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Tales From The Crypt "You, Murderer" (1995)

   Scary is as scary does!

          "Life is like a box of SHOCKlates, you never know what your going to GET!"

This is a very interesting episode of Tales From The Crypt, not so much the storyline, but how it's shot and who is shown in it.  The episode is shot in first person, seeing what the main character sees from his point of view.  The main character, who we hardly ever see, except glimpses in mirrors, elevator, and in a flask reflection, is named Lou.  Lou is played by Humphrey Bogart, you're probably questioning me right now due to the fact Bogart died in 1957 and this episode came out in 1995.

Obviously it wasn't the real Bogart, as he died a few decades before the episode came out, they used archived footage of him.  Adding to that, Alfred Hitchcock, who died in 1980, was also shown in the opening message with the Crypt Keeper.  Also in the opener Crypt Keeper parodies Forest Gump, which leads to more fun facts, that the director of this episode, Robert Zemeckis, also directed Forest Gump.  Fun facts are over....for now, on to the episode!

"Here's lookin at you, kid"

The episode starts with a voiceover of Lou, we pan out to see his face in the side mirror talking about death, and we find out that he is dead.  We then go to a board room, full of people and a women, Erica, it seems the meeting is to discuss a slogan.  The slogan is "Here's lookin at you kid"...sound familiar?  It should, that quote is famous from the movie, Casablanca, which Bogart was in, plus he's the one who said the quote.  Lou then gets a call from an Oscar, but it's not Oscar it's his wife, Betty, who we find out should be dead, but obviously isn't.

Turns out Lou, had sent someone to kill her, we also find out that Lou, had been in prison and broke out.  We then meet Oscar who was his plastic surgeon, who changed his appearance to look like Bogart, after he broke out of prison.  Apparently someone sent Betty pictures of Lou before surgery and she was going to turn him in, and Oscar suggests they kill her.  Back at Lou's house we see Lou pull out a gun and enter the house, someone is laying on the floor and appears to be dead, and it's Oscar.

"What if he just disappeared?"

However Oscar isn't dead, and is actually on Betty's side, they had been setting him up for the past year.  Betty takes Lou's gun, and they tell him that they had set this all up and that it was going to look like a suicide, by poison.  Lou manages to outsmart Oscar for a second, but it's not enough and Betty ends up bludgeoning him to death  Even though he is dead we continue to see through his perspective and he continues to narrate through the rest of the episode. 

"Is Lou here?"

Someone knocks at the door and it's Erica, they stuff Lou into the closet and tell Erica that he isn't there, we find out that Lou had been having an affair with Erica.  Erica leaves and they drag Lou out to the car, we then fade to black, as it's what Lou sees. 

"You'll find out soon enough!"

They arrive at a property that Lou owned, and they start digging a grave for him.  Erica then arrives with a gun, but she's stupid and looks away from Oscar and Betty, and ends up getting shot dead, by Betty.  When Betty shoots her  the bullet goes through Erica, through the window and into Lou, and it ends up severing Lou's spine, and he falls on the parking break.  The car then starts rolling and ends up running over Oscar and Betty and they die.

The End.
I actually really like this episode, not just for the fun facts it has to it, but it has a pretty fun storyline.  Speaking of fun facts, Isabella Rossellini who plays Betty, is the daughter of Ingrid Bergman, who was in Casablanca, which starred Humphrey Bogart.  Ingrid also some what parodied her mother as Betty, which is the first and only time she has done this.  In other fun facts, this was one of the first shows to feature computer effects to digitally insert an actor into a show.  Tell me what you guys thought of this episode down below in the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@ohmyskittles13)
Hope you all have a great night!

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