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Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Even monsters need a vacation

"I would protect you forever"

We open in a house where we meet Dracula, who isn't the scary monster we think he is, but a teddy bear who is raising his baby daughter, Mavis.  Dracula is raising Mavis by himself, because his wife, Martha, died, we are then taken through the years watching Mavis grow up and learn how to fly as a bat.  Dracula opens a hotel, Hotel Transylvania, where all the monsters can come and feel safe away from the humans, because the hotel is guarded well enough that humans can't find them.  We then go to present day where all the guests are arriving for Mavis 118th birthday celebration, I'm thinking 118 is like 18 to us.  The guests, and best friends of Dracula, include Frankenstein, aka Frank and his wife Eunice, Werewolf's, Wayne, his wife, Wanda, and their 100 children, The Invisible Man, Griffin, and The Mummy, Murray.

"I love this guy!"

Upstairs, Mavis is going over what she's going to ask her dad, which is that she want's to go out into the real world, Dracula comes up and tells her that she can go.  Mavis immediately grabs her already packed bag and heads for the window, Dracula stops her and asks where she's going, she says she is going to paradise, actually Hawaii, where her parents met.  He tells her that everyone is here for her party, but she can go to the neighboring human village and explore for a little while, she leaves, and he follows after her in the shadows.   When she reaches town all the towns people start coming after her because she's a vampire, but it's not real, it's something Dracula put together so she would stay with him forever.  They both return to the hotel, Mavis tells her dad what happened and that he was right, he leaves her and heads to the main lobby. 

"It's actually Hawaii"

In the lobby Dracula sees that a human, Johnny, has wondered into the hotel, Dracula snatches him out of sight and heads to a closet to talk, in the closet he ends up putting a Frankenstein costume on Johnny.  Once Johnny's in costume Dracula tries to take him out of the hotel, but Johnny runs into Mavis, Dracula quickly snatches him away and they head upstairs, Mavis follows and Dracula comes up with a story to tell her.  The story is that Johnny is helping Dracula plan the birthday celebration for Mavis since he's closer to her age, Mavis says they should hang later and Dracula kicks her out.  Dracula then opens a secret hatch, the secret hatch leads to a tunnel out of the hotel, unfortunately Dracula can't remember the right way and we get a montage of them going through all the tunnels, they eventually find one that leads to where Wayne, Murray, Griffin, and Frank.

"That cape thing is killing it!"

Dracula tells Johnny to stay out of sight, and goes to talk to them, while that's happening Mavis pops up and starts talking to Johnny who tells her that he is Franks cousin, Johnnystein.  Johnny and Mavis leave the secret tunnel and Johnny meets Frank, Wayne, Murray, and Griffin, who want to perform at Mavis' celebration, Johnny tells them after they play that they need to pump it up.  Johnny then gets on the guitar and starts rocking out, everyone starts fawning over him, but Dracula stops it and we get a montage of the guests doing Dracula activities.  Dracula's activities include playing bingo and charades, which are all boring the guests, each activity ends with Johnny some how making the activity more fun.  All the guests end up in the pool area having dinner, Johnny is telling everyone about his travels when Dracula pulls him away and tells him to fake an injury so he can leave the hotel. 

"What is wrong with you people?!?"

Johnny goes to tell everyone, but they miss hear him and they all end up playing in the pool, Johnny's makeup starts to run and Dracula pulls the plug out of the pool, ending the fun.  Dracula then takes Johnny to the cemetery and tells him to leave and never come back, Dracula leave, and Mavis shows up and takes him to the top of the hotel to watch the sun come up.  Johnny ends up falling through the roof landing in the sauna room where everyone is, Dracula then drags him to the party area and tells him to set out the tables.  The tables make screeching noise and it annoys Dracula so he sticks Johnny in the corner like a child, Dracula starts moving the tables by giving them commands, Johnny tries and it works.  Johnny and Dracula then start racing, and Dracula starts lightening up, they then start racing around the hotel eventually crashing.

"I thought you were planning"

Unfortunately while Dracula is gushing about how awesome that was, Quasimodo, the hotel chef, has kidnapped Johnny, because his rat, Esmarelda, lead him to the human, aka Johnny.  Dracula goes to Quasimodo and rescues Johnny, who is being roasted, Quasimodo gets pissed because he's human, Dracula isn't having it and freezes him and leaves.  Dracula, after realizing that Johnny is a good guy, takes Johnny to his coffin room and tells him about his wife, Martha, here we find out that Martha was killed by humans.  It's then the next day, which is the birthday day, and the party is in full swing, Mavis approaches Johnny and they start dancing, Mavis kisses Johnny and Dracula sees.  Dracula comes over to break them up and accidently reveals that the village she went to isn't real and that he created the village to scare her so she would stay. 

"No don't do that"

Quasimodo then comes in and reveals that Johnny is a human, everything then turns to chaos, Mavis asks him if he really is a human and he says yes, she says it doesn't matter and she still wants to be with him.  Johnny sees Dracula behind her looking sad, and decides to do what he thinks is the right thing and lies to her telling her he hates monsters and leaves.  Dracula goes to check on Mavis and finds her on the roof reading a book, which is the gift from her mom that she would receive on her 118th birthday.  The book is about how Martha and Dracula met and that one day Mavis would meet the person she would 'zing' with, Mavis thought Johnny was the one, but he left and she flies away.  In the lobby everyone is trying to check out, Dracula arrives and asks for their help to find Johnny, and a lot of persuading they agree. 

Dracula, Wayne, Griffin, Frank, and Murray head off following Johnny's footprints until they run out, Dracula asks Wayne to follow the scent, but he says he can't because his nose has been destroyed by his children.  Wayne ends up calling for his children, but they are way to rowdy to listen to him, except for his only girl, Winnie, who tells them that he is boarding a plane in the neighboring town.  The sun is starting to rise causing Dracula to start burning, they reach the neighboring town and find out that the town is having a monster festival, so everyone is dressed like monsters, which freaks out the real monsters.  The town is crowded which means they can't get down the street to get to the airport, they try to scare the people, but it's the 21st century, monsters aren't scary anymore, and they end up getting cheered.  The towns people help them forming a sun shield for Dracula so he can run to the airport, when he get there the plane is boarding and he chasing after the plane as a bat.

"Cause you're my zing"

In the process of chasing the plane he ends up burning even more, he gets to Johnny's window, but neither of them can hear each other through the window. Dracula flies to the front and lands on the windshield, he then takes control of the pilots mind and makes an announcement over the loud speaker for Johnny.  Dracula says that he made a mistake and he was only trying to protect Mavis, but he sees now that Johnny and Mavis are meant to be.  Dracula also hopes Johnny will forgive him, Johnny does forgive him, and Dracula as the pilot turns the plane around and heads for home.  Dracula head to Mavis' room and asks that since she's opened her moms present if she can now open his, which is Johnny, they patch things up and kiss.  We then head back to the party and the movie ends with everyone singing, including Dracula, who ends up doing a rap breakdown.

The End.
I absolutely loved this movie!  This is definitely a favorite of mine now and how epic was this cast?  We had Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, Fran Drescher, Molly Shannon, David Spade, Jon Lovitz, Tom Kenny, Andy Sandberg, and so many more, a seriously incredible cast!  Plus there is going to be a Hotel Transylvania 2 coming out in 2015, and I am really excited for it.  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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