Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tales From The Crypt "For Cryin' Out Loud " (1990)

Hello Kiddies!

We see a priest and 2 guards leading someone to the electric chair.  A man runs out from behind them towards the chair and straps himself in, weird.  He keeps asking for them to do it and get it over with, and talking to someone.  They electrocute him.

Flashback to 2 years earlier, and the guy, Marty Slash, is at a doctors office for a noise in his ear. The doctor prescribes him some medicine to put in his ears and use a Q-tip to help.  Marty leaves and heads to a club.   It seems as if Marty is a club booker, and has Iggy Pop performing at his show that night.  They are raising money to save the Amazon, but he seems to be embezzling the money.  Up in his office, we meet his conscious, who is the noise in his head. 

This lady, Ms. Kilbasser, comes up to his office and starts talking him up, and after awhile reveals that she is his bank teller.  Kilbasser tells him that she know he withdrew all the money from the save the amazon, and wants half or she'll tell the police.  He agrees to give her half, and she counts it out.  While all this is going on, there is inner dialogue going on between Marty and his conscious. 

"Do you know who I got this from?"

As Kilbasser counts out the money, we see Marty closing the curtains and picking up a guitar.  Marty smashes the guitar over Kilbasser's head, and then he stuffs her body in a drum holder.  A policeman arrives with one of Marty assistants, Marty's assistant take the drum holder and leaves.  We find out the police man is here because of noise complaints, Marty turns the volume down, and the police guy leaves.  Marty tries to get rid of the voice by using the medicine from the doctor and sticking tons of q-tips in his ears, and almost trying a pencil to shut the voice up.

Marty attempts to leave, but the voice tells him that he other people can hear him and Marty starts to believe him, because people keep looking at him weird.  Marty turns the volume back up, and heads to a speaker on stage trying to drown out the voice.  The policeman returns about the volume and turns the volume off, and he thinks the crowd heard the voice say that he killed the banker, but the crowd didn't.  Marty, thinking the crowd heard, confesses that he killed his banker and stole the amazon money.  It's here we find out why the people in the crowd we're looking at him, he has a Q-tip in his ear and it's bleeding.

"They didn't hear me"

Now 2 years later in his cell, having his last meal, and this is where we put together that it was the voice talking to him that he was talking to.

The End
Pretty good episode, the cast was awesome.  Lee Arenberg (Once Upon A Time and Pirates Of The Caribbean) and Katey Sagal (Married...With Children and Sons of Anarchy) were amazing, and it was cool to see some of they're earlier stuff!
Hope you all have a great night!

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