Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween (1978)

The Trick Is To Stay Alive!

Happy Halloween!!!
We open in Haddonfield, Illinois in 1963 with someone, Michael, watching a couple people making out, outside of the house.  The couple heads upstairs and Michael enters the house, the guy leaves the house, and Michael picks up a knife and a clown mask and puts the mask on.  Michael heads upstairs and stabs the girl to death, he leaves the house and gets stopped by the girls parents.  Turn's out Michael is a 6 year old and that the girl he just killed is his sister.  On October 30, 1978, 15 years later, in Smith's Grove, Illinois, we head to a mental hospital with a doctor, Dr. Loomis, and a nurse to see Michael.  When they arrive at the hospital to see all the patients wandering around outside, Loomis gets out to open the door and Michael attacks the nurse, who lives, and steals the car.  So they taught him how to drive in the hospital, why?


The next day, Halloween, in Haddonfield we meet Laurie who is walking to school, but first has to do her dad a favor and stop at The Myers house to put the key under the mat.  While walking she runs into one of the kids, Tommy, she babysits and he tells her that she shouldn't go up to the house as it's haunted.  Later during class, Laurie sees a guy, Michael, through a window, but when she looks again Michael is gone.  After school with Tommy, we see that Michael is following him home.  Over with Dr. Loomis, we see that he is calling the police in Haddonfield to warn them about Michael, but they wont listen and Loomis continues on his way to Haddonfield.  In Haddonfield, Laurie is making her way home with her friends Lynda and Annie, and everywhere she looks she sees Michael. 

"Listen to me"

Later that night Annie picks up Laurie and drops her off at her babysitting house, and we see that across the street from where Laurie is babysitting is where Annie is babysitting.  Laurie is babysitting Tommy while Annie is babysitting Lindsay.  Dr. Loomis arrives in town and heads to Judith's, Michaels sister, grave and finds the tombstone missing.  Loomis then meets up with Sheriff Brackett, who is also Annie's dad, and they head to The Myers house, Loomis tells Brackett that he plans to stay at the house all night to get Michael.  Annie gets a call from Paul, her boyfriend, to come pick him up, so she takes Lindsay over to Tommy's for Laurie to watch and heads back to the house for her car.  Annie is about to leave when Michael pops up in the back seat and kills Annie.  Lynda and Bob, her boyfriend, arrive at Lindsay's house, as earlier in the night they came up with a plan for Lynda and Bob to use one of the upstairs bedrooms. 

"Annie, is that you?"

We see that Michael is in the house with them, they head upstairs to have sex and afterwards Bob goes to get a beer and is killed Michael.  Michael then heads upstairs and kills Lynda, who had just called Laurie, so Laurie hears Lynda die.  Laurie thinks it's Annie and Paul having sex, Laurie then starts to worry when no one answers her and calls back, but there is no answer.  Over at The Myers house, Dr. Loomis sees the car Michael stole down the street and heads for it.  At Tommy's, Laurie leaves the house and heads to Lindsay's to check on everyone, she rings the doorbell and knocks, but no one answers.  Laurie finds an open door and wanders in and finds Annie dead upstairs with Judith's tombstone, then she finds Lynda and Bob's dead bodies.  Laurie turns to leave and bumps into Michael who slices her arm open and the chase begins. 

"He is the boogeyman"

Laurie manages to get out of the house and heads back to Tommy's, but she forgot her keys and gets Tommy to let her in.  Inside she sees that one of the side doors is open and that Michael is in the house.  We see Michael come up behind her, she grabs a knitting needle and stabs him in the neck and he falls to the floor.  Dr. Loomis is walking the streets, where he found the car, when Brackett finds him, Loomis tells him to take the back while Loomis watches the front.  Laurie heads upstairs to Tommy and Lindsay and tells them the are going to leave and that she killed Michael, but he then appears behind them.  Laurie locks the kids in a room, while she hides in the closet, Michaels breaks down the closet and Laurie stabs him in the eye with a hanger.  Michael drops his knife when he gets stabbed and Laurie picks it up and stabs him.

"Yes he is"

Laurie drops the knife because she thinks he's dead and heads to get the kids and tells them to go to a neighbors and call the police.  The kids leave and Laurie turns her back on Michael and we see Michael sit up.  The kids run out of the house screaming, drawing the attention of Loomis who heads into the house.  Back upstairs, Michael starts choking Laurie, and she manages to rip his mask off, Loomis makes his way up the stairs and shoots Michael.  Loomis keeps shooting Michael until he falls out of the window two stories down, Loomis checks on Laurie then heads back to the window to see that Michael is no longer there.

The End.
Great movie, it's a classic!  I love this series, except for 3, because it confuses me to no end, but I will talk more about that in 2 years!  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Happy Halloween, and if you are trick or treating, be safe! 

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