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Pixar Week Day 1: Brave (2012)

If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?

Hey guys, welcome to Day 1 of Pixar Week!  Today I am reviewing Brave, which I hadn't seen before today.  The only thing I knew about this movie is what my niece tells me, and she's 4, so I really only know her name, Merida, and that she uses a bow and arrow.

We open in a forest with a little red-head girl, Merida, and her parents, Queen Elinor and King Fergus.  Elinor and Merida are playing hide and seek, and we find out it's Merida's birthday.  Fergus returns from hunting and puts his bow on the table, which Elinor scold him for, and Merida picks it up and wants to shoot an arrow.  Fergus's bow is too big for her so Fergus got her, her own bow, and she tries her hand at shooting.  She misses and the second one flies out into the forest, Elinor tells her to go get it then scolds Fergus for getting her a bow, because she's a 'lady.'  Merida goes off to get her arrow and see a blue floating light, which is a will-'o-the-wisp, Elinor calls for her cause they're leaving. 

Elinor tells her that Wisp's are said to lead you to your fate, Fergus doesn't believe, and they start to leave, when Merida sees a bear.  Merida and Elinor escape on a horse, while the bear, Mor'du, who is a demon bear attacks and takes Fergus's left leg.  Years later, about 10, Merida is still a tomboy, Elinor and Fergus have triplets, Hamish, Hubert, and Harris. Merida narrates this, and says her brother can get away with murder, but she, as princess, can't.  However there is one day a year she can get away from being a princess, on her birthday. 

Merida takes off from the kingdom with her bow and arrow and her horse, Angus, taking out targets that are up all over the forest and climbing a huge rock near a waterfall.  When Merida gets home it's dinner time and Fergus is telling the story of how Mor'du took his leg, Merida places her bow on the table and Elinor scolds Merida just like she did Fergus all those years ago.  Maudie, the castle maid, brings Elinor a letter, and tells the boys they are excused, because they have to tell Merida something. 

Turns out the letters are from the 3 other clans they are in alliance with, The Macintosh's, The MacGuffin's, and The Dingwall's.  The letters state that the 3 clans agree to give they're oldest for Merida's hand in marriage, an arranged marriage.  Merida hates the idea and says she wont do it and storms off.  Elinor goes after her, and tells her the story of an ancient kingdom that was ruled by a beloved king, and when he got old he divided the kingdom between his 4 sons.  The oldest son wanted to rule the land for himself, and the kingdom fell to ruin, Merida dispels it and Elinor leaves.

Elinor is stressed about it and Fergus tells her to pretend he is Merida and tell him what she would say to Merida, while Merida talks to Angus, pretending it's her mother.  They go back in forth until they both end with 'if you would just listen,' of course they are not talking to each other so it pretty much goes unheard.   The next morning the 3 clans arrive with they're eldest sons, Young MacGuffin, Young Macintosh, and Wee Dingwall, for the Highland Games where they will compete for Merida's hand.  Elinor gets Merida ready, and almost tells her what she told Fergus last night, but chickens

When the clans all get together they start fighting, eventually Fergus and the triplets joins in, finally Elinor breaks it up by pulling them all by their ears back to the podium.  Elinor says the first born of each clan will fight for the hand of the princess of Dunbroch, which is Merida, who realizes that she is the first born of they're clan.  Merida is allowed to choose the sport they play for her hand, and she chooses Archery, and the games begin.  Young MG goes first and barely makes it on the target, next is Young M and he almost makes the red, Wee goes and he get the red, it seem that Wee would get her hand. 

Merida not wanting to get married, declares that she will fight for her own hand, and gets bullseye on all 3 targets, and splits Wee's arrow in half.  Merida and Elinor then have a huge fight which results in Merida ripping Elinor's tapestry and Elinor throwing Merida's bow in a fire.  Merida runs off and Elinor realizes what she's done, and try to rescue the bow from the fire.  Merida leaves the kingdom on Angus, and heads to the forest where she finds a wisp that leads her to a house. 

The lady in the house make bear carvings out of wood, then finds out the lady is a witch and asks for something to change her mom, so that her fate would be changed.  The Witch agrees, and tells Merida about the last person she helped, a prince who wanted the strength of ten men, and she showed her the symbol of the prince, which is 2 axes.  Witch whips the potion up, and it comes out in the form of a cake, she give it to Merida, and she leaves.

Back at the castle, Merida prepares the cake for her mom, when Elinor comes in, she takes a bit of the cake, and pretends that it's good, obviously from her face as she eats it, you can tell it isn't.  Merida and Elinor head back to the main room, when Elinor starts feeling sick, and Merida takes her to bed.  Elinor rolls off the bed, Merida check on her, and Elinor has turned into a bear, Elinor checks her reflection and starts freaking out.  You'd be freaking out to if you suddenly turned into a bear, wouldn't you?

Merida accidently lets it slip that she gave Elinor a potion that she got from a witch, then gets a stern talking to from a bear.  The chase begins, as Fergus starts sniffing the air cause he smells bear, there is a run about the castle with the clans chasing after the bear, they eventually get the help of the triplets and manage to escape the castle.  Unfortunately as they leave the kingdom to go to the forest, we see the triplets eat the cake, baby bears soon! 

Merida and Elinor head into the forest and go looking for the witch cottage they eventually find it, but the witch is gone 'til spring.  The witch did leave a message for Merida that, if she couldn't mend the bond by the second sun rise, Elinor would stay a bear forever.  Merida accidently blows the cottage up, and they take shelter under some wood as it rains.  The next morning, Elinor tries to prepare breakfast, but ends up getting poisonous berries, Merida then shows her how to fish.  Teaching Elinor to fish is not good, as it jumpstarts the predator bear inside and makes her snap at Merida, luckily she snaps out of it before she hurts Merida.

The wisp finally appears and they follow it to the village of the 2 axes, the one that the witch helped the prince with.  Merida falls through a hole, and she's in a throne room, she realizes that the story of the ancient kingdom her mom always told her about is real.  Merida also discovers that the oldest prince who turned the kingdom into ruin, is also Mor'du, who then appears. Elinor fights him off, and they head back to the castle, Merida also realizes that the bond she needs to mend is the tapestry that she ripped. 

They now need to find a way to get Elinor back in the house with all the clans fighting in the main hall that they have to go through.  Merida walks in and stops them and tells them the ancient story, and that legends are lessons, and that one day they're story will be legend.  She tells them how they all saved each others life, and they came together to form they're alliance, and friendship that made Fergus they're king.  Merida is about to tell them who she chooses, when Elinor intervenes via hand gestures, that tradition is to be broken, and that they can decide who they want to marry.

Now that everything is settled, the clans head to the cellar, and Merida and Elinor head upstairs to mend the tapestry.  Elinor's primal extinct kicks in, unfortunately it's the same time Fergus comes back upstairs and see Elinor as a bear.  Fergus starts fighting with the bear, Merida tries to intervene, but ends up getting scratched, snapping Elinor out of it.  Fergus locks Merida in the room to keep her safe, then he and the clans run after the bear.  Merida finally gets help from the triplets, who are now bears, and they get the key from Maudie and get Merida out, just as she finishes the tapestry.

Merida and the boys get on Angus and head to where the lynch mob is, Merida gets them to stop, however Mor'du comes out and attacks.  Elinor and Mor'du fight, and she kills Mor'du, as this is happening the second sun is rising, and Merida grabs the mended tapestry and throws it over her mom.  Nothing happens, and Merida starts apologizing and says that Elinor was always there for her and that she loves her, and she changes back into herself.  Fergus finally realizes it really is Elinor, and the boys change back as well.

We see time pass and that Elinor has changed for the better and is letting her hair down, literally.  The clans leave, and we see that the triplets have left on one of the clans ship, and Fergus has to row out after them.  It ends with Merida and Elinor both on horseback riding, back together, bonding.

The End.
I really liked this movie, I can see why my niece loves her.  My niece has always been a tomboy, and she love going mudding, but she also loves Barbie's, and dressing up, and this movies does great proving that you can do both, but you don't have to be perfect   I think it's really awesome that Disney has finally made a movie that show that it's ok to be a tomboy.  That you don't have to be all dolled up and wearing dresses, you can just be yourself, and if wearing dresses is your thing that's great, but it's not everyone's thing!  Tell me what you think down below in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13) and feel free to join in on Pixar Week!
Hope you all have a great day!

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