Thursday, August 29, 2013

DreamWorks Animation Week Day 5: Shrek Forever After (2010)

It ain't ogre, 'til it's ogre

Welcome to Day 5 of DreamWorks Animation Week!  Today we are watching Shrek Forever After!  This is the last in the Shrek franchise, at least for now.  I have yet to see it, and I loves the Shrek movies, so I'm excited!  Let's start!

We start with the storybook opening and telling the story of Fiona in her tower as an ogre.  This tale takes a different turn, and tells us of what happened before Shrek came along.  Lily and Harold, Fiona's parents and King and Queen of Far Far Away, head to talk to a guy about getting Fiona's curse broken, and of course the guy is Rumpelstiltskin.   Rumpel wants to be king of Far Far Away, and strikes up a deal that he will break the curse if they hand over the kingdom.  Right before Harold signs, one of the guards come in and tells him that Shrek saved her, and Harold rips up the contract.  The storybook pages get ripped out, and we see that Rumpel was the one narrating the story, and he is in Pinocchio's book store, which Pinocchio kicks him out of. 

"Better in, than out"

Back in present time at Shrek and Fiona's house, the two are raising they're 3 children, Fergus, Frackle, and Felicia.  It shows them living out a normal day, taking care of the kids, Donkey and his kids, and Puss in Boots coming over, then it shows the same thing happening over and over again.   Finally it's the kids birthday and everything is going wrong and pissing Shrek off, the 3 Pigs eat the cake, this guy and his kid keep pestering Shrek to do the roar, and they're a ogre named sprinkles.  Shrek finally looses his cool and does the ogre roar, then gets into a fight with Fiona, leave and then runs into Rumpel.  He ends up striking a deal with Rumpel to be a normal ogre for a day in trade for one day of his past life, he signs and everything disappears.

He awakens on a road as a normal ogre, then spends most of the day causing havoc among the villagers, before getting captured by witches, and taken to the Rumpel run Far Far Away.  The witches carriage is being pulled by Donkey, who obviously doesn't know who he is, and all of Far Far Away is in ruins.  They arrive at Rumpel's palace, and we learn more about Shrek's contract, turns out the day Rumpel took is the day Shrek was born, and when the day's over so is Shrek's life.  Shrek manages to escape with Donkey in tow, Donkey freaks out at first but slowly starts to accept Shrek.  Donkey then tells him about an exit clause that he picked up from the witches, which is that true loves kiss will fix everything. 

"Only one day"

Shrek heads to the tower, where he first found Fiona, and she is not there, Donkey heads off and finds a stack of waffles in the woods.  Cause that's not a red flag at all.  It's a trap, which leads to a nest of ogres headed by Fiona, they are know as The Resistance and are planning an attack on Rumpel that night.  Shrek tries to woo Fiona with a gift basket, but fails, however in the process he meets Puss in Boots, who has put on a bit of weight. 

Shrek tries to woo her again, while practicing for the battle, sparks fly, but Fiona leaves, Boot's tells him that he saw the sparks, and will help him.  On the way to the battle, Shrek reveals that he knows about the curse, and that kissing him will not only break the curse, but help him get back to his real life.  Fiona kisses him, but it doesn't work, she doesn't believe in him, because he didn't save her from the tower, she saved herself.

"Am I getting soft?"

While that's going on Rumpel hires the Pied Piper as a bounty hunter for Shrek, he leads the battle and catches all the ogres, except Fiona and Shrek because they we're fighting.  Piper tells Rumpel he didn't get them, and Rumpel puts out another bounty this time for a trade for a wish.  Shrek learns from Gingy, the gingerbread man, about the bounty and turns himself in for the wish.  Shrek's wish is for all of the ogre's to be released, and they are, but Fiona got caught and is now jailed with Shrek.  Donkey, Boot's, and the ogre's rescue them and capture Rumpel, unfortunately Shrek's time is running out as it is morning.

"I got to fall in love with you again"

Shrek tells her the best thing about meeting her again is that he fell in love with her all over again, they kiss and Shrek disappears.  The sun fully rises and we see that Fiona is still an ogre, meaning true loves kiss worked, and everyone starts disappearing, and we appear back at the ogre roar.  Shrek hugs Fiona and the birthday party continues in peace, the traditional "I'm a Believer" plays, and everyone lives happily ever after.

The End.
I love the Shrek movies, and I really enjoyed this one!  I am sad to see that the Shrek movies are over, I grew up on them, so it's bittersweet.  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13) or on Facebook (  Feel free to join in and we will be watching The Croods tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great day!

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