Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Twilight Zone "I Sing The Body Electric" (1962)

Next stop the Twilight Zone!

We see 3 kids, Anne, Tom, and Karen, coming down a flight of stairs, where we see they're father and Aunt Nedra talking about them.  Nedra is talking about how messed up the children are, especially Anne, since they're mother died.  Nedra leaves, and the father decides to get them a babysitter, Tom brings out a magazine, Modern Science, about The Body Electric.  TBE is a robot built to love and care for, the dad considers it and they head out to Facsimile Ltd., the company that makes TBE.

When they arrive, a man walks them around showing them all the different parts they can pick to make, what they're calling they're grandmother.  Anne gets pissed because Tom and Karen want to make her look like they're mom, but Anne doesn't want her to.

"I could win any game with aggies like that!"

 Grandma arrives a few days later, and Anne is not happy to see her, but Tom and Karen are.  The father apologizes to Grandma for Anne's behavior, but she brushes it off and says that Anne will come around.  Anne runs off and Grandma goes after her, Anne says that Grandma will just leave just like Mom did, and that she hates her, Mom and Grandma.  Grandma finally gets out that her Mom didn't leave her she died, Anne doesn't want to hear it and runs into traffic. 

"Last one home is an Old Maid!"

Grandma pulls Anne out of the way before the car hits her, and instead gets hit by the car.  Anne is upset, thinking another person left her, but we see Grandma get up and go over to Anne  Anne's relieved to see Grandma, finally realizes that Grandma didn't leave and she wont leave her.  They all head home, and we see a look through the years with the kids and Grandma. 

"I'm not good with goodbyes"

We see Grandma coming down the stairs with her bags leaving, as the children are heading to college, and don't need her anymore.  Grandma says she is not good with goodbye's and ask the kids to go upstairs, and she leaves.

The End
This is one of my favorite episodes!  Look for a lot more TZ reviews, as there is a TZ marathon on  SyFy for 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July and I hope you all have a great night!

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