Monday, July 1, 2013

Tales From The Crypt "Collection Completed" (1989)

Welcome to tonight's terror tale!

Keeper introduces us to his pet, Peeves, get it?  Gotta love the Crypt Keeper!
We start out panning through a house, where there seems to be a lot of cat nick nacks.  It also happens to be raining, when we meet the crazy cat lady, Anita.  Anita seems to be planning some sort of party, and talking to guest, who have yet to be seen on camera.  There's a knocking at the door, and its a cat, name Miu Miu, and she brings it in the house.  Now there's another knock, and its her husband, Jonas, who the party is for. It's Jonas's retirement surprise party, and he got a hammer as his retirement prize for being with the company for 47 years.  Jonas is not a happy camper, and he also hates Anita's pets.  Jonas heads to bed, and tells Anita to get rid of Miu Miu, which she disputes because he's her new friend.  Anita goes into the kitchen where the guest are, and all the guests are animals.  Forget crazy cat lady, she appears to be an animal hoarder.
"Are you running some kinda resort for every flea-bitten parasite that trips across my doorstep?"
The next morning, Jonas forgets he's retired and snaps at Anita for turning the alarm off, and can't get back to sleep.  Jonas ventures into the bathroom where Anita is, and its a cute scene that ends in Jonas snapping at Anita, which seems to be the usual for Jonas, because he has to go potty.  In the kitchen Anita is cooking a steak, and feeding the animals.  Jonas walks in and sees the steak, Anita puts the plate with the steak on the ground for the dog, and a bowl with cereal in front of Jonas.  This causes Jonas to snap again, he snaps every 5 minutes. 
Jonas is now in the basement, when neighbor, Roy, come down, and gives him a model plane to build.  Jonas tells Roy, that he is going to take care of the yard instead.  Roy and Jonas head to the yard and Jonas starts on a tree, while telling Roy about Anita animal behavior.  Roy tells Jonas that Anita has been like that for a long time, that he's seen her in the front yard with a squirrel on her head.
Back in the kitchen, Anita made Jonas a sandwich, a tuna sandwich, which we find out is actually cat food, yum!  A dog comes through the doggie door, and his name is Jonas, I will refer to him as J2. Lets say Jonas is not pleased about this.  Later that night Jonas starts to get a headache and asks for aspirin, Anita brings him back a brownie, which has the aspirin in it, kinda like you would an animal.
Next day Roy is back over with another model airplane, and says that Jonas and Anita talk.  In the kitchen we see Anita apologizing to someone off camera, who ends up being a cat not Jonas.  In the yard Jonas it killing another tree, when Anita brings out something to drink, which Miu Miu knocks over.  Jonas then chases Miu Miu around with sheers and ends up falling in the mud.  Jonas heads up to the bathroom, to get clean, but Anita was cleaning the fish tank, and the fish are in the shower.
The next morning, Jonas tells Anita that he found a new hobby.  A few weeks later Anita is talking to Roy and tells Roy how happy Jonas has been the past few weeks, and asks Roy if he's seen J2.  In the basement we see Jonas working on a project, we don't see what it is though, Anita calls down if he's seen J2, and he tells her that he heard him outside.  Anita goes outside and sees J2, and she reaches for him, and his eyes start flashing, and he's stuffed.
"He's the prize of my collection, part of my new hobby, Taxidermy"
  Jonas comes out and tells Anita about his new hobby, Taxidermy.  Anita tells him that he's not gonna touch Miu Miu, and goes off to find him.  Anita ends up in the basement when she can't find him, and finds all her other animals stuffed.  Jonas is already down there and he has Miu Miu,  Anita takes the retirement hammer, and hits Jonas over the head with it.
The next day, Anita and Jonas are watching Lassie, when Roy comes over to check it see how Jonas is doing.  Anita tells Roy he's doing better, and moves to the side so Roy can see him. 
"He's really slowed down, and leaned how to enjoy life, he's much happier!"
There we see Jonas sitting in his chair, stuffed.
The End
I love this episode, when I first saw this one, I freaked out.  I just wasn't expecting any of the things this episode did, and surprise after surprise, had me hooked!
Hope you all have a great night!

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