Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scary Godmother 2: The Revenge of Jimmy (2005)

"So what are you wearing tomorrow?"

We open with Harry, an over dramatic werewolf, in a control room showing us the opening credits when Scary Godmother comes in and interrupts him.  Scary Godmother tells Harry that he still has more chores to do in payment for the 12 pizzas from last Halloween, she tells him to get to work, and starts the movie.  We see Jimmy in his room, Bert, Daryl, and Katie come in and get ambushed by Jimmy's monster obstacle course, they aren't pleased.  They tell Jimmy that they are planning their route for Halloween with Hannah, Jimmy tells them he is too scared and is boycotting Halloween.  Jimmy tells them since he is the boss, that they aren't going trick 'r treating either, they aren't having it and leave.  At Hannah's house, Bug-a-Boo, a big, hairy, multi eyed monster, pays Hannah a visit, she tells him that she's going to be meeting up with Bert, Katie, and Daryl to plan for Halloween even though they scared her last year. 

Bug-a-Boo leaves and Hannah heads to Scary Godmother's to pick up some Halloween decorations, she uses her key and is transported to Scary Godmother's kitchen.  In the kitchen, Scully, a skeleton who wears a top hat, and Scary Godmother, Hannah's Scary Godmother, are getting things ready for tomorrows Halloween party.  At Jimmy's house, his mom makes spaghetti, but it looks like Bug-a-Boo, so Jimmy freaks out and starts stabbing his plate.  Back at Scary Godmother's, Hannah asks to borrow some cobwebs decorations and Scary Godmother knits her some, Hannah then borrows her phone to call Jimmy.  Hannah calls Jimmy to ask him if he wants to go pick pumpkins tomorrow with Daryl, Bert, and Katie, Jimmy declines and hangs up on her, he then decides to stop Halloween.

"Your face will freeze that way"

Back with Hannah, Count Max, a vampire, Ruby, Max's wife, and Orson, Max and Ruby's son, arrive to ask Scary Godmother what they can bring to the Halloween party.  After Max, Ruby and Orson leave, Hannah decides it's time to leave, we then go to Jimmy who has headed to the pumpkin patch to smash all the pumpkins and ruin Halloween.  The next day Hannah, Bert, Daryl, and Katie arrive at the pumpkin patch and see that all the pumpkin's have been destroyed, they think Halloween is ruined which effects the Fright Side.  The Fright Side starts to disappear as the kids lose their belief in Halloween, luckily Hannah comes up with the idea that they can work around the holes, and the Fright Side returns.  Jimmy then goes on his next mission to ruin Halloween by ruining all the candy and costumes in the stores, which causes disbelief and Fright Side starts to disappear again. 

Scary Godmother manages to reach Hannah through Boozle, Scary Godmother's cat, and tells her how to fix everything, that instead of buying candy and costumes they can make candy and costumes.  Hannah tells Bert, Daryl, and Katie they can make everything, and they decide they should have a party instead of trick 'r treating, and that they will have it at the Spook House.  They go by Jimmy's house to invite him to the party, which is a bad thing, because Jimmy then heads to the Spook House and teepee's it.  The next day, Halloween night, the gang arrives at Spook House in the same costumes from last years except a little bit different.  This year, Hannah is a fairy queen, not a fairy princess, Katie is a panther, not a cat, Daryl is a piece of sugar free candy, not a regular candy, and Bert is a baseball player in an electric car, not a baseball player in a SUV. 

"Happy Halloween to all and to all a good fright!"

When they reach the house they see that the house has been teepee'd and the disbelief settles in making Fright Side disappear, Hannah manages to save the day again by saying that the teepee looks like little ghosts.  They head into the house, which is opened with Hannah's key, meaning they are heading into Scary Godmother's house, inside everyone introduces them self and the party begins.  We then get a music montage of everyone dancing together, after that we go to Orson who Hannah helps get a cowboy costume to wear.  Unfortunately, when they all arrived, Hannah left the door open a crack and Jimmy wanders in to try to ruin the day again, this time he takes the prize for the best costume, which is a pumpkin full of candy. 

Scully is about to announce who the winner of the best costume is when they realize the prize has vanished, we see that Jimmy has it and he says something about it having candy inside, which triggers Harry.  Harry starts chasing Jimmy for the pumpkin, Jimmy ends up bumping into Bug-a-Boo, who scares him, but Jimmy then realizes he scared Bug-a-Boo just as much as Bug-a-Boo scared him.  Scary Godmother then crowns Jimmy as having the best costume, so he gets the pumpkin, he then asks Hannah to help him open the pumpkin, and the party goes on.

The End.
I love this movie just as much as the first one!  I just really wished there would have been more movies made in this franchise.  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
Hope you all have a great night!

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