Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Supernatural "Devil May Care" (9x02 Spoilers!)

We open with someone dragging a burned body into a house, we don't see who the person is though.  Then over with Dean and Sam, Dean shows Sam that he has Crowley in the trunk of the Impala, they then head to the bunker.  Back at the house, we see the person, who is a demon, awaken someone, that someone is Abbaddon, the knight of hell.  Sam and Dean arrive at the bunker, where Kevin is at, and they haul Crowley in and put him into the demon dungeon.  Back with Abbaddon, she has a mini army, of 4 people, and is trying to have them all turn on Crowley so she can be the queen of hell.  On some type of campus we see 3 military guys get on a bus, which holds the Abbaddon army, and they are then taken over by the demons on the bus, we then see that Abbaddon is driving the bus. 

A girl is working on her car on the side of the road when a guy pulls over and tells her he can give her a lift, she ends up killing him, as she is a hunter, she then gets taken by Abbaddon's army.  Sam and Dean arrive at the crime scene, under the alias of Stark and Banner, really?  They get a video from the crime scene and see that Abbaddon is the one behind the 3 dead bodies on the bus.  Kevin gets a call from Abbaddon, as she has taken 2 hunters hostage, and sets up a meeting with the Winchester's.  Sam and Dean arrive at a ghost town, and find the 2 hunters, Irv and Traci, and sets them free.  Kevin goes into the archive room, same room that holds the demon dungeon, and Crowley talks Kevin into the dungeon.

Back in the ghost town, they see 2 of the military guys coming and escape before they get there, once outside we find out Traci's family died because Sam released Lucifer from hell.  At the Bunker, Crowley tells Kevin that if he helps release him then he will give Kevin his mom back.  Irv confesses to Sam that he gave up the hunters to Abbaddon, he then proceeds to get shot by one of the demons.  Dean and Traci come face to face with Abbaddon, Dean sends Traci off to get more weapons and is left alone with Abbaddon.  Abbaddon and Dean face off, while Sam and the other demons face off, Abbaddon tells Dean she wants Crowley or she will make Dean her new vessel. 

Back to Sam, we see Ezekiel take over Sam and blows all the demons away, including Abbaddon, Dean goes to Sam and Ezekiel tells Dean that he will make sure Sam doesn't find out about this either.  Ezekiel and Dean have a talk, Dean tells Ezekiel that he's not sure if he can trust him, let me just say you can't, because I don't even trust him.  Sam awakens and Traci finally gets back to them, took her long enough, they then head out in the Impala. Sam and Dean get back to the bunker and can't find Kevin, they head to the demon dungeon and Crowley is still there, Dean finds Kevin, who is trying to leave.  Dean manages to convince Kevin to stay, Dean goes to talk to Sam, and Sam tells him that he's feeling good, better than he's ever felt.
The End.
Good episode, it's always nice to see Abbaddon!  Next week looks really good, it looks like it's going to be a Cas centric episode!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
Hope you all have a great night!

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