Wednesday, November 13, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "The Axeman Cometh" (3x06 Spoilers!)

We open in 1919 where an axe murder is telling all of New Orleans that if they don't play jazz music on a certain night then he will kill them.  At the academy, they decide not to play music because they are powerful enough to take him.  The night of his killings he enters the academy and goes to the supremes room, where her and the other girls proceed to stab him to death.  In present day we see Zoe going through Madison's things, one of the objects falls and rolls to the closet.  In the closet Zoe finds a mystery room full of old things, including an ouija board and old photos.  Zoe calls a meeting with Nan and Queenie bringing up the fact that the number of witches keeps dimisnishing and that they need to watch each others back.  They take a pledge, via Absinthe, and then use the ouija board to contact Madison.  They end up not reaching Madison, but end up contacting the axeman, until Queenie stops it. 

Over at the hospital Fiona is getting chemo and hears the voices of the other people, it drives her a bit crazy, but the doctor handles her.  Back at the academy, they are all looking up information on the axeman, they figure out that the witch's killed him.  Zoe tells them they have to make contact with him again to find Madison, Nan and Queenie back out, but Zoe decides to do it on her own.  Zoe makes contact and he tells her to go to the attic, aka Spalding's room, she goes up and finds Madison's body and Spalding grabs her.  Fiona brings Cordelia home, Hank comes in and when he touches her she sees more of his cheating and throws him out.  Cordelia grabs for Fiona and sees the image of Myrtle burning at the stake.  Zoe manages to get away from Spalding, and her, Queenie, and Nan then question, and torture, him about Madison's murder.

Spalding admits to killing Madison, through Nan's telepathy, except Zoe does not think he killed her.  Over at Misty's, she is working in her garden, watering Myrtle, when Kyle shows up, she bathes him, but gets to close to his privates and he has a breakdown.  Zoe then arrives at Misty's, Kyle clings to her and she asks Misty for help.  At the beauty salon, Hank enters and tells Marie that there is a problem, oh plot twist!  So Hanks working with Marie, huh?  At Misty's, Zoe brought Madison's body with her and has Misty bring Madison back to life.  Hank tells Marie that her throwing acid onto Cordelia didn't help him, and it turns out that Hank is a witch hunter hired by Marie to kill the Salem descendents.  We also find out that Kaylee, the girl Hank killed a few epsiodes back, was also a witch! 

Marie tells Hank that he needs to head back to the academy and kill all the witches or she will kill him.  At the academy, Zoe has brought Misty to get some things, and since it's late Zoe tells Misty she can stay the night, but Misty tells her theres something bad in the house.  Upstairs, Cordelia enters her room and we see that the axe murderer is in her room, he corners her and tells her he wants to be released, since Zoe lied to him.  Zoe, Nan, and Queenie are talking with Madison when they hear Cordelia scream, they run to help her but the doors locked.  They cast a spell and release the axe murderer who then leaves the house, heading for a bar where Fiona is and he chats her up. 

The End.

  Awesome episode!  This show just gets better and better each week!  Can't believe Hank is a witch hunter and that Kaylee was a witch!  Next week looks amazing as well, it looks like Cordelia finds Madison and learns that Fiona killed her!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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