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John Carpenter's Body Bags (1993)

Zip yourself in tight!

Welcome to Day 1 of 31 in my 31 Days of Horror...Reviews!

I briefly remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, but I only remember maybe half of what happens in the first tale!  Let's begin!

We start in a morgue with a creepy coroner, who introduces us to our 1st tale of the night!

The Gas Station
A girl, Anne, gets dropped off at work, which, is a gas station in the middle of no where.  On the car radio they are reporting a killing in Haddonfield, and that a serial killer is on the loose.  Love me a good movie connection.  She meets one of the other workers, Bill, who is leaving for the night, and she is the only one working.  Bill gives her his number, in case anything goes wrong, the keys, and tells her that the door, of the cubicle, locks automatically and leaves.  We get the first customer, a drunk looking to get some of Anne, then the next customer, a guy, ends up forgetting his credit card at the station. 

Anne runs out to give it to him, letting the cubicle door close behind her, and ends up missing him as he drives away.  She then realizes that the door locked behind her, and she doesn't have the keys to get back in, someone approaches her from behind.  It's a homeless man looking to use the bathroom, she ends up going into the car shop that's joined to the cubicle, to find the spare keys.  While she's in the garage, she knocks a picture over, but doesn't look at it, however we get a good look at it and it's of the employee of the month, Bill. 
The only problem is that it's not the same Bill we met at the beginning, so the Bill we met isn't the real one.  She returns to the cubicle and gets the man the bathroom key, and the next customer arrives, a women and a man who are heading home from a night on the town.  Anne asks the guy to check on the guy in the bathroom, the women who is pumping the gas can't get it to work, and Anne heads out to help her.  The guy returns and tells her that the homeless man is sleeping on the toilet, and they leave the station.  Anne heads to the bathroom to get the key, and there's a drawing on the stall door of a killing, very graphic.

 She freaks out, and leaves with the key, on her way back to the cubicle she sees one of the cars in the garage lifting up and then being put back down.  In the cubicle she grabs a monkey wrench and heads into the garage, when she reaches the truck and looks in, we see the homeless guy dead, with his throat slit.  Anne heads back to the cubicle to call Bill for help, and sees him in the garage by the phone, which is the number she has.  Bill comes after here by breaking the cubicle glass, while she looks for a weapon in the lockers, and she ends up finding the real Bill's dead body.
Bill finally gets in, Anne grabs a stool and smacks him in the face with it, and knocks him out.  She heads out side and we see him follow, but then collapse, she continues on with her back to him, and he gets back up.  She heads into the garage and gets in the truck, but he pulls the lever and the car starts lifting, the guy who left his credit card returns and starts fighting Bill, until card guy gets knocked out.  Bill starts heading towards Anne, but slips on blood and falls under the car, and Anne pulls the lever and it lower, slicing Bill in two.
The End.
 The coroner takes us through the morgue, and he shows us two decapitated heads kissing.  He then takes us into our next story.
We open with a man, Richard combing his hair into a comb over, because he is balding, then setting up for a dinner. Richard's girlfriend, Megan, arrives for dinner, and she can tell that he change his hair, they argue about the hair, and Megan tells him she will make an appointment for him with her hairdresser.  The next day at the hair dresser, the hairdresser, Dennis, tells him the only thing he can do for him is style it, which really does nothing.  When Richard leaves, he see 3 people with long beautiful hair, which makes him feel like crap.  The third guy he sees, the one with the dog, looks really familiar, but I can't place him.

Anyways, he returns home with a bag full out products to try, even using music to make his hair grow, yeah.  Megan arrives, and we see that he painted his head, she tries to calm him and kisses his head resulting in the paint coming off on her lips.  In the bathroom, Megan touches herself up, Richard comes in and they argue about all the products, then the go on a break and she leaves.  Richard is watching TV and sees a commercial for a hair growth laboratory, and proceeds to go there the next morning. 
He picks a hair style and the procedure is done that day, and that the by the next day his hair will have grown out to what he wants.  That seems a little suspicious to me.  The next morning he takes that wrapping from surgery off, and he has a had full of hair, at least 10 inches of long brown hair.  He calls Megan over and they get back together, the next morning Richards wakes with a sore throat, and sees that his hair has grown at least another 6 inches. 
Richard heads to Dennis, and gets a cut, on the ground we see the hair, and some of it starts moving like a worm.  He heads home, and starts feeling sicker, and calls Megan to cancel their date, in the bathroom he sees a piece of hair in his throat.  Richard falls asleep, he wakes up a few hours later with hair all over his face and weird spots. 

The next morning it's gotten worse, and his hair even longer, and we see the hair worms moving again, he cuts a piece of the hair, and it's alive, looking like some kind of parasite.  He drives to the laboratory and meets with the doctor who did his procedure, Dr. Lock, and finds out that the worm things are from another planet and we're slowing eating his brain, which they have now finished. 

The End.

Then the coroner takes us to the last story of the night.


 We open with a baseball player, Brent, heading home from a game, his wife, Cathy, is setting up a surprise, which is that she is pregnant.  He never makes it home, as on the way he gets into a car accident, and ends up losing his eye as a result.  He meets a doctor, Lang, who tells him about a new procedure, an eye transplant, that would use the entire eye, but this is a test run.  He agrees to the procedure, and they do it, the eye color is brown, not blue like his own, and he will have to wear a colored contact lense.  
The surgery works, he can see, he gets to head home after a few days, but he keeps having bad headaches.  Cathy tells him about being pregnant, and he starts having flashes, one of which being a women who has been buried in the backyard, and it gives him a headache.  The next morning he gets another flash, this one of an arm coming out of the garbage disposal, after Cathy leaves for work.  Brent spends the rest of the day digging up the backyard, and ends up finding a body, but it's not really there just another flash.     

When Cathy get's home from work he has another flash, followed by another flash when he is having sex with Cathy, and ends up biting her.  The next morning he goes to Lang to find out what's going on and finds out the name of the eye donor, John Randal, and heads to the library to find out who he is.  Turns out Randal was a murderer who killed blonde women by burying them or putting them in the garbage disposal, he then heads home.  Cathy comes home to see him digging, and he tells her that he is digging her grave, she runs away, and he grabs her and ties her to the table by her hair.  She tries to get him to stop, and it all leads up to him stabbing him self in the transplant eye and falling dead.

The End.

Back with the coroner, we see two guys come in, the coroner takes off his scrub top, and we see that he has a stab wound in his side.  Turns out the two guys who came in are actually the coroners, and he is actually a John Doe, and they start opening him up.

The End.

Really good film, loved the plot twist ending, plus I love when there are more than one story in a film.  Also, this movie has a killer cast, Robert Carradine, Wes Craven, and Sam Raimi, were in the first story, and what is kinda creepy is that Carradine, who was the serial killer, played Lizzie's dad on Lizzie McGuire. In the second one we had Stacy Keach and Sheena Easton, plus that guy that looked familiar is Greg Nicotero, who is majorly known for being an incredible SFX artist and actor.  In the third one, we had Mark Hamill, Twiggy, and Eddie Velez, plus the 2 real coroners were Tom Arnold and Tobe Hooper!  Seriously amazing cast!  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).

Hope you all have a great night!

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