Friday, August 30, 2013

DreamWorks Animation Week Day 6: The Croods (2013)

Meet the first modern family.

Welcome to Day 6 of DreamWorks Animation Week!  Today we are watching The Croods!  This movie came out this year and I have been dying to see it, the trailer looked really cute, so I am excited!  Let's start!

We open with a story of a family of cavemen, which is narrated by the oldest daughter in the family, Eep, who is a teenager.  That right there should tell you how the stories going to go.  Eep then introduces us to the rest of the family, Grug, her overprotective dad, Ugga, her mom, Sandy, her little sister who acts like an animal, Thunk, her dim-witted younger brother, and Gran, Ugga's mom and resident Monster-in-Law.  The family goes on a hunt for breakfast, and after a long battle with animals, they finally return home with one egg.  The egg gets passed around between the 6 of them, unfortunately all Grug gets is a drop, they head back in to they're cave as the sun sets.

"Breakfast position!"

Eep stays out 'til the sun sets, because she doesn't like the dark cave, Grug finally gets her in, and she heads to her ledge, her room, and ignores him.  That night she sneaks out, because she sees a light, it's actually fire, and shes meets this guy, named Guy, and his pet sloth, Belt.  Guy tells her that the end is coming, and that when it does the ground will start shaking and break apart, and then he gives her a horn to call him on and leaves.  Grug finds Eep and they head back to the cave when the ground starts shaking and breaking apart, right before they make it to the cave, it collapses.  They're cave is destroyed, but beyond they're cave is a whole new brightly colored world, which Eep wants to explore, but Grug doesn't. 

"Eep get down!"

They end up having no choice as a owl/tiger hybrid comes to attack, and they run into the new world, and end up encountering a saber tooth mutant tiger.  The sun goes down, making the tiger run away, and a school of man eating flamingo mutants come out and are heading for them, but Eep makes a horn to blow on signaling Guy, who comes and saves them.  He saved them by fire, so they are all investigating the fire, and end up setting a few acres on fire, and end up making fireworks out of corn.  They capture Guy as a prisoner, in a log, to help them find a new cave and start heading to a mountain, on the way Gran almost tries to eat Belt, which is hilarious.  After a while of walking the get hungry and try to get an egg, but fail and get a scorpion, Guy tells Eep he has a way to get food and they set up a trap, which works.

"His names Belt"

Eventually the pick a spot to settle in for the night, but in the morning the place has cracked more, and Guy almost dies.  Eep helps Guy get out of the log, but he runs away, but he doesn't stay for long, as he is falling in love with Eep, so he returns, as long as the log is gone.  Guy makes them shoes and then we go through a montage of other things that he has created and Grug gets mad, because everyone is siding with Guy instead of him. 

"He will cut you"

They go through an obstacle like course, which sees Thunk find a gator/skunk like mutant who acts like a dog, named Doug, but he ends up falling over a cliff.  They all agree to go with Guy, so Grug then goes after Guy and they end up in a tar pit, Guy says no one ever gets out of them, like his family who died in one.  Why did no one tell me this movie had a sad side?  They eventually get out using one of Guy's scheme's, and get back with the family, and Grug agrees to go with Guy.

"Where are my feet?"

They head towards to sun, to get them to tomorrow, but the earth crumbles more til there's a big hole between them and tomorrow.  Ugga starts herding everyone to a cave, but Grug stops them  and tells them they are going to follow the light, and that he is going to be throwing them over the gap.  Guy volunteers him self then blows the horn meaning he made it, we then realize that if Grug is the one throwing them than that means he's not coming with.  And here are the tears.  Sandy finally says her first words, which of course are 'dada' and Grug and Eep make up, and he throws them all over, and when he sees that they are ok he heads to the cave.

"I did it!"

At the cave he starts drawing all of them, including Guy, he manages to make a fire, the saber tooth mutant appears, and blows out his fire.  All the sudden a noise sounds, and the saber tooth helps him re light it, and snuggles up to Grug.  The horn blows for him, and Grug comes up with an idea to find them, he puts tar on a big bone carcass, and has the man eating flamingo mutants fly to the tar and get stuck lifting him and Saber off the ground.  Along the way to get over the gap, Grug manages to pick up Doug, another dog like mutant, and attached rat mutants, then the gap explodes. 

"Hug...cause it rhymes with Grug"
Back on the other side, Eep is still blowing her horn, and the rest of the family joins in, just as they are about to give up, the makeshift plane appears, and Grug reaches the other side.  They all hug and reunite, and see that a few feet away overlooks a gorgeous new world, full of adventures waiting for them.

The End.
I don't think I have ever cried as much to any other movie before, I honestly wasn't expecting this to be a movie I was going to cry over, but I did.  That being said this is a very funny movie, and I really enjoyed it.  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13) or on Facebook (  Today is also the last day of DreamWorks Animation Week, but stick around for an outro to the week and what is coming up on the blog tomorrow!
Hope you all have a great day!

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