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Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999)

We open, in black and white, with towns people chasing Frankenstein's monster, Frankie, through town, at his castle he meets up with Dr. Frankenstein, who tells him that they are going to leave town to start all over.  At a theme park in present day we see a fake Frankenstein's monster fall, ruining the haunted house for this mom and her son, the mom gets pissed and leaves.  The boss of the park, Ted, comes in and gives the fake his old job back of being Sammy Squirrel, we then see the mom and her son go to Alvin & the Chipmunk's Spookfest.  The Chipmunks perform "Things Out There," which is one of my favorite songs by them, and at the ends Alvin jumps off the stage scaring the son whose with his mom.  Have I mentioned that the mom is not the nicest person in the world? 

"Dragon Land"

After the performance The Chipmunks have an hour off, Theodore wants to check out the food, Theodore wants to go learn about SFX, and Alvin want to go on a Dragon Ride.  Of course they do what Alvin wants, because he's always been the boss, and they head to the Dragon Ride.  In the park, Ted welcomes Dr. Frankenstein to the park and takes him to the castle to get settled, Frankie is then delivered.  The Chipmunks hop on a star tour bus and end up performing which pisses off the driver, because he was trying to perform, but sucked at it, and they stole his spotlight.  Alvin then highjacks the bus to get to the Dragon Ride quicker, in the process destroying a lot of things, they finally get kicked off and have to walk the rest of the way.  Ted calls Dave, because they end up not showing back up for their next show, Ted cancels the show, while Dave heads for the park to find them. 

Ted goes by the castle to check on Dr. Frankenstein and ends up getting creeped out by the things he has laying around and leaves.  The park closes and we see that The Chipmunks are still walking around, they end up calling Dave, but there's no answer because he just arrived at the park, the see a light still on at the castle and head for it.  Dave climbs over the wall and starts looking for them, heading to the dressing room, over at the castle they see Dr. Frankenstein awaken Frankie and run from the castle screaming.  Frankie is right behind them running after them, they end up at the Dragon Ride, Alvin reaches for the phone to call Dave, but it's not a phone it's an intercom and Frankie hears it.  Frankie heads to the Dragon ride, while all that is going on Dave sees the light on at the castle and heads there, Dr. Frankenstein makes him some tea, but he doesn't drink any of it and leaves.

"Teddy will be scared"

Back at the Dragon Ride, the all get on the ride, even Frankie, The Chipmunks end up derailing the roller coaster and landing on the roof of a moving bus.  Theodore ends up dropping his teddy bear in the middle of all that, and we see that Frankie has picked the bear up.  At home Dave has called the cops and are setting up a missing persons report, luckily The Chipmunks arrive home, Dave then lectures them about it.  The head upstairs to go to sleep and they sing "If A Monster Came In Our Room" while they are getting ready for bed, they eventually fall asleep and outside their window we see Frankie.  Frankie sneaks into their room, Theodore sees him, but Dave calls out and Frankie falls out through the window, Theodore looks out the window and sees his teddy bear.  Theodore climbs out the window and gets his bear, he then realizes that Frankie was bringing him his teddy back and that he's good not bad.

It starts raining so Theodore brings him in for the night, the next morning Alvin and Simon freak when they see Frankie in Theodore's bed, but Theodore tells them he's good.  Dave calls up to them to tell them he is going to try to get them the performance at the premiere that night and leaves.  The Chipmunks head downstairs to cook breakfast when Ms. Miller, their babysitter, arrives, they tell her she's not needed and kicks her out.  While the boys are making breakfast Frankie starts looking around the house and breaks a few things, breakfast doesn't go too well and they head to the park.  The boys teach Frankie how to make friends and share while singing "If You Wanna Have Friends" at the park, by the end of the day Frankie has made new friends and learned how to share.

"Go To Sleep"

The boys head home and make Dave lasagna, his favorite, so they can ease into explaining Frankie, the lasagna accidently gets thrown out of the window and Alvin goes to clean it up.  Outside Dr. Frankenstein kidnaps Alvin and takes him back to the castle to do experiments on.  Dave returns and tells them they got the gig, however they realize that Dr. Frankenstein has kidnapped Alvin and head to the castle, telling Dave they will meet him at the premiere.  They arrive at the castle to see Dr. Frankenstein pouring something down Alvin's throat and shocking him, they manage to break them out, they escape with Dr. Frankenstein's book.  Simon finds out that Alvin should be changing into some creature in a few minutes, he then turns into some crazed creature, who looks awfully familiar, but I can't place it.

Theodore and Simon arrive at the premiere and Alvin's already there, causing havoc, Simon reads in the book and finds a antidote to cure Alvin, Theodore manages to find all the ingredients on the buffet table.   Alvin continues to cause havoc while Dr. Frankenstein tries to get into the premiere finally settling on using the Sammy Squirrel costume as his way in.  Simon and Theodore manage to make the antidote, but they find out Alvin needs to be upside down for it to work, some how he winds up upside down and they feed it to him.  They end up saving the premiere screw up and still performing for the premiere, as they set up Dr. Frankenstein electrifies the mic, but Frankie ends up throwing Dr. Frankenstein into the mic instead. 

"I hate this song"

The people at the performance finally realize that Frankie is a monster and they think he is hurting Theodore when all he's doing is hugging him, and they start coming after him.  Theodore then tells the people not to touch him and that they can't judge a book by it's cover, the crowd then simmers down.  We then see that Dr. Frankenstein can't get out of the Sammy Squirrel costume and becomes the new Sammy at the theme park.  The Chipmunks are still performing at the park, and finish their after noon performance and decide to go see Frankie, who is now the tour bus driver at the park.  We then see that Frankie has learned how to speak, but in a chipmunk voice.

The End.
I loved the chipmunk movies growing up, especially the Halloween specials, this one and the Wolfman one.  I missed the girls though, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor, I always wanted them to have their own special, but I don't think they ever did.  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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