Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cheerleader Camp (1988)

Some girls would kill to be Cheerleaders.


We open with a teenage girl, Alison, running through a locker room trying to find her cheerleading uniform, but she can't find it.  She eventually finds it and heads to the field, were she falls in the mud and gets boo'd, she sees her mom and dad in the crowd and they boo her too.  Alison yells out that she wants someone to love her and wakes up from her dream, where she is in a car with the other cheerleader and coach heading to cheer camp.  They arrive at cheer camp, Camp Hurrah, and meets the women in charge, Miss Tipton, and they all get signed in, Alison then meets Pop, the handy man.  Theresa, Pamela, and Bonnie, who are the other members of Alison's cheer group, talk bad about Alison behind her back while unpacking.  In Alison's cabin, we see her pop some pills, but we don't see what kind, her roommate, Cory, the cheer mascot, then arrives. 


The girls are all down by the lake, and we see a cop, Poucher, and Timmy, the assistant coach, spying on the girls.  Later in the day Alison wanders into one of the other campers room and finds one of the cheerleaders, Susie, dead.  That night, Cory and Alison talk, and Alison tells Cory that she can understand why Susie killed herself, her death has been ruled a suicide.  The next day everyone is practicing, including Cory, who Tipton makes eat lunch in full mascot garb.  Alison heads to the kitchen to get something to drink, she finds Susie's body in the refrigerator, and calls the cops.  The cop who comes is no help because he is with Tipton, and we see them have sex, which Timmy records. 


Later that night, Timmy switches the tape of Tipton cheerleading to the tape of her and the cop having sex.  After Alison and Brent, the captain and her boyfriend, get into a fight, because Alison is jealous.  Alison cries herself to sleep and dreams about Brent and one of the girls having sex while being cheered on by Tipton, the cop, Pop, and Ronnie, the chief.  The next day in the woods Pamela and Brent make out, but Pam hears something and Brent gets annoyed and leaves.  Pam starts walking around the woods looking for Brent and gets stabbed to death with a pair of scissors.  That night Alison is asleep and has a dream about killing Pam in full cheerleader garb, she has some wacked out dreams.

Alison wakes up and it's competition day, and Pam is no where to be seen, probably since she's dead.  They perform and end up messing up, Tipton approaches them to know where Pamela is, they don't know and she leaves.  Tipton then announces it's time to crown the queen and everyone lines up, except Theresa who sneaks out.  Bonnie ends up winning queen, and they all realize that Theresa has now gone missing, Brent and Cory then go looking for the missing.  Theresa finds Pamela, dead, and runs screaming only to be hit by a truck, Cory, Brent, and Alison meet up and none of them have found Pamela or Theresa.  Pop finds them in the woods and tells them to head back to the camp, at the camp everyone is drunk, including Tipton, who they try to talk to, but get no where with her. 

"Do you see them with me?"

Alison heads outside to call the police, Brent tries to stop her, but she calls the cops anyway.  Tipton leaves the party, extremely drunk, to go looking for the missing people, but she gets killed.  Back at the competition that has now become a dance, Timmy comes in, as he had left with a girl, and has found Pamela's body.  We see Tipton walk into the room Alison is in and drop dead, she yells and Cory shows up to see Alison holding the axe.  Back at the dance, Brent tells everyone about the deaths and they all leave, like everyone leaves camp, the only ones left are Alison, Cory, Brent, Timmy, Bonnie, and Pop.  They all head for the car, minus Pop, and find that the wires in the car have been cut, we then see Pop find Pamela's body.  I am officially stumped on who the killer is, my only guess at this point is Cory.

They all arrive back at the car, except Timmy who stayed back to film, Brent goes to looks for him, but only finds his camera.  They head into a cabin to watch the video Timmy was filming and see that Timmy has been killed, but we can't see by who.  In the cabin they set up a trap, but the trap catches the cop, not Pop, Brent runs out with an axe to find Pop.  Brent finds Pop, and Pop pulls the gun on him, but Cory appears and shoots Pop dead, and they head back to the cabin to celebrate.  I'm not convinced that Pop was the killer.  Brent tells Cory and Bonnie to go call the cops leaving him alone with Alison, he forces himself on to her, but Cory comes in to tell him that she can't find Bonnie.  Oh it's definitely Cory, I knew it!

"Give me a 'C', Give me an 'O', Give me a 'R', Give me a 'Y'!

Brent leaves and Cory tells her that he's the killer and hands her a gun, they leave and we see that Bonnie is dead, and Alison shoots Brent.  A while later we see that police have arrived and are arresting Alison for the murders of everyone, they stretcher her into an ambulance, because she's having a breakdown.  Alison asks who told them that she was the murderer, and we see Cory disappear, and then reappear in a cheerleading uniform.  The movie ends with Alison screaming Cory's name, while Cory cheers as the ambulance leaves.

The End.
I am in love with this movie!  I love that Cory was the killer, but was able to go free because of Alison going crazy.  Does anyone else think Lucinda Dickey, Cory, looks like Eve Myles?  No, just me?  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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