Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tales From The Crypt "Cutting Cards" (1990)

Hello boils and ghouls!

We see a cowboy enter a casino, and he runs into a girl, lets just call her Hooker.  We find out that his name is Reno Crevice, and that he's been in Vegas for the past year.  Reno heads to the back, the no limits table, to meet up with Sam Forney.  Sam and Reno exchange words and settle in for a roll of dice and they tie.  Reno decides he wants to up the ante and play Russian Roulette.
 "I'll be the one that spins the chamber"

They head to Sam's car and get his gun, Sam goes first and nothing.  Reno goes and nothing, Sam goes and nothing, he tries to talk up Sam to get him to forfeit, but to no luck.  Sam goes and nothing, a car appears and acts like Sam and Reno are the valets, and Sam pulls the gun on them, and they leave.  Obviously this is the last go, and Reno goes and nothing, a dud, which means another tie.  Next is Chop Poker!
"Careful!  Only one!"
Sam loses the first round, and gets his pinky cut off.  Sam loses the second round and gets his ring finger cut off, Reno tells him that he thinks he'll keeps Sam's fingers as a souvenir.  Reno loses the third round and loses his index finger.  We are now at what appears to be a hospital, and we see Reno and Sam playing checker.
"I've always been a lucky kind of guy"
They're not playing Checkers the normal way though.  It seems that they're game of Chop Poker went bad, as they both have lost they're arms and legs.  However they're competitive spirit lives as the story ends, with Sam asking Reno to pass the gun.
The End
Crypt Keeper sends us on our way in a rather disturbing outro, of  cooking some fingers on a stove.
Definitely a favorite of mine, love the ending, and Keeper served up some of his best puns.
Hope you all have a great night!

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