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DreamWorks Animation Week Day 1: How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

One adventure will change two worlds

Welcome to Day 1 of DreamWorks Animation Week!  Today we are watching How To Train Your Dragon!  In what is becoming tradition, all of the movies this week are one's I have never seen before, including todays.  Let's began!

We begin on a Viking island named Berk, where we meet Hiccup, who is also narrating for us.  He tells us about Stoick, the Viking leader and who also happens to be his father, Astrid, a pretty and tough girl, Ruffnut & Tuffnut, a female and male who are fraternal twins, Snoutlout, the conceited but cowardly jock, and Fishlegs, the book nerd.  Then there's Hiccups boss, Gobber, who makes all the weapons at his shop, where Hiccup works as his assistant.  Also while he is narrating, the village is being pillaged by dragons, Hiccup tries to help but fails badly.  However he does manage to take down a Night Fury, which is a rare dragon that no ones ever seen, with a cannonball rope contraption, but no one sees him do it.

Stoick yells at Hiccup, and Gobber escorts him home, however Hiccup leaves out the back door to search for his dragon. All the Vikings gather for a meeting to find the dragon nest where all the dragon are coming from, and prepare to head out to sea.  Stoick and Gobber discuss Hiccup, and decide to put him in dragon-fighting classes, which are taught by Stoick.  Back with Hiccup, he finds the Night Fury, who is tied up in the ropes from Hiccups contraption.  Hiccup takes out his knife to kill the Night Fury with, but he realizes that he can't do it, and he let's the Night Fury go.

Back at home, Hiccup tries to tell his dad that he can't fight dragons, but his dad tells him about the dragon-fighting classes, and we reach a moot point.  Stoick leaves with his people to find the dragons nest, and Hiccup arrives at dragon-fighting training.  In Gobber class, with Hiccup, is Astrid, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Snoutlout, and Fishlegs.  Gobber teaches them the first lesson, which is to always have a shield, as he releases a dragon, Astrid is the only one who manages to keep away from it.

"Toothless?  I could have sworn you had...teeth!"

After class Hiccup goes to the woods where the Night Fury was, a few yards ahead is the Night Fury who is in a tiny glade, and appears to not be able to get out.  Turns out his tail was hurt and is missing a half of it, because of this he can't fly away.  Back in Berk, Hiccup arrives for dinner, and get the dragon manual to study, we learn more about dragons, all reading that they are extremely dangerous and should be killed on sight.  Next day at class, they fight off another dragon, Hiccup asks Gobber about Night Fury's, and Astrid wins again.  Hiccup goes back to the glade with a fish, and the Night Fury comes to him, only after Hiccup throws the knife he has away from him.

The Night Fury, who he names Toothless, because of his retractable teeth, finally takes the fish, then proceeds to spit it back up on Hiccup.  Turns out Toothless wants Hiccup to eat it to gain trust in him, Hiccup does.  In what is the cutest thing ever, Hiccup smiles at Toothless, who  tries to smile back at him, this may be the cutest moment in all of cinema.  Hiccup tries to pet Toothless, but Toothless doesn't like that and moves away.  Toothless then sees Hiccup drawing with a stick in the dirt and tries to copy him, which is also really cute because Toothless uses a tree to do it.

Then in a really sweet moment, Hiccup puts his hand out to touch Toothless, and Toothless bows his head down to Hiccups hand.  That night Hiccup starts work on a prosthetic tail so Toothless can fly, but it doesn't quite work as well as he hoped.  We also find out that Toothless doesn't like Eel, which we find out in class the next day goes for all dragons, not just Night Fury's.  We're taken through a montage of Hiccup trying out different prosthetic, which all really don't work.  Also during this montage we discover more thing about dragons, like grass is like a catnip, scratching them under they're chin puts them to sleep (much like cats), and pointing a laser pen will distract them (like a cat or a dog).

"Not so fire-proof on the inside, are you?"

Stoick and crew arrive back, not having found the nest, to discover that Hiccup is the town celebrity due to how well he takes down dragons.  Hiccup who is with Toothless, finally makes a prosthetic that works and they take off into the sky.  Unfortunately, Hiccup's cheat sheet, on how the prosthetic works, blows away and he falls off, luckily adrenaline takes over on Hiccup's part and everything's all right.  After they land, a couple of little tiny dragons comes and pester Toothless, but it end well with one of the little dragons snuggling with Hiccup and Toothless.  Back at Gobber's, Stoick comes in looking for Hiccup, and tells him how proud of him he is, and gives him a helmet made from his mom's breast plate.  Yes, you actually read that right!

"You scared him!"
At class the next day, Hiccup manages to win, and we find out the prize for being number one in class is that he gets to kill a dragon.  Hiccup obviously can't do that, and heads to Toothless to leave Berk, but Astrid follows him and sees Toothless.  Astrid tries to run back to Berk, but Toothless picks her up and they go for a ride on Toothless.  Toothless isn't to keen on Astrid and starts doing nose dives and spinning, until she apologizes, and he goes back to normal.  Something strange starts happening, and Toothless joins in with a flock of dragons in the sky that are heading somewhere.  Turns out they are heading to the dragon nest that Stoick had been after, and we meet the queen bee dragon, Red Death, who looks like a T-Rex.  Astrid and Hiccup debate on if they want to tell the others about the nest, but decide not to for Toothless' sake.

"Thank you for nothing you useless reptile"

At class the next day, it's time for Hiccup to kill a dragon, The Nightmare, who occasionally sets himself on fire.  Hiccup tries to show everyone the dragons true nature, but Stoick tries to stop the match, and angers Nightmare and he lunges at Hiccup.  Hiccup screams and Toothless comes running to save him, the Vikings end up capturing Toothless and using him as a sort of compass to get to the nest.  As Stoick and his crew head to the nest, Astrid gets Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Fishlegs, and Snoutlout to help Hiccup get Toothless back.  Hiccup teaches them, well, just what the name says, he teaches them to control they're dragon, and they head off to the nest.

Stoick and crew arrive at the nest, and all the dragons evacuate, Stoick thinks he's won, but Red Death finally makes his appearance to the Vikings.   Hiccups crew arrives, and they all start taking down Red Death,  Hiccup breaks off from the group to get Toothless out of his confines.   The ship Toothless is on, catches fire and starts sinking, Hiccup and Toothless sink into the water, Stoick rescues both of them.  Red Death releases it's wings and him and Toothless, with Hiccup riding him, head into the sky to fight.  Hiccup and Toothless manage to destroy him, but as Red Death explodes in fire, Hiccup falls off Toothless into the pit of fire.

"I'm so sorry"

We see Toothless laying in the wake of smoke, and Stoick approaches Toothless, we all presume that Hiccup dies, but Toothless lifts his wings, and there's Hiccup, alive!  Not gonna lie I cried at this part, because I thought Hiccup had died.  Back in Berk at Hiccups house, Hiccup awakens and Toothless is in his room, Hiccup freaks out as Toothless acts like a dog happy to see his owner has returned home.  Hiccup gets out of bed and we see that Hiccup lost his left leg, and now has a prosthetic, just like Toothless, again I cried. 

Hiccup struggles to the door, when he opens it there are dragons everywhere, turns out the Vikings and dragons are living in peace in Berk.  Hiccup leaves the house and him and his friends ride off into the sky, to end the movie!

The End.

I love this movie!  I love all things Mythological/Paranormal, so a dragon movie is right up my alley!  There is a sequel coming out in 2014, and I am really excited about that, it's suppose to take place 5 years after the first one.  Tell me what you thought of the movie below in the comments,  on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13) or on Facebook (  Please feel free to join in, and tomorrow we will be watching The Road to El Dorado, an oldie, but a goodie!

Hope you all have a great day!

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