sam is at a diner when the guy, Billy, comes in and tries to kill the waitress, luckily Sam steps in.  At the jail, Sam talks to the sheriff and finds there are more people that were straight laced and are now turning vicious.  Sam calls Dean for help and thinks the people may be soulless because they are showing signs he did when he was soulless. 

A women, Julia, comes into the jail talking about how the demons are back, but no one believes her.  Sam pulls her aside to talk and she asks if he is a man of letters.  Turns out the men of letter came to town back in 1958, a flashback then shows that it was Henry Winchester and Josie, aka Abbaddon's meat suit.  At the bar, where Dean is procrastinating, Crowley appears and wants to know why he isn't looking for Abbaddon.  Going back to the flashback, Julia, who is a nun, is told to show Henry and Josie to the victim's room, where they find a pre-enochian script, which turns out to be the knights of hell.  That night Julia hears someone walking around, she goes to investigate and sees Mother Superior dragging a body, but gets knocked out by a minion.  She is taken to the basement and sees the blue light, luckily Josie and Henry show up and take out 2 of the possessed.  Mother Superior comes out of a room, but they can't exorcise her and she throws Henry into a wall where he's knocked unconscious. 

She then reveals that she needs an in with the men of letters, Josie then sacrifices herself for John and we learn that Mother Superior is Abbaddon.  We now know how Abbaddon got into Josie in the first place!  At the bar, Crowley goes to the bathroom and Dean sees a man pull a knife out heading to the bathroom, and goes to stop him, which he does.  Crowley comes out to talk to Dean, after their talk and when Dean leaves, it is revealed the guy with the knife was a test to see if Dean would protect Crowley.  Back with Sam, he arrives at the nunnery where everything happened and finds jars that contain peoples soul.  He gets attacked by Agnes, one of the nuns who has been working for Abbaddon since 1958. She reveals that Abaddon is turning the souls into demons, Sam then kills Agnes and lets all of the souls go free.  The episode ends with Sam returning to the bunker and helping Dean find Abbaddon.

The End.

Good episode!  Loved finding out more about Abbaddon.  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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