Friday, July 5, 2013

The Twilight Zone: Movie "Opening Scene" (1983)

As a kid, the opening scene was horribly traumatizing, I was so scared of it.  I saw the opening only once, and after that I never watched the opener again, that's how scared I was.  Here I am about 12 years later, and I am going to watch it, I honestly don't remember what the scary part was, but my heart is pounding, and I am scared anyways. And when I mean scared, I mean TFTC "All Though The House" scared!

Ok here we go!
We open on a road, with The Midnight Special playing in the background.  Eventually we see a car traveling down the road, in the car are two guys singing along to Midnight Special.  These two don't have names so I'm just gonna use they're real names, we have the driver Albert Brooks, and passenger, Dan Aykroyd. 
"Did you ever watch Twilight Zone as a kid?"
After awhile the cassette breaks and Brooks shows Dan a game he likes to play, which is just him turning off the headlight and seeing how far they get before the passenger freaks out.  Dan freaks out, and Brooks ask if he likes trivia, and they start playing Name That Song: TV theme song version.  They go through a few rounds before Dan asks if Brooks ever watched The Twilight Zone as a kid.
"Do you wanna see something really scary?"
Brooks hums the theme song in reply, and they start talking about it, starting with Time Enough At Last.  Dan brings up A Kind Of Stopwatch, but Brooks thinks its from Outer Limits, which it isn't.  Brooks starts talking about After Hours, then Dan asks if Brooks wants to 'See something really scary?'  Brooks says yes, and Dan asks him to pull the car over if he wants to see.
Brooks pulls over, and Dan hunches to the side, facing away from Brooks, Brooks asks what he's doing.  Dan turns back around as some type of creature and attacks Brooks, and we fade out to opening credits.
 The End.
I just want to say that this was much scarier when I was a kid, I was expecting something really scary and it wasn't.  It's still a really good opener, and honestly Dan asking Brooks if he wants to see something scary is scarier that the fact that he's some sort of demon creature.  I also like that Dan returns at the end and asks the question to Lithgow's character.
Hope you all have a great night!

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