Friday, June 28, 2013

Tales From The Darkside "Mary, Mary" (1987)

I am a huge fan of Suspense/Plot Twist/Horror anything, so I happen to be a fan of this show, and others like it, like Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, Tales From The Crypt, etc.  Today Chiller TV is doing a marathon of Tales From The Darkside, and I figured why not do some reviews?

We start this episode with a lady walking into her apartment and talking out loud to someone in the house, who we have yet to see.  The lady, Mary Jones, continues to talk about her day and that she received something in the mail and we find out she is a photographer, now we still haven't seen who she's talking too.  Mary tells the person she's talking to that she got them a present, a bone, so we now know she's talking to a dog. 

Nope!  Mary bends down to pick her dog up, and its a stuffed animal, not like an actual stuffed dog, but a toy.  At this point, I'm already loving this, the crazier the better, ya know? So she walks into the kitchen and start talking to a stuffed monkey doll, and proceeds to dance around the house with it.  While dancing she passes by a room, where we see someone sleeping.  Mary finally gets around to opening the package she got in the mail, and its a tape, from a dating service.

Now let me stop here for a second and talk about how in the old days you had to send a tape via snail mail to the person you wanted to meet.  Now a days its so much easier, one click and you connect to millions of people compared to one person, like how awesome it that?  Do you guys ever stop and think about how much things have changed, and how simple things are now.  Anyway back to the show!  So the video is for Monique, who we find out is the one in bed, Mary goes to wake Monique up.

"We of the popular club have a lot of work to do."

And, it's a mannequin!  Yes, this episode just keeps getting better and better.  Mary starts dressing and getting Monique ready to film a tape to send back to the dating service.  After Mary films Monique, she gets a phone call from the neighbor across the street, David.  David, saw her through the window, aka Monique, and wants to go out with her, Mary hangs up. 

The next day, David sends a paper airplane through the window, and lands in Monique's lap, as Mary was filming more stuff with Monique.  The paper airplane has tickets to a baseball game for that night, David calls to make sure she got them, and that he would be by to pick her up later that night.  However Mary lets the message go to her answering machine.

Mary thinks about going, and we hear Monique say, that "David doesn't want you, he wants me!"  Yes the mannequin talks, and yes Mary is crazy.  We see Mary go to her closet and start trying on clothes and changing her makeup, to film a video for David, however she ends up having a breakdown and crying. 

"David likes red-heads"

David arrives to pick Mary up, and the door is un-locked.  David walks in, and starts talking about how much he likes Mary, and how he likes that she uses a mannequin to set up her pictures. Of course this is where we find out that David does actually like Mary, not Monique.  David continues walking around, trying to find Mary, he hears a 'pssh' from behind a Chinese Folding Screen, he goes behind it and sees Mary sitting.  David reaches for Mary's shoulder, and boom, Mary's a mannequin! David back away, and runs into Monique, who is still a mannequin, and then he runs for the hills!
The End

I loved it!  I wasn't sure where it was going towards the ends, but I think that's why I enjoyed it so much.  As I said I love a good plot twist and most TFTD have a twist ending, just like the other shows I mentioned above!
Hope you all have a great night!
(P.S. Who is excited for The Twilight Zone marathon on July 4th?!?  I am!!)

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