Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Walking Dead "30 Days Without An Accident" (4x01 Spoilers!)

We open with Rick heading into the newly built garden and horse ranch in the prison and working in the garden, Carl comes and joins him.  Rick and Carl start talking over by the animals and Carl points out that Violet, the pig, isn't looking to good, Rick then scolds him for naming the pig, since it will eventually be food.  We then head to the breakfast area where Carol is cooking everyone breakfast, Daryl arrives, and apparently since last season has become everyone's favorite person.  Carol asks Patrick, one of the new arrivals and a bit of a nerd, to take over while she goes and shows Daryl something.  Carol and Daryl head to an overlook of the fences and Carol tells Daryl that more and more walkers are coming, a lot more than last month.  Over by the fences we see a lot of the newbies killing the walkers by the fences, one in particular, Karen, is dating Tyresse, who is heading out for a mission that day.

As a gang of people leave on a mission, Michonne returns to camp, she then heads out with everyone to help on the mission.  Rick stays behind and has a talk with Herschel, we find out that there is a council within the prison, and that Rick is weary about wearing a gun now a days.  Rick goes out to check on the snares and finds a women, Clara, he gives her some food and she asks if he has a place near by.  He tells her he does and she asks if her and her guy, Eddie, can come, he says they can if they can answer the 3 question correctly.  Rick checks Clara for weapons, he finds a knife, but lets her keep it, they then head off for Clara's camp.  Back at the prison Carl and Patrick find the other kids over by the fence where the walkers are, the kids have named the walkers!  Really?  Carl tells them not to name them, kinda like how Rick told him not to name the animals, and they head off to the library.

Sasha, Michonne, Tyreese, Daryl, Glenn, Zach, and Bob arrive at a pretty well stocked grocery store, we see Bob debate wine, I'm thinking a former alcoholic here.  Bob decides he doesn't need the wine and puts it back on the shelf, causing the entire shelf to break, starting a domino effect which cause the entire wine case to fall on him.  He ends up getting stuck under the shelf, everyone comes to help, but the walkers start falling through a soft spot in the roof.  They end up killing a ton of the walkers and getting Bob out from under the shelf, unfortunately Zach gets bit and they leave him.  Clara and Rick finally make it to Clara's little camp, and we see her walk over to Eddie, who we have yet to see, Rick turns his back on her and she lunges at him.  Rick manages to side step her, she then tells him that Eddie is a walker and she was going to feed Rick to Eddie, because she can't live without him.

Clara then stabs herself and asks him what the 3 questions were, the 3 questions are: How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? and Why?  Rick then leaves Clara to die, and we end up never actually seeing Eddie, but we can presume from what we did see that he is only a head.  Back at the prison, Carol is in the prison library reading the kids a story, we see Carl enter the library, but he stays in the shadows, Patrick asks to leave because he is feeling sick and leaves.  Carol then pulls out a secret compartment that contains knifes and starts teaching the kids how to use them, Carl comes into view and Carol asks him not to tell his dad.

Rick returns and goes to check on the animals, Violet still isn't doing well and I think we can assume she is dead by this point, Zombie pig anyone?  The gang arrives back at the prison, Tyreese heads to Karen, Glenn goes to Maggie and finds out she is not pregnant, and Daryl heads to Beth to tell her Zach is dead.  Beth ends up taking the news surprisingly well, a little too well for my liking, and ends up hugging Daryl.  Herschel talks to Rick about what happened, and we see that Judith appears to be at least 8 months old by now, meaning a lot of time has gone by since season 3.

We see Patrick walking around the prison coughing, he heads to the showers, where he coughs over the water pump, very sanitary, and starts taking a shower, fully clothed.  Patrick then passes out and we pan down to the floor and see that he is bloody, his eyes then open revealing that he is now a walker. What?

The End.
Great start to the season!  The roof scene was awesome and the ending was insane!  Seriously, what is with Patrick, and how is he a walker, and does this have anything to do with what happened to Violet?  Either way it was a great start and I can't wait to see where this season goes!   Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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