Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Everyone is dying to be with her. Someone is killing for it.
Welcome to Day 2 of 31 in my 31 Days of Horror...Reviews!

"Strip right here"

We start in a high school where we meet out title character, Mandy Lane, and her best friend, Emmet.  The pair leaves school, and runs into a jeep full of people, Dylan, the driver, says that she got hot over the summer and invites her to party with them.  Mandy will only go if Emmet goes, so they get into the jeep and head to Dylan's house, where the party is taking place.  Dylan wants to get in Mandy's pants, but Emmet keeps stopping him, and they end up fighting in the pool.  Later on the roof, Emmet and Dylan try to make peace over a bottle of liquor, Emmet sees Mandy watching them, and tells Dylan he should jump off the roof into the pool to get her attention, he does, and dies.

"Want some?"

9 months later Mandy wont talk to Emmet, and is hanging out with the popular crowd.  We find out here that Mandy is pure and everyone wants to get in her pants, which takes us through a montage of people saying "first dibs".  That weekend Mandy agrees to go to a ranch with her friends, Chloe, who constantly makes fun of Marlin, Marlin, who wants to get in Jakes pants, Jake, Bird, and Red, whose parents own the ranch they're going to. 

They take 2 cars, on the way there they steal a keg at a rest stop while Marlin and Chloe snort something and Marlin gives Jake a hand job in the backseat of the car Mandy is driving.  When they arrive at the ranch gates, Mandy decides she is going to walk the last mile there, Bird agrees to walk with her and tells her they all want her, and he slowly charms a kiss and hand holding out of her. 

"I'm not like the other guys"

By the time he gets the kiss, Garth, the ranch care taker arrives to give them a ride to the house, which is a huge colonial house.  They head to the lake to swim, and almost get eaten by a water snake, but Garth saves them.  Back inside the house, they are now smoking, drinking, and playing truth or dare, the end up on the question of who has the smallest dick, Marlin and Chloe point at Jake who leaves the house pissed.  Marlin goes after Jake and ends up sucking him off, but he wont go down on her and leaves her in the dark to be killed.  In the house the lights go out, but it's just Jake and the lights come back on, when Jake can't score with Mandy he takes off in the car with the bottle of jack and heads out to find Marlin 

"Nobody say shit about his cock"

When Jake does he finds her dead, then gets killed, and we find out that Emmet is the one killing them.  Now Chloe, Mandy, Bird, and Red are doing Whippet's with a whipped cream canister, on top of already being high, drinking, and whatever they snorted.  Chloe sees someone in the window, but they don't believe her because she's tripping balls.  Honestly how are they all not dead, not from the killer, but from OD'ing on all the crap they've taken?  Chloe and Mandy head up to the bathroom, and they take some type of pill to calm themselves, I'm thinking Adderall. 

They head outside, and they think Jake is returning, but firecrackers start getting thrown at them, and the car drives away with Bird running after it.  The car eventually stops, Bird sees that it's Emmet, and Emmet then kills Bird.  Back at the house, Garth is now with them, it's morning and Mandy is sleeping in the kitchen, while Red and Chloe are sleeping on the couch, Garth hears something and heads up stairs.  Down in the kitchen Emmet enters the house and heads to the kitchen where he pets Mandy's head with his bloody hand. 

"I think we need to get out of here"

Turns out the noise Garth heard was the radio, and he rushes back downstairs and Garth is no longer there, but there's blood in Mandy's hair.  Mandy and Garth wake Chloe and Red up and head to the door to leave, but Garth gets shot when he open's it.  Chloe and Red make a run for it, when the reach the ranch gates they see Marlin and Jake's dead bodies, and for someone reason pick that time to kiss, and Red gets shot.  Emmet heads after Chloe in the car, back at the house, Garth tells Mandy to go grab the jeep keys from his cabin. 

"What took you so long?"

Mandy grabs the keys and a bloody knife she finds in the cabin, outside she sees Chloe running and just stands there watching.  At this point I think we all knew what was going to happen next, right?  Chloe runs to hug Mandy and Mandy stabs her with the knife killing her, Emmet gets out of the car, and Mandy asks what took so long?  Yes, Mandy and Emmet were working together to kill them all, they then talk over the plans for what's happening next.  They wrote a book on what happened, for copycat purposes, and planned to take pills to kill themselves, but Emmet suggests Mandy takes the pills then she can shoot him. 

"You saved us"

He puts the pills in her hand, and she kisses him, before standing up and dropping the pills and screaming for help, Garth then appears.  This sneaky bitch.  Garth shoots Emmet, but doesn't kill him, they then fight and Emmet gets the upper hand, Mandy ends up killing Emmet and going back to save Garth.  Mandy gathers up Garth and they leave the ranch in the jeep.

The End.
I actually really liked this movie, I wasn't sure at first, but I loved the twist ending!  It had it's moment's when the acting was really bad and we never really found out why Mandy and Emmet were killing in the first place, but I liked the end.  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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