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A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)

Someone is coming back to Elm Street!

We open on a school bus dropping kids off at home, also they don't do a close up, but we can see that Freddy is driving the bus.  When it get down to the last 3 kids we somehow are transported to the desert, which is odd as we were in the city seconds before, it ends up being a dream by a teen named Jesse.  Jesse awakens covered in sweat and surrounded by boxes, he heads downstairs where the family is eating breakfast when the doorbell rings.  At the door is Lisa, a friend of Jesse's that he drives to school every morning, they get in the car and head to school.  During P.E. Jesse gets into a fight with his friend, Grady, and they have to attend P.E detention after school.  After detention Grady tells Jesse about his house, which turns out to be the house Nancy, from the first movie, lived in.  That night, after everyone's asleep, Jesse wakes up and wanders outside where he sees Freddy in the cellar of his house getting his glove out of the furnace.

"You will be my body"

Jesse heads back inside and opens the cellar door and Freddy pops out to tell him that they have work to do, Freddy tells him that he is going to be his body and then Jesse wakes up.  The next day Jesse falls asleep in class and dreams of a snake choking him, he wakes up screaming, and there actually is a snake on his shoulder.  Later that night Jesse calls Lisa and are going to meet up, but his dad wont let him leave until he unpacks his boxes.  He heads back upstairs and turns some music on, while he's putting on a show Lisa walks in and helps him unpack, she ends up finding Nancy's diary and they look through it.  We also learn right here that this movie takes place 5 years after the first movie.  That night Jesse wakes up and heads down into the cellar, he reaches into the furnace to get the glove, and when he pulls them out Freddy appears and tells him to kill for him.

The next night Jesse and his family are all in the living room, when their 2 birds start going crazy, trying to attack them when suddenly it bursts into flames, Jesse's father then blames Jesse for the bird attack.  In the middle of the night Jesse leaves the house and wanders into a S&M club where he runs into his coach, who then takes him to the school. That's a little odd, don't you think?  The coach then makes him do laps around the gym, in the middle of the night, after enough laps he tells Jesse to get in the shower.  Jesse heads to the shower while the coach heads to the office, in the office things start flying off the wall at him, the coach then gets dragged into the showers, where he is killed by Krueger through Jesse, but Jesse doesn't know he killed him.  The next day Jesse confront his dad about the fact that his dad knew about the killings that occurred in the house, because apparently Nancy's mom really did die.

"I can help you"

While they are talking, the toaster suddenly bursts into flames, they put the fire out then realize that the toaster isn't even plugged in.  After that Jesse walks out and he goes to pick Lisa up and they head to a power plant that Lisa found, which is where the boiler room is.  They walk around the power plant for a while, but they don't end up finding anything.  We then head back over to the house and into the cellar, where the furnace turns it's self on, we pan through the house and up to Angela's room.  We hear Freddy, but it's not Freddy it's Jesse, Jesse then leaves her room and takes some pills to keep himself awake.  The next day is Lisa's party, Jesse attends, but he's not feeling it and is starting to leave when Lisa confronts him.  Lisa tells him that she wants to help him, but Jesse doesn't know how, they then make out, until he freaks out and walks out.

"Don't go to sleep"

Jesse heads to Grady's house to ask him if he can stay there for the night and watch over him while he sleeps, Jesse also tells Grady not to fall asleep.  Jesse falls asleep, then Grady, because he doesn't know how to listen, goes to sleep, Jesse wakes up and he wakes Grady.  Jesse says that its starting to happen again, and Freddy's knives come out of Jesse's hand, followed by the rest of Freddy coming out of Jesse.  Freddy as Jesse as Freddy then kills Grady, Freddy leaves, then Jesse leaves through the window.  At the party, Jesse returns, covered in blood, and tells Lisa that he killed Grady and the coach.  Outside where the party is going on, by the pool, weird things start happening, like the hot dogs bursting in flames and beers opening, we then see the yard fence lock up.  Inside, Jesse says that Freddy is coming back and Lisa tell him that she read in the diary that he lives off fear and that he doesn't exist. 

Freddy as Jesse as Freddy comes out and starts chasing Lisa around the house, outside we see that the pool is heating up the people in it.  Inside, Jesse talks through Freddy and asks her to kill him and that he loves her, Lisa stabs him and he busts through the window to the outside world and disappears.  He reappears on the other side of the yard and starts causing havoc, he eventually leaves in a cloud of flames, Lisa realizes where he's going and heads after him.  Of course he's heading to the power plant and to his beloved boiler room, Lisa head to the boiler room and finds him.   Lisa corners Freddy and tells Jesse that Freddy is losing focus and can't stay contained in his body, then she kisses him.  The boiler room starts catching on fire and winds up burning Freddy, leaving Jesse behind. 

"I love you"

We see Jesse awhile later, his hands are burned and we see that he's taking the bus to school, he sits next to Lisa, and we see that Kerry is in the seat behind them.  Jesse comments that the bus is going too fast and yells at the bus driver to stop, however Jesse is just being paranoid as the driver picks up the next kid and everything's fine.  Everything is fine until Kerry comes up from behind to tell him that it's all over and Freddy's arm comes through her chest and the bus heads into the desert, like the beginning.

The End.
Good movie, not as good as the first, but what is?  This one was a bit different, as Freddy was making them kill people instead of doing it himself, plus the line between dream and reality was much harder to figure out.  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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