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Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

"The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller"
Welcome to Day 4 of 31 in my 31 Days of Horror...Reviews!

Quick warning if you are not over the age of being able to see naked body parts, don't watch this movie!  Let's start!

"I need to get my book"

We open with a guy delivering papers, with the headlines 'Mass Murderer of 5 Russ Thorn Escapes,' we then meet Trish whose parents are going out of town.  At school, we meet Jeff and Neil, who hit on a phone repair women, Mary, they finally leave her alone, but she gets killed by Russ and he takes her truck.  We find out Trish is having a little slumber party with her friends, Jackie, Linda, Kim, and Diane, who is shunning Val, the new girl, from the party.  Trish still invites her to the party, but Val heard them making fun of hear and declines the offer.  School ends and they are all heading home, but Linda forgets a book and heads back into the school, unfortunately Russ follows her and kills her.  Have I mentioned Russ uses a power drill to kill his victims?  It's awesome.

Back at Trish's house, we find out that Val lives next door to her, Trish hears a knock, but when she goes to check no one is there and her door is wide open.  Apparently not finding it odd that her door is wide open, she sits down to play the piano, when she hears footsteps in the house.  Turns out it's only Mr. Contant, who is going to be watching over the girls for the weekend since he is their next door neighbor.  The girls arrive with weed and beer and get caught by Mr. Contant, but he's chill and leaves, the girls decide to get pizza, and Neil and Jeff arrive as peeping toms.  Diane goes out to get wood for the fire, and finds a snail, which Mr. Contact suddenly appears to kill, if I didn't know Russ was the killer I would think Contant was.  Speaking of Russ, he sneaks up behind Contant and kills him.

"Stop eating all the chips"

We head over to Val's house where her and her little sister, Courtney, are hanging out.  Back at Trish's house, Trish gets up to close one of the windows and a Barbie she had thrown out that morning is attached to the window covered in blood.  They think it's the guys, but Trish sees a guy, most likely Russ, and goes to check if Diane closed the garage door.  The garage is closed, but not locked, she locks it and leaves, however we see that someone is in the garage.  Back in the main house Diane goes to talk to her boyfriend, John, and the girls eavesdrop until the power goes out.  The girls, minus Diane, go to work on the fuse box, which is in the garage. 

Diane meets up with them in the garage, they reach the fuse box, and find that none of the fuses are blown, but there are fuses missing.  Turns out it's Jeff and Neil messing with them, Trish puts the fuses back in and they head back into the house.  John arrives and Diane meets him in the car and they make out, John asks if they can leave, so she goes in to ask Trish if she can leave.  Trish says she can, so Trish heads back out to the car and discovers John's dead body, and Russ then kills her.  Inside the house, Kim and Jackie call their coach, Rachel, to ask her a question about the game last night.  That's kinda odd as students don't usually have teacher's home phone numbers.  Either way the pizza they ordered earlier arrives, Jeff, Neil, and Trish get the door while Jackie and Kim continue to talk to Rachel. 

"Where's the flashlight?"

When they open the door, the delivery guy falls dead, they drag him in and start locking all the door and closing the windows to keep Russ out.  Rachel hears the screaming, but Russ cuts the phone line, and Rachel then calls Val to ask her to go check on them, but she refuses.  Since Val wont go over, Rachel is going to drive over, which is also odd, as she is their teacher.  Courtney says she would go over to check on them, but Val tells her she can't and Courtney gets pissed.  Back at Trish's, Jeff and Neil decided to split up, Jeff heads to Constant's for help, while Neil goes to Val's for help.  Obviously Constant's already dead, so Jeff ends up getting killed as well, Neil doesn't have any luck either, as Val doesn't hear him knocking, and he gets killed. 

Russ carries Neil to John's car to stuff him in the trunk with the others, when he realizes that Jeff is missing.  Jeff has managed to crawl back to the house, but the girls wont open the door, because they don't know who it is, so Jeff gets killed for real this time.  Back at Val's, she calls out for Courtney, but Courtney doesn't answer and we find out that Courtney doesn't know how to listen and has gone over to Trish's.  Courtney knock, but no one answers, she sees Val coming and hides, Val knocks on the door, and Jackie tries to let her in but Val's already walked away.  However, Russ is now at the door, and kills Jackie, the girls run upstairs to Trish room and starts barricading the door.  Val finally finds Courtney, she tells her to stay while she goes to try the door again, by now a storm has started up. 

"We can't"

Val enters the house and calls out to them, but they don't answer so Russ doesn't find them, Val leaves, and heads back to where she left Courtney.  Since Courtney is Courtney and doesn't know how to listen, she has left the spot she was told to stay in.  Upstairs, Trish and Kim and sitting facing the door talking, when Russ comes through the window behind him, but they don't hear him until he's right behind them.  Trish manages to knock him out with a bat, only for a few seconds though, Trish manages to escape, but Kim ends up getting killed.  Val finds Courtney and they head into Trish's house for one more check and to lock up the house, Courtney suggests that since they went through this trouble they should raid the fridge.  This is a funny scene as Val is arguing with Courtney that they shouldn't, and during the whole thing Courtney keeps opening the fridge door, which houses Kim's body. 

"We should raid the fridge"

Courtney eventually sees Kim's body, as she doesn't listen, and opens the fridge anyways, Val ends up seeing the body.  They turn to leave, but Val sees Russ coming down the stairs and they split up, with Val going into the basement, while Courtney goes to hide under a couch.  Russ wonders in and when he can't find anyone else, lays on the floor with a sheet on, playing dead.  Rachel finally shows up, and lifts the sheet off Russ, he goes to kill her, but she grabs a fire poker and hits him with it a few times.  It doesn't work, neither does Trish running out and stabbing him with a knife, he just wont stay down!  Russ then kills Rachel and starts coming after Trish, he starts getting even creepier, telling her that he loves her and that she wants this. Creepy, much? 

"I love you"

Val then runs out of the basement with a machete and he runs out with her hot on his tail.  Val ends up cutting his hand off, and cuts him in the stomach, and he falls into Trish's pool.  Courtney comes out and they hug, he still isn't dead though, and he comes after them, Trish comes out to help, but she fails.  Val then stabs him with the machete and he dies, we fade to black as sirens are heard in the distance.

The End.
I actually really liked this movie, it had a high body count, which is always a good thing, and I liked that Russ killed them with a power drill.  It's very '80's Horror, if you know what I mean.  This movie is also a franchise movie as there are 3 more movies in this series, but only 2 are under the Slumber Party moniker, so those 2 will be coming up next!  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (

Hope you all have a great night!

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