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Tales From The Crypt "What's Cookin" (1992)

Hello Kiddies!

Just from the credits I can tell this is gonna be a good one.  First we see Christopher Reeve, actor of the Superman movies, and an activist for people with spinal cord injuries, after becoming a quadriplegic in 1995.  Then singer and actor Meatloaf, and Judd Nelson, star of several hit movies, The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire.  Do you see this cast?  I already love it and we've only seen the credits!

We open to a women, Erma, chopping up some squid, with a narrator talking about the different kinds of Squid they can make, like Squid-on-a-stick.  The wife gets annoyed and takes her clever and prepares to strike her husband, Fred, over the head when he interrupts her and says that she would only damage the knife if she did it.  We find out the restraint they own, 'Fred & Erma's' only sells squid.  They're busboy, Gaston, speaks up that he has a recipe for barbecue, but Fred shoots the idea down.  A police officer, Phil, who seems to be a regular comes in for a coffee, and makes the remarks that he can't stomach another 'Squid McMuffin' and leaves.

Later that night Erma leaves and takes some squid over to Gaston, who's right across the street, and he flirts with her.  Gaston offers to walk her home, but she says she can take care of herself, and shows him her gun, and leaves.  Back inside the restaurant we see Fred cutting up food, when the door opens and the land lord, Chumley, comes in and asks for the rent money, which they don't have.  Fred asks for an extension, but Chumley says no and says that he'll see them tomorrow with an eviction notice.  Fred get angry and pulls his knife on Chumley, but only cuts up his hand, they argue outside, with Chumley proclaiming he's going to call the cops.  Of course the whole time they're outside Gaston is watching on across the street.

Fred arrives home and tells Erma that Chumley came for rent money, and pitches her an idea to take the last bit of money on they're credit card and buy pork.  Erma isn't pleased with the idea and says no, Fred apologies and all is well.  Next morning Fred and Erma arrive at work, Gaston's already there cleaning the place, Phil comes in for a squid mcmuffin, Fred tells them theres no food, but Erma says she thinks they have some eggs, and finds some steak.  Erma starts grilling up the steak, while Phil tells Fred that Chumley didn't make it home last night, but there was blood all over his car.  More customers come in and want Steak and Eggs.

"It's a dog eat dog world, we're all just different flavors of Alpo"

Fred pulls Gaston to the back to ask if he knew where Chumley was.  Customers  continue to pile in, Erma calls to Gaston to bring more steak in, Gaston asks Fred to help him.  In the freezer we see where the steak is coming from, and Fred freaks out.  Yes TFTC has pulled one of my favorite things shows do with Meatloaf, which is making Meatloaf into food, in this case steak.  At the end of the night the made a killing, no pun intended, on the steaks.  Fred heads to the back to work on the steaks, and him and Gaston have a chat, Gaston wants 50% of the restaurant via blackmail.

In the morning theres a new sign 'Gaton, Fred, & Erma's', and the place is booming, a line out the door.  Fred is working the grill today, and we see him contemplate eating a piece of the steak, and he does, and he loves it!  Phil comes in, and tells them theres an update on Chumley, that they had found a metal, which is from his knife, in Chumley's blood.

 Later that night, Gaston takes Erma's gun out of her purse, when she's not looking.  Fred and Erma have a little fight and she heads home, Fred is having a meltdown after what Phil told him, and tells Gaston to head home.  Gaston leaves but he follows Erma to her house, and he starts telling Erma that Fred is the one killing and cooking up the steak, and tells her that he took her gun, and is going to kill himself.  He tells her to call Phil, and Gaston heads back to the restaurant.

Back at the restaurant, Gaston calls out to Fred, and Fred tells him to come to the back.  Fred tries to hit him over the head with a frying pan, and they struggle over the gun for a few minutes.  Erma arrives, and Gaston starts stringing along a lie to tell the police.  Gaston goes to pull the trigger, and nothing, Erma tells him the Fred know she doesn't have any rounds in and called ahead to warn him.

"I've developed this taste"

Phil walks in, and Gaston tells him, but Phil says he's acquired a taste for the steak, and suggests a name change to 'Farrley's Flameboiled'.  Fred and Erma cook up Gaston.

The End.
This is a great episode!  Huge fan of Reeve, Judd, and Meatloaf's, and it was awesome to see them all together.  Plus I always love when they turn Meatloaf into a food, however Rocky Horror is still my favorite in that category.
Hope you all have a great night!

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