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Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular (2004)

I loved the Scary Godmother movies when I was younger and I still do!  They were my favorite in all of the movies out there, I just wish there would have been more movies made.  I decided I would, since they're my favorite, do these 2 movies last, the second one will be out tomorrow.  Let's start!

"I'm a piece of candy"

We open on Halloween night with Katie, who is dressed as a cat, waiting in the cemetery for her friends, Daryl, dressed as a piece of candy, arrives next.  Daryl gets yelled at cause Katie had to wait by herself in the cemetery, Bert arrives next, dressed as a baseball player in his tricked out SUV.  Can we talk about how awesome Bert and Daryl's costumes were?  Jimmy, dressed as the devil, finally arrives with his little cousin, Hannah, who is dressed as a fairy princess, she brought them all candy from her parents.  Jimmy tells her he doesn't need her help, and starts talking about monsters, which scares Hannah and she shines her flashlight on him, Jimmy then asks her why she did that.

Bert, Katie, and Daryl all say flashback, and I'm not entirely sure on how to explain this next part.  After they say flashback, Katie starts playing Hannah's mom while Daryl plays Hannah's dad and they explain that her parents told her that if she shined her flashlight on the monsters they would go away.  After the flashback, Jimmy tells Hannah to go shine her flashlight around the cemetery so he can talk to Bert, Daryl, and Katie in private.  Jimmy thinks they should ditch Hannah, by making her go in the Spook House, so she'll get scared and have to go home so they can get more candy, everyone else likes Hannah, but eventually they agree to go along with his plan.  Jimmy tells Hannah to go into the Spook House and go throw candy in the basement so she wont get eaten, and she does.

"That's very polite"

They then lock her in the house and she starts crying, suddenly her Scary Godmother appears, Hannah tells her she was crying because she was scared of monsters.  Scary Godmother tells her some of her best friends are monsters, she then takes Hannah back to her house, in the Fright Side, which is all decked out in Halloween decorations.  Scary Godmother tells Hannah that her, and her Broommates, are having a Halloween party, Scully, one of Scary Godmother's broommates and a skeleton, arrives.  Back outside of the house, the gang is waiting for Hannah to come running out of the house, Katie and Daryl are trading candy and we see them flirt and almost kiss.  Back in the Fright Side the next guest arrives, Harry, who is an over dramatic werewolf, and Harry heads immediately over to the food.  Scully manages to stop Harry before he eats all of the food, Harry then meets Hannah, but he thinks she's Ophelia St. TaTa, who is a character in one of his shows.

Next to arrive is Count Max, a vampire, Ruby, Max's wife, and Orson, Max and Ruby's son, Hannah and Orson instantly take interest in each other and start talking about the difference between each other.  Everyone starts mingling, Harry starts flirting with Ruby, which cause Max to get extremely jealous and puts him under a spell, putting him to sleep.  Bug-a-Boo, Scary Godmother's other broommate, arrives and ends up scaring Hannah as he is a big, hairy, multiple eyed monster, she runs away from him with him chasing behind trying to tell her he isn't scary.  Everyone else starts chasing after them because Bug-a-Boo is scaring her more, Hannah gets her flashlight out, but it doesn't work, luckily Scary Godmother comes up with a cover up story on why it doesn't work. 

"Big and scary? Yes! Mean? No!"

Hannah realizes Bug-a-Boo isn't as scary as she thinks he is and we go into a music montage of them all dancing.  Outside the Spook House, all the lights start going out, meaning they have all missed trick r treating, everyone, except Jimmy, thinks they should go in and get Hannah, but they get outvoted by Jimmy.  In the Fright Side, Max accidently wakes Harry up from his spell, and comes to the dilemma that he isn't fun at parties anymore, but Ruby makes him feel better.  Scary Godmother, Scully, and Bug-a-Boo gather round for a broommate huddle to discuss the fact that Harry just ate all the food, and there is no food left.  Bug-a-Boo suggests pizza and everyone agrees on it, Hannah and Bug-a-Boo realize they have something in common, the same pizza toppings, Harry then calls for the pizza. 

The pizza arrives, and Harry order 12 pizzas coming to the combined total of 197 dollars, tip not included, Harry doesn't have any money, and Scary Godmothers soul is worth more than 12 pizzas.  Scully and Scary Godmother go and check Bug-a-Boo for money, which he ends up collecting from rolling around under beds all day.  Scary Godmother manages to gather up enough money and Harry ends up not getting any of the pizzas.  Orson offers Hannah a bite of his pizza, but his pizza is a blood pizza, and she isn't having any of that.  Hannah decides it's time to go, and mentions that Jimmy is waiting for her, Bug-a-Boo then tells him that Jimmy is on his scare schedule on Thursdays.  Scary Godmother suggests they teach the big kids a lesson and starts telling everyone her idea.  Outside the Spook House, they all decide it's time to go in to get Hannah, inside they meet Orson, who compliments Bert on his costume.

"I think I have an idea"

Orson scares them and they run away, straight into Scully, who does a great Broadway number, before scaring them, Harry is next, he sees Daryl who is dressed as candy, which makes him attack Daryl.  Scary Godmother pops up and hints that they should get to the basement, where they run into Bug-a-Boo, Hannah arrives with her flashlight and saves the day.  Jimmy, Bert, Daryl, and Katie run out, Hannah stays behind to thank her Scary Godmother, who gives her a key.  The key, when put into any lock, will bring her back to the Fright Side whenever she wants to come back.  The movie ends with Harry asking if there's any pizza left.

The End.
I love this movie!  Also the animation in this movie is spectacular!  I don't know what they used for this movie, but I had never seen anything like it when I was younger, and still haven't seen anything quite like it yet.  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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