Wednesday, October 23, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "The Replacements" (3x03 Spoilers!)

We open with Fiona having a flash back to 1971, where she is having a talk with someone about how the women knew when she was ready to be Supreme.  Fiona tells her that she is the new Supreme and she slits the women's throat.  Zoe goes to Kyle's mom's house to find out how she's doing, his mom then tells her that she was going to hang herself when Zoe called, Zoe then tells his mom that she will see him again.  Nan, Queenie, and Madison see a new family moving in next to the academy, and the son is extremely cute.  At the academy Delphine is crying over the fact that Obama is president, and Fiona comes in to tell Delphine that she is the new maid, or else she goes back in the box.  Delphine comes out to serve breakfast, which is awesome because it looks just like the end scene from Misery, and I love that movie!  Delphine wont serve Queenie because she's black, so Fiona makes Delphine be Queenies personal slave.

Zoe goes to see Kyle, Misty has patched him all up and Zoe wants to take him home, but Misty doesn't want him to leave, Zoe takes him anyways.  Nan and Madison take a cake over to the neighbor, Luke, his mom arrives, and doesn't like them and forbids them to come over, Nan and Madison leave, but first Madison set her drapes on fire.  I'm thinking Madison could be a potential Supreme.  Fiona and Cordelia go to the doctor, each to separate doctor, and get similar results, both getting bad news.  Luke's mom comes over and talks to Fiona, and pretty much gets no where and leaves, Madison comes in and Fiona calls her over to talk.  Zoe drops Kyle off at home, and we see him later that night in bed when his mom comes in to talk to him, and starts to rape him. 

Cordelia heads to the beauty shop to talk to Marie about some help with her fertility, but Marie wont help because Fiona is her enemy.  Fiona and Madison are out talking at a cafĂ©, Fiona tells her that she has so much to teach and Madison asks her to teach her.  At the academy Queenie and Delphine are in the kitchen when the minotaur shows up for Delphine, Delphine reveals who she really is to Queenie and begs her for help, Queenie doesn't want to help her, but eventually agrees to.  Queenie cuts Delphine's hand and catches the blood on a towel and tells Delpine to hide, and then heads out to confront the minotaur.  Queenie corners him and tries to get him to have sex with her, but it doesn't go well, but we don't see what happens next.

Kyle's mom calls Zoe and asks her to come over, we see her go into Kyle's room and we learn that she's been doing things to him for years, he then grabs a trophy and bludgeons her to death.  Good, she deserved it.  Zoe arrives at Kyle's and finds his mom dead, turns around and sees Kyle covered in blood.  At the academy Fiona tells Madison that she is going to be the next Supreme, because all her power is pouring into Madison, and that she is dying from cancer.   Fiona gives Madison the knife she killed the lady in the beginning with, but Madison doesn't want it and Fiona slits Madison's throat, she then gets the butler to bury her in the yard. 

The End.

Tonight's episode was amazing!  Sad to see Madison be killed off though, I really liked her, and I feel bad for Misty too.  Next week looks really good, it look like Fiona may be staked! Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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